Guiding Light Update Wednesday 3/21/01

By Angie

Tony visits Ray.  Ray asks if what is bothering Tony has to do with Marah.  Tony tells him that it is over with Marah.  Ray keeps on Tony about what is bothering him. Ray suggests Tony confess his sins to God.  They go to the confessional and Tony tells Ray about the hit on Danny’s life and that there is nothing he can do to stop it.  Ray tells him that he needs to warn Danny or it will be the same as if Tony pulled the trigger himself.   Ray suggests Tony turn to Obuella for help.  Tony tells Ray that she is on it.  Tony says that if he tells Danny the families are going to know that he warned him and then they will come after him.  Ray tells Tony he will not protect him.  Tony questions him that he will unless Ray is willing to walk away from the church.  Ray and Tony argue. Tony walks out.


Holly asks Billy what he has been up to.  That the last she heard of him he was in jail.  He said he was helping to save the environment!  Billy asks Buzz if he has been moving in on his turf while he was away.  Holly is very offended and can’t believe he called her his turf.  Buzz sticks up for Holly.  They go on about this.  Holly says it is time for her to leave.  Billy teases doesn’t he even get a welcome back hug.  After Holly leaves, Billy tells Buzz that Holly is too high society for him and how he and Holly have formed a friendship.  Buzz replies that he hasn’t invested that much time in a friendship with Holly, but now that Billy is back he will work harder on that.     


Marah is thinking back to conversation with Tony when Sam walks in.  He kids her about eating chocolate. Sam gives Marah a present.  Marah opens the present and questions what it is.  Sam tells her it is a tuning fork.  She shows her how it is used to relax, etc.

She says it is kind of weird, but that it did make her feel more relaxed.  Olivia and Josh arrive home.  Olivia makes comment “Look how well the children are playing together” and gives them the box of candy that Holly gave her.  Olivia and Marah are eating candy together.  Sam makes the comment that Olivia and Marah finally found something to agree on.


Michelle tells Danny that his going to prison is not an option.  Danny feels this is the only way that Michelle and the baby will be safe.  Danny tells Michelle that if he would have known about Mary (May) he never would have went to the hospital with Meta.  Meta tells Danny that he wouldn’t want to be in prison.   That he knows he wants to be with his wife and child.  Michelle explains to Meta who May really is.  (Didn’t she already do this once?)  May phones and tells Danny that her boss will be in town tomorrow.  Danny says that he is going to be grateful for every day that he gets to spend with Michelle and the baby.  They decide they need to make a decision about what to do.



Edmund tells Reva how he deeply regrets her accident as she is still pointing the gun at him.  She says the accident is only part of her reason for wanting to shoot him.  She goes over all the bad things he has done and people he has hurt.  Noah walks in and tells Reva not to shoot.  Noah tells her she can’t shoot him.  Either way she will end up in jail and that if Edmund is just injured he will play upon the sympathy of the people of SC.  Reva freaks out and lowers the gun.   Noah takes it from her.  Edmund yells at them to get out.


Noah is furious with Reva for trying to shoot Edmund.  That she better not ever use of his fire arms.  If she is caught using one of his fire arms, that will make standing in front of the firing squad nothing.  He tells her she needs to be kept under a constant watch.


Beth walks by and hears Edmund freaking out.  She pounds on the door and begs him to let her in.  She tells him he doesn’t have to be the perfect prince for her.   She knows how he feels because she is full of anger too.  She questions if he will not let in because he is afraid he will hurt her too.   Edmund opens the door and lets Beth in. He says that he will never hurt her.  Edmund tells Beth he doesn’t want to be in this position.   He doesn’t want to feel those feelings, etc.  There is word that the council has made a decision about Edmund.