Guiding Light Update Tuesday 3/20/01

By Angie

Michelle tells Danny there is no way out. Michelle tries to persuade Danny to let Mary help him.  Michelle tells Danny about how she found out May was with the FBI. Danny and Michelle discuss the pros and cons of working with Maryís boss.  They decide to get married in order to avoid testifying against one another. Danny says that he is afraid he will not be able to protect Michelle and the baby.  They discuss what would happen if what happened to Carmen came up.  Michelle questions Danny what he is going to do about Obuella.  Danny says he is not going to tell her anything.  

Michelle teases Danny about the unromantic proposal. Danny politely asks Michelle if she will marry him for the 4th time.  Michelle says she will marry him 100 times. Danny says that the feds canít have much on him. That any trading on his computer at work was legal.  He did all the illegal trading from another computer.  He goes and destroys that hard drive.  Then he phones Mary and tells her to set up the meeting with her boss.

 Beth tries to stop Cassie from entering royal council meeting. Cassie pushes Beth out of the way and goes into the room.  She tells them she has something to tell them before they make their decision.  Dax takes Cassie aside and tells her that he admires what she wants to do, but it may do more harm than good.

Cassie explains to the council all the terrible things that Edmund has done, just in the last few days.  That she and Richard love the country and want to do what is right for the country and that they need to know all the facts.  Reva is sitting outside the palace holding the gun.  

Phillip calls Beth to wish her a happy birthday.  He tells her that the kids wish she was with them to spend her birthday together.  Beth tells Phillip that he used the call to make her feel guilty about not being with her kids.  Phillip offers to send the Spaulding jet down to get her if she feels she needs to leave SC.  Beth tells Phillip that she doesnít need the Spaulding jet.  Phillip just tells her goodbye and cuts off the call as Beth is trying to say that she is sorry that she snapped at him.  Beth looks distraught about the fact that Phillip just ended the call without getting on her. 

Blake and Ross are having dinner.  Buzz, Holly, Josh and Olivia are also dining there.   David and Vicky stop by their table and Vicky tells Holly what she thought about her editorial on Edmund.  David tries to change the subject and ask about Reva.   When Blake leaves for a minute, Ross goes over to their table and says that the party for Blake is going to be disguised as a welcome home party for Richard and Cassie.  Buzz jokes about their ever being a party for Blake.  Ross returns to the table and Blake questions him about how Reva and Cassie are doing. He says that didnít come up.  Blake goes over to their table and asks about Reva and Cassie. Olivia looks disgusted with all the questions about Reva.

Later, Olivia makes a comment about if anyone else is going to stop by and ask about Reva.  Olivia sincerely tries to say that she feels sorry for Reva, that being blind has to be a terrible thing to go through.

Olivia and Josh leave.  He says he needs to go home and feed chocolates to Olivia in bed. Buzz ask Holly if she thinks that Josh and Olivia are going to have a hot time in bed that night.  Holly looks shocked.  Then Buzz questions if he and Holly are going to have a hot time in bed.  Holly seems surprised by his comment.  Buzz says he sees it as the next logical step. Just then Billy Lewis takes a seat at their table.

 Edmund is going over info. for meeting when Beth rushes in and tells him that Cassie interrupted the meeting. Edmund storms into the room.  He and Cassie go at it. He says that Cassie is hysterical.  They keep arguing.  Then Cassie brings up Reva, and Edmund goes off about Reva being a whore born to a whore. He says that the throne is his birth right and he will not let anyone take that away from him. He says he will silence anyone that tries to take the throne away from him.  The council asks Dax to escort Edmund out of the room.  Edmund passes Beth in the hall and says he needs to be alone.  Edmund is pouring a drink when he turns around to find Reva pointing a gun at him. Reva asks Edmund if he is ready to die.