Guiding Light Update Wednesday 3/7/01

By Angie

Reva and Noah talk about her loss of sight.  Noah says the doctor has started steroids and the drugs should start to work.  Reva says at least Cassie is alright, then questions Noah if they are.  Noah says that Cassie just needs rest. Reva says the people need to know that Edmund did this to them.  She asks Noah to call Holly. Noah says she should call Josh first.  Noah calls Holly. Noah tells Holly about Revaís blindness and that tape has been sent overnight.  Holly speaks to Reva, tells her how sorry she is.  Holly says the whole country will know what a slime Edmund is.  She is going to start an editorial about Edmund.

Marah calls Inferno and asks for Tony. May answers the phone.  Tony arrives and she tells him that Marah wants him to call her.  Tony replies she better not hold her breath. 

Tony tells May that Michelle is having her baby and that Danny is with her. May later makes a call and says it is good why they have not heard from Michelle.  She says that once Michelle has a baby to protect she will have even more reason to put Santos behind bars.  Obuella arrives at Inferno.  Asks to see Tony.

Olivia overhears Marahís conversation with Tony.  She questions her why she is talking to him.  Josh walks in.  Marah tells Josh that Olivia was blackmailing her.  She tells him how Olivia found her with Tony at the lighthouse and Olivia said she would not tell Josh if Marah did as she said. Olivia tries to explain that she said she would not tell Josh if Marah stayed away from Tony and acted nicer towards her.  They all fight.  Marah leaves and Sam takes off after her.

May is listening to conversation between Obuella and Tony.

Obuella tells Tony she has an offer for him.  She explains that Danny will want to leave business to be with Michelle and the baby and that she would like Tony to take over the family business.  Tony thanks her for having trust in him.  That is what he has always dreamed of.  Obuella tells him to take his time, that it is a big decision.  He assures her that he is done with Marah.  Obuella says that is good and that Catalina is a better match for him.  Marah comes running in to see Tony.  Tony tells her to wait upstairs, that he is having a conversation with his grandmother.  Obuella asks why Marah is there, she thought he was done with her.  Tony says he is done with her, if Marah doesnít see that it is her problem.

David comes back to hospital. He says he hasnít found out any more about hit on Danny.

Harley kids that if they come after Danny, they have something to stop them in their tracks.  David asks what, Harley kids Michelleís blood curdling screams from pain.

Ross arrives to see Michelle. Tells her that since Ed couldnít be there, he is hoping to be her surrogate dad.  He talks to her about Blakeís party to get her mind off of pain.

Michelle says the baby is coming.  Ross leave, Rick goes to get Claire.

Josh and Olivia discuss the problem. Olivia tells him that she just took matters into her own hand, because Josh setting new rules for Marah just makes Marah act out even more and that Olivia gets the brunt of it all.  Josh says she knew what she was getting in to and that she didnít have the right to take matters into her hand with Marah.  Josh tells her that if Olivia doesnít trust him their marriage is going to be in trouble.

 Noah phones Josh and tells him about the accident and Revaís blindness.  Josh talks to Reva, tells her that he will be there with the kids on the next flight.  Reva tells him no, that she will be home in a few days.  Reva asks Josh to tell the kids about her blindness, that she will fall apart if she tells them.  Josh says he will tell them.  He asks Reva if she wants just him to come down.  Reva says she has Noah and Richard, that is all she needs.

The guy (nurse?) standing outside Revaís room always seems to be eavesdropping.

 Marah asks Tony why he is treating her like that.  Tony says she knows.   He explains to her how he saw her kissing Sam.  Marah tries to explain it was nothing.  Tony tells her, but she kissed him back.   She tells him that Sam has feelings for her and she didnít want to be rude.  She tells Tony that she loves him and explains that she loves him so much so told Josh about Olivia blackmailing her after finding them at the lighthouse.  Tony says he doesnít feel that way about her anymore.  That he can go farther without her.  Tony tells Marah to get out.  Marah runs off.  Sam runs into her and asks what is wrong.  She tells him that he ruined everything. 

Josh tells Olivia he doesnít know how he will tell the kids about Reva.  Olivia says you just tell them.  Josh says he is afraid this news will put Marah over the edge.

Michelle is ready to have the baby.  Claire is in the room. Michelle starts begging for drugs.  Claire tells her it is too late for drugs.  Michelle asks Rick and Danny why didnít they let her have drugs. They tell her because she didnít want any (just about at the end of their ropes).  Michelle pushes.  The babyís heartrate falls.  Claire tells Rick the baby is in trouble.