Guiding Light Update Wednesday 2/28/01

By Angie

May makes a call.  Asks “Where is he?” that she has chance to get info. she needs and won’t get more chances like this and that he needs to call her back.

Rick walks in and finds Michelle talking to the baby.  Michelle tells Rick she is going to get Danny away from the Santos family. Rick tells her, maybe he can’t get away and that he is afraid for her and her baby.   Rick leaves. Danny arrives.  Danny tells Michelle to keep out of it, and to stop asking questions.  Danny says he is only going to tell her once more, the only way she and baby are safe is if she doesn’t know anything. He told her to be careful about talking to others (referring to talk with Tony).  Michelle says that the only other person there was May and she would be the last person that would want to hurt Danny.

Buzz, Frank and Harley are at Company.  Frank and Buzz question Harley if Susan going to off to school is the best thing for her.  Harley says that is what Susan wants.  That Susan needs time.  Maybe when she returns Harley’s life will be in order and Susan will be more open with her. Buzz questions if Susan is close to anyone else is Springfield.  Harley makes comment about misunderstood Edmund and her best friend Beth, but she is too busy trying on tiaras in SC.   Harley says that is another reason for letting Susan go. That she would probably want to go to SC for Beth and Edmund and that Harley doesn’t want her anywhere near that little psycho drama, the whole thing gives her the creeps.

Susan arrives at Company.  Everyone greets her.  Frank tells her she is cute, and teases her about having a preppy in the family.  Frank and David questions Susan as to if the school is an all girl school and that they are going to find the nearest all boy school to it and  warn them that Susan is off limits.  They have fun with this.

Susan thanks Harley for getting her into the school. She knows that she had to try really hard to get her in, that Harley could have just told her they weren’t excepting new students and she would have excepted it.  Harley said she could have done that, but that is not what Susan wanted, and that Harley wanted what Susan wanted.

Sam and Marah arrice at Co. and say hi to Susan and sit down at another table.  Marah tells Sam that is what she always has liked about him, that he is always nice to Susan.  Sam explains that Susan was his first friend in SF, that Marah made it clear she didn’t like him.  Marah says she does like him now, more or less.  Sam says he likes her, more, more than less.  He reaches over and kisses her. Tony sees from outside the window and walks away.

David arrives at Company and tells Frank and Harley that he finally got a break, that his mob connection came through-that Danny is about to get hit with a major back lash. Frank and Harley question his source, say that their sources haven’t heard anything about the Santos lately.  Franks says maybe Danny is really trying to go legit.  David asks why he cuts Danny so much slack.  Frank replies that because if someone wouldn’t have helped him when he was young, he would probably still be chopping cars or be in prison.  The three of them decide that maybe David’s contact is right.  In that case, Danny and others involved (Marah and Michelle) may be in danger.

Tony tells Danny that Michelle is on the war path. She is asking him questions about the business.  Danny leaves to visit Michelle.  Marah phones Tony and tells him about having to stay with Josh and Olivia.  Tony leaves to see Marah. May walks in and Tony asks her to lock Danny’s office.  May replies, “sure, no problem”.

Danny arrives at the Lewis’s.  Marah tells him about having to stay at Josh and Olivia’s.  Tony then thinks about she will also be staying with Sam. Marah assures him that nothing is going to happen with Sam.

Later Josh arrives home to find Olivia and Marah. Sam then arrives and says that he should go by Company and see Susan.  Marah goes along, and tells Sam she owes him one for getting her out of there.

Richard and Cassie are leaving Dr.’s appointment. They are happy to hear that the baby is in perfect health.  Cassie tells him even after having Tammy and RJ that she is nervous until she hears those words from the doctor.  Richard says he is sorry he wasn’t there for the earlier Dr. appointments.  That he really made a mess of things.  He tells Cassie that nothing is more important than how he can regain her trust. Cassie tells him that she trusts him with her and her children.  Cassie tells him not to go silent on her.  That there are going to be times when they will fight and might not like each other, but that he should come to her first, before his imagination gets to him.  He says he can do that.  Cassie tells them she is happy and that they have to prepare for the baby.  Richards asks if she can sense if it is boy. Cassie replies she just wants to filter the good things into the baby, so that all he? feels is warmth. Richard tells Cassie that is how she makes him feel.

 Dax meets with Edmund.  Edmund questions Dax about what he would do if it were up to him.  Added that Dax always ends up on the winning side.  His choice now would be important.  Dax tells him that he admires Richard and the principality is the most stable it has been in his lifetime under Richard.  He also tells Edmund that he is aware that Edmund has a fearsome discipline in matters of the state.  If the people decide to preserve the royal monarchy, he hopes to serve the house.  It has been his life work.  Richard walks in. Edmund says he is sorry he meant to invite Richard to the meeting.  But that Richard should get used to being irrelevant, that he did.  Edmund leaves.  Dax tells Richard that if Richard leaves, he will leave also.  Richard then tells Dax about the interview with Reva, and that she is on her way to SC.

Rick arrives at Company.  Frank and David tell him that they think Michelle may be in danger.

May tries to get into Danny’s computer without any luck.  She makes a call and says she has to work a party, but will try the computer later.  Meanwhile, Michelle goes to Danny’s office and tries to get into computer files.  She hears someone coming and hides behind the chair.