Guiding Light Update Monday 3/12/01

By Jennifer

Michelle wakes up to find that her baby is not in his bed. Terrified she looks up to see that Maria is holding Robert. She tells Maria that if she doesn't give her her baby back then she will scream for help. Maria assures Michelle that she only wanted to meet him and she didn't think that Michelle would allow it. She tells Michelle how much the baby looks like Danny and even more so of her son. She says that Michelle has done very well, and that the baby was beautiful. The baby starts to cry and Michelle reaches for him. Maria tells Michelle not to move and hands her the baby. Michelle looks at Maria and tells her that this was the baby that she sentenced to death when she had Michelle dragged out on to the docks for Carmen to kill. Maria tells her that everyone makes mistakes and People do change. Michelle tells Maria that people don't change and she was going to tell her son that his great grandmother did that. Just as she says that Claire comes in and screams at Maria to get out of the room and leave Michelle and her baby alone!!! Maria tells her that she only came to see the baby. Claire calls Maria a witch and reminds her that she hates Michelle and everything that Michelle stands for. Maria throws it back in Claire's face that she was a part of the Michelle Carmen incident also. Claire tells Maria that Michelle has forgiven her for all of that and they had moved on. Maria thanks Michelle for treating her with respect and leaves (with much help from Claire)

As Maria left the room Alan came in with a present for the baby, Michelle and Claire. He asks Claire if she would be able to come home for a while. Claire looks at Alan and says "Home??" Alan tells her that he has missed her at the mansions and wants her to come back. He tells her not to worry about being called grandma because Elizabeth Taylor was a grandma at a very young age and that she should be honored. She tells him that she wanted to stick around for a while to check on things. Michelle tells her that everything is fine and that she can go. They step outside and Alan is teasing Claire about being a grandmother. She tells him that today was the best day of her life and nothing he could say was going to change that

They get back to the mansion and Claire asks Alan if he is interested in her. She tells him that she has been living under his roof for a long time now and they still haven't become "real." She says that she is very insulted about this. Alan tells Claire that they have been playing a long fun game of Cat and Mouse to see who would win and it was clear that she had won. They begin to kiss as Alan Carried Claire off to the bedroom.

Meanwhile at the hospital Richard walks in to Revas room (Where Edmund was talking to Holly's Video Camera) and screams murderer. At first Reva thought it was Cassie, but then Richard makes it clear that because of Edmund Cassies baby was still born. Petrified with fear of losing the throne Edmund tells Richard that if he wants to blame it on him so that Richard can feel better then go right ahead. Richard throws Edmund against a wall. Richard tells Edmund that is not fit to live nevermind fit to rule a country. He tells Richard that he is so sorry about the baby and if Cassie hadn't been driving so recklessly then nothing would have happened in the first place. Reva jumps in and tells him that it was because of his road blocks that made Cassie swerve off the road and it was all his fault. Edmund turns to the camera and tells it that he is deeply sorry for everything that has happened. He tells the camera that he always has St. Cristable at best interest and nothing else. Richard screams that Edmund is a Baby murderer and Edmund loses it. He tells Holly that is she doesn't shut off the camera and give him the tape then he would have her arrested. Holly tells Edmund that she doesn't have to take orders from him. He says fine. He tells the camera to God Bless the people of St. Cristable. He leaves the room

Richard turns to the camera and tells it that Edmund has a very persuasive way of making you believe him and that they people would never believe what he says. He says that for many years he has forgiven Edmund and nothing but bad things have ever come out of it.

Edmund rushes back to the castle and makes a few calls. He tells then not to let Holly out of the country. He tells then to arrest her and take everything having to do with a video tape away from her. ( Little does he know that Noah already left to take the tape to someone to secretly get it out of the country) He gets off the phone and screams that it isn't his fault. Beth walks in and asks him what's wrong.. He tells her about the baby and says that she should go home right away. Beth tells Edmund that she understands him. She says that she can be just as manipulative as her can be. She tells him that she isn't going anywhere! The begin to kiss and he carries her to the bed.

At the hospital Richard is still with Reva. He asks her if their is anything that he can get her while Noah is away. She tells him that she needs to see Casssie. He tells her that Cassie needs to see her also. Richard brings Reva to Cassies room and tells her to go to Cssie. Cassie expresses how sorry she is about the baby. Cassie notices that Reva cant see and is devastated. Reva tells her that she just woke up and she was blind. Cassie asks why this is happening to them and Reva tells her that she doesnt know.