Guiding Light Update Thursday 3/1/01

By Jennifer

Beth walks in on a conversation between Edmund and a spy and over hears Edmund telling him not to let Richard out of his sight. Edmund tells the man to watch Richard's every move no matter what. Then Edmund assures Beth that he is doing it for Richard's own safety because he does not have the same protection since the discovery. Edmund then persuades Beth to stay with him longer despite her missing her children and she agrees.

Meanwhile, in the Spaulding Mansion, Alan gets Phillip to admit how much he hates the idea of Beth being in St. Cristable with Edmund, but seeing the pleasure Alan gets from it Phillip makes it very clear to Alan that he does not have the same feelings about he and Beth getting back together. Alan refuses to believe Phillip and keeps on trying because of how bad he wants the family to be "complete."

Harley turns to Rick for advice about sending Susan to boarding school. Rick reassures Harley that she is doing the right thing and that they can always keep in touch through phone calls and letters.

Later, Reva and Noah arrive in St. Cristable safety to meet Richard at a restaurant. Richard tells them they must make it fast because he thinks that he has been followed. Richard is then confronted by a commoner who tell him he doesn't think it was right to do what he did to Edmund. Richard then expresses his feelings about Edmund ruling the country with great sincerity. The man apologizes and then leaves. Reva was very excited to have that footage on tape. The spy sitting in a booth not to far away informs Edmund that Richard is planning an interview with Cassie . Edmund then had all Cassie's phone calls transferred to his personal line.

Later, May walks in Danny's office to break into his computer and find things out about the M.O.B in Springfield when she is surprised to see Michelle hiding behind the chair. Michelle explains to May that she is there to try and help Danny by finding things out about what he is doing with the family. May tells Michelle that she is really a private detective and that she works for the FBI. She tells her that she is there to either bring Danny Down or help him out. Michelle isn't very trusting when May asks her to cooperate and talk to her boss about things and Danny will be much better off. Danny walks in and wants to know why they are there. May tells Danny that she was looking for medicine and Michelle was helping her. Michelle almost blows it by telling Danny that May is lying, but then tells Danny she needed to talk to May about May and Danny being together. They walk out together and May gives Michelle 24 hours to get back to her about meeting her boss. Danny then opens his Laptop and sees someone has tampered with it.