Guiding Light Update Friday 3/23/01

By Angie

Ray once again begs Tony to warn Danny.  Ray tells Tony he just said his last mass.  Tony questions if he is going to tell Danny.  Ray tells Tony he is not going to trade Tony for Danny or the other way either.  Danny and Michelle arrive and tell them they are getting married.  Danny asks Tony to be his best man since he will be the godfather of their baby.  Tony says sure and says he has to check on something.  Ray asks Danny and Michelle what the big hurry is, what is going on?  Danny explains to Ray what is going on and about May being a Fed., etc.  Ray says they should go with the witness protection program.  Danny tells them that option would come at a price, by turning on all the other families and that he couldnít do that.   Danny says he needs to decide what to do.

 Beth and Edmund are talking about election when Lizzy calls.   Lizzy asks Beth if she is coming home.  She tells Beth that she saw her and Edmund on tv and heard Edmund say that he doesnít want to a prince anymore.   Beth explains to Lizzy about the election, etc.  She asks to speak to Phillip.  Beth asks Phillip if he put Lizzy up to that call.  He tells her no, actually he had to refrain Lizzy from calling her last night.  Phillip goes on and on about all the things baby James is doing.  He offers to fly the kids to SC, says he needs to go there for business anyway.  Edmund tells Beth that if Phillip bringing the kids down is a great idea and that Phillip is welcome to stay at the palace.  Phillips says that is great.  After hanging up, Phillip says that SOB Edmund isnít going to use Beth to take his kids away from him.  Later Beth is thanking Edmund for being so generous for letting the kids come and Phillip stay there.  Edmund says he doesnít want to get in the way, he will make himself scarce if need be.  After Beth leaves, Edmund makes comment that the SOB Phillip isnít going to use Bethís children to get her away from him.  Edmund makes a call and says to get rooms ready for the kids and to make sure Phillipís room is in direct view across from Edmundís room.

 Cassie and Richard tell Reva they are leaving SC and going back to Springfield.  They tell her it is time for her to return to SC also.  Reva and Noah agree that they need to get back.  Reva calls Josh and tells him she is coming home tomorrow.  She also talks to Marah. Marah tells Reva she will be her seeing eye person and jokes about Reva wonít care what kind of makeup she is wearing.  Later Olivia tells Josh she understands he is upset about Reva and the kids.  That it is going to be hard on the kids.  At the hospital Noah is getting everything in order to leave.  Noah questions Reva being ready to go back home. He tells her he understands that it is going to hard for her.  Reva makes comment that she is ready to go back home to the kids and Josh.  Then she says she didnít mean it that way about Josh.  Noah says he knows that, and leaves to get ready for trip home.   Josh and Olivia and hugging.  Josh tells Olivia it is not like he is going to go running back to Reva.  Reva is her room, thinking about Josh?