Guiding Light Update Monday 2/5/01

By Li Carattini

Beth and Edmund enjoy their first night on the yacht. They drink champagne and discuss the magic of the night.

Olivia paces, worried about Sam. Josh comforts her. He doesnít know about the plan yet. Olivia urges him to call Frank and see if anything has happened. 

Harley grills Frank about whatís going on. Frank says he canít tell her and surprisingly she respects his decision. The phone rings and itís Josh. Frank fills him in on the meeting that night. Frank tells him not to tell Reva, but he says he canít do that and not to worry. Reva wonít jeopardize the meeting! Michelle continues baking Frankís birthday cake. Rick comes home and Harley whisks him into the next room, telling Rick that they are hiding things and she needs to know what it is. Michelle tells Frank that itís hard to pretend everything is fine. Rick tells Harley itís good to see her with some fire in her eyes. He hasnít seen her like that since Philip - and in walks Philip just at that moment. 

Josh tells Olivia he has to call Reva. He would never forgive her if she kept something like that from him. Olivia is worried but tries to convince him not to call. 

Sam is climbing the side of the lighthouse on the coldest night of the year to save Marah. He loses his grip and falls. Sam tells them he can do it. He thinks he sprained his ankle on the landing, but insists on doing it again. He wraps the ankle and heads back up. Danny reminds them that if this doesnít work the police and the parents will blame them. 

Noah and Shayne play cards to pass the time. Reva says she canít take it anymore and storms out. Shayne jumps up and asks him to go after her. Noah comforts her but Reva says she has to talk to Josh. She goes inside and comforts Shayne for a moment. She calls Josh, asking him if heís heard anything. Josh starts to tell her and Olivia tries to stop him. Reva tells him that they should go see Frank. Josh tells her not to get involved. Reva says sheís coming over and Josh tells her to stay with Shayne and heíll be right over. Olivia freaks out and tells him thatís typical. Josh tells her he had to tell Reva the truth. The truth is best. Olivia looks obviously stressed about the secret sheís keeping from him. . 

Philip tells them he needs to talk to Harley. He tells her heíll keep it short and she says yes you will, because thereís nothing left to say. Philip disagrees but Harley tells him she WILL get her divorce. Harley rants and raves about him not letting the whole thing go. Philip tells her sheís right. Heís giving up. He understands. He screwed up the marriage, he screwed up making it up to her, he will not screw up the divorce. He wants the friendship and the love and respect that was between them back. He tells her that he loves her and he thought that would be enough. Maybe she would let her anger burn out. But he realizes that she is just as stubborn as he is, and neither of them will be able to let go. But heís had an epiphany. He canít give her what she wants. To be his first love. To be someoneís entire world. She shouldnít have to share. She deserves to be loved by someone who can give her that. .Hereís the divorce. No strings. Harley says, "Thatís the sweet guy I married. Why canít he be here all the time?" Philip tells her he is, but maybe for the first time in a long time, sheís seeing him without the prison of Beth. 

Beth expresses her guilt over the happiness and peace sheís found with Edmund so soon after Jimís death. Edmund tells her he would want her happiness. He tells her itís ironic that he has a noble birth but not noble by nature. But he would move heaven and earth just to see her smile. He asks Beth to help her live. He smiles into her eyes and she says, ĒPhilip.Ē 

Sam struggles up the side of the lighthouse. He forces himself up. Tony says he wants to be the first down the stairs so no one else gets hurt because of him.  

Olivia pouts. Reva starts grilling Josh about the details. Reva tries to press him to force more details out of Frank but Josh tells her to calm down. Reva starts building scenarios in her head and turns to Noah for help. Josh is confused as to why Reva is asking Noah, a Doctor, would be able to help. Reva starts to pick up the phone to call Frank. Olivia explodes telling Reva to stay the hell out of it.  

Philip and Harley come to a truce that nobody hates anyone. Rick comes in and tells them how sad it is. The phone rings and itís Beth. Harley and Rick exchange a look. He tells Beth itís interesting timing. Beth tells him that the kids are on the way home, and she has decided to stay on. He asks her how long it will be and she informs him she is sailing back on the royal yacht. Philip goes off the deep end and Beth stands up to his anger! She hangs up and Philip freaks out and Rick tries to point out how ridiculous he sounds yelling right back at him. Frank comes in and asks him to leave and Buzz arrives and asks if he can join in the free for all. 

Edmund congratulates Beth on her poise under pressure. . 

Olivia tries to cover her outburst and Reva tells them all that she knows something. Josh doesnít buy it at first, but they convince him and Olivia spills her guts. Reva points out that Josh doesnít know. He is shocked. Reva insists that she tell her where Marah is and Olivia refuses. 

Sam gets to the top and preps the rope to be dropped over the side. The rope comes down and the Santos boys start climbing. Sam turns around and realizes there is a guard on the top level and ducks before he is spotted. He decides to face him head on, so he walks up and introduces himself. 

Rick tries to tell Philip he was just razzing him. Frank says he wants to be the center of attention. Rick says, "Itís his house, he wants to be the center of attention." Buzz tells Philip he canít ruin Harleyís life AND Frankís birthday. Philip tells him that if anyone ruined their lives it was him! Buzz scarred them for life! Harley and Frank rush to Buzzís defense. Buzz enjoys the yelling though and turns to Holly telling her that this is what life is when you are in the middle of it - not watching from the sidelines. . 

Beth comes to Edmund and tells him that sheís ready to be with him. They embrace and kiss in front of the fire.

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