Guiding Light Update Monday 3/5/01

By Jennifer

Claire finds out that Michelle's Doctor is on vacation, and Michelle will have to have a substitute that she has never met. She tells Michelle not to worry, that this new doctor is very experienced and everything will be OK. Michelle tells Claire that she doesn't care if the doctor is good, she doesn't want someone that she doesn't know. So Claire tells Michelle that she could do it instead, and Michelle agrees. Then Danny walks in and Michelle is so glad to see him. Claire steps in and tells Danny that he hasn't been there for most of the pregnancy and if she could help it, he wouldn't be there for the birth either. Meta pushes her way in and tells Claire that she has gone to a great deal of trouble to get Danny there, and he was sure enough going to be with Michelle as she requested. Claire then moves out of the way and lets Danny through.

Meanwhile, Rick comes home to an empty house and thinks the worst about Meta and Michelle. He is going out of his mind with worry when there is a knock at the door. Rick goes to the door to let Frank in and tells Frank that noone is there. Frank tells Rick that it doesn't look like anything has been broken into or tampered with. Rick is still panicked with worry. Rick asks Frank if he came there to warn Michelle about Danny being in a lot of trouble, and Frank says yes, that is why he came there, but he still doesn't think anything is wrong. Rick tells Frank that he and Michelle had gotten in a fight about Danny and that anything could have happened. Then the phone rings, and it is Meta telling Rick to get down to the hospital, that Michelle is in labor. Rick rushes down just in time to hear Danny telling Michelle that they would be a happy family, just her, the baby, and him. No one likes the sound of that, but Michelle is very happy about it.

Frank comes by to let Josh know about Danny so that he could keep an eye out for Marah. Josh tells Frank that Marah has nothing to do with Tony Santos anymore so they have nothing to worry about. Josh calls Marah out to tell her about how happy he is that she has nothing to do with Tony anymore.  She jumps to conclusions and looks at Olivia and says "You told him". Josh is taken by this and says "Told me what" Olivia makes up a story about Marah being so responsible she didn't feel the need to tell Josh about how Marah had nothing to do with Tony anymore. Josh then tells Marah how much he loves her and goes to get wine. Olivia tells Marah that she almost blew it for herself and Marah snaps back that Olivia would love that. Olivia explains that all she ever wanted was a happy family and that was what she was going to get.

Later, Blake brings Holly dinner in the office. Holly tells Blake that she will talk about anything other than Blake trying to get Ross to marry her. Blake tells her that she doesn't always talk about Ross-- sometimes she talks about the novels that she writes. Holly then points out to her that most of the stories are based on Blake and Ross. Holly then shows Blake a card that Meg (her daughter) made for her. She tells Blake that she is so scared that Meg doesn't even know who she is, and she hates herself for letting that Happen. Blake reassures Holly that Meg does love her and that she is worrying herself over nothing. Blake asks Holly if she would like to go eat dinner with her grandchildren and Holly says yes, she would like that very much.

In the Meantime, Edmund is trying to get Reva and Cassie away from the accident before something even worse happens. He tells the guards to take Richard and Noah to the hospital right away, and to get two ambulances immediately. Richard is trying get the guards to see that Edmund is a rat, but they won't listen to him. They tell Richard that Edmund is the prince and they are to do what he tells them to do.

They reach the hospital and Noah rushes in to see Reva. He tells the doctors to do a CAT scan on her immediately and to test everything. The doctors escort Noah out and tell him they are doing everything they can to help her. Richard runs in to Cassie and tells her that they are going to be great parents to the baby when it comes, and that everything is going to be fine. Cassie asks Richard about the baby and the doctors tell them that the baby is fine. Cassie closes her eyes and the doctors rush Richard out and tells him that they will do everything they possibly can to help Cassie.  

Noah tells Richard that they will be better off waiting for word from the doctors in the waiting room; Edmund shows up. Richard runs over to Edmund and throws him against the wall, while Edmund is trying to tell Richard that he never really meant to hurt anyone, he just wanted to stop Cassie from giving an interview with Reva. Richard tells Edmund that he is evil and he would do anything, even kill, for power. After a while, Noah goes in to Reva who has awakened from her coma, and he finds that Reva can't see. In a panicked state, she starts to cry, and Noah gives her a hug. Richard goes in to see Cassie and she tries to tell Richard that Edmund had guns and he was going to shoot then. Richard tells Cassie to take it easy and they can talk about it later.

Edmund goes back to the Castle and is shaken with fear that his power is going to be taken away from him. Beth walks in and tells Edmund that she has been so worried about him, especially when she heard Sires. Edmund hugs her and she asks him what wrong and why is he shaking like that. He tells Beth that all Cassie has to do was stop the car and he didn't know why she drove it off the road. He tells her that it wasn't his fault, but everyone was going to blame it on him. He says that his power is going to be take away from him for something that he didn't even do.