Guiding Light Update Tuesday 2/27/01

By Angie

Holly tells Reva that she has arranged through CBS to broadcast interview with Richard and Cassie in SC.

Edmund is practicing fencing moves.  He vows “Richard will not win” and tears some stitches.  Beth walks in and arranges for medical help for the stitches.  She tells him he may be willing to risk his life for the people of SC, but she is not willing to risk losing him.

Reva phones Richard and tells him that she is coming down to interview him.  They agree that he and Cassie should both be interviewed.  Noah walks in and says she will not be going to SC without him. Marah overhears them talking about and asks what trip.  Reva says she will ask if Marah and Shayne can stay with Josh and Olivia for a couple of days while they are gone.  Marah agrees that would be alright.  Reva and Marah stop over to see Olivia.  Maria insists she likes spending time there.  Reva is surprised to hear  that comment.   Then after Reva leaves tells Olivia she may be able to blackmail her, but to leave her mother out of it.  Reva and Noah prepare to leave for SC.  Reva says she feels as if she is forgetting something. Noah questions if she truly feels safe returning to SC.

Richard has aconversation with Beth. Richard ask her if she doesn’t miss her children. She replies, “desperately”.  Richard then asks her why she is there with

Edmund and not with her children and he hopes she comes to her senses before it is too late.  Beth tells Richard she resents his comments, that Edmund has faults. Richard goes over all things Edmund is done and tells her they are worse than faults.  Beth tells Richard he humiliated Edmund in front of the nation, before even giving Edmund the chance to prove himself.  Richard tells Beth that he hears himself within her, making excuses for Edmund’s actions.  That he always tried to see the good in Edmund, but no matter how much he tried to believe that Edmund would change, he never did.  Then he would feel it was his fault when Edmund did go back to his old ways.  Richard tells Beth that if she should leave before it is too late.  He warns here there is such a thing as evil and as long as she refuses to see that, she and her children will never be safe.  He tells her things are going to get rough there, lives may be at risk, he doesn’t want one of them to be hers.

Edmund overhears and tells Richard to leave Beth alone.  He questions Beth as to what Richard told her.  She said that Richard was warning her to get away from him and never look back.  She tells Edmund that she will always be there for him as he is for her.  Edmund is relieved to hear her response.

At company, Michelle meets with Tony.  She is tries to get him to help her get Danny away from the Santos business, while also getting himself away.  She tells him that in order to gain the respect of Buzz , the Lewis’ and others he needs to get away from the Santos family. May arrives and takes a seat near them.  Tony tells her that he gets respect working for Danny.   Michelle tells him that he will get that respect once he is away from the Santos also.  Tony leaves.  Meta arrives at Company, first stops by and asks Buzz (who is talking to Holly) for a donation for lighthouse project.  Meta then joins Michelle.  Michelle tells her about her plan to find out more about Danny’s internet trading business.  Meta asks Michelle if she can get her hands on some paperwork from the business, she has a friend in New York experienced in business deals that may be able to help them out.

Holly asks Buzz if he is planning on going to the party for Blake.  She tells him that he is going with her. Buzz asks Holly, “Are you asking me on a date?”

At the end of the show, May is at home on the phone, (drinking a drink and smoking a cigarette, she is asking to speak to someone on the phone.  She then tells the person to put her through now or she will reach through the phone and rip a lung out of their chest.  She tells them that they have problem.  That she has picked up less usable information than she hoped, and if she is right, that Danny is about to find himself on the major end of a business retaliation.  She suggests that they increase their presence to a full scale op. in Springfield.  She replies, I can do that, yes she can do that.

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