Guiding Light Update Tuesday 1/30/01

By Li Carattini

Josh pours champagne for Olivia on the Spaulding jet as they head for Hawaii on their honeymoon. They toast their upcoming isolated honeymoon and kiss. 

Reva reacts in disbelief when Frank tells her Marah's been snatched. Frank fills her in on the details. Reva freaks when she finds out it happens right in front of the door. Noah asks why this could have happened and Reva jumps to a conclusion - Perdita. 

Edmund and Beth set up for a picnic in the garden where table rock is, and Beth notices the angel. She asks Edmund why it's there. He says he doesn't know and tells her he's always avoided her, but Beth presses on about it. 

Richard wonders if Princess Charlotte hated him, giving him the christening cup the way she did.. Dax tries to reassure Richard that Princess Charlotte did love him. Richard gives him the watchfob with the hair in it and asks him to get on it right away. They reinforce their agreement that nothing should be done about the throne until they know for sure; leading Richard to wonder if he could turn the throne and the people of San Cristobal to Edmund. 

Edmund tells Beth he never liked the angel because he thinks that she cries because of him. She tells him how sad that is and Edmund mentions the duplicate angel on the bottom of Richard's christening cup. Beth's interest is peaked and we (the viewer) get a little foreshadowing and we are shown that the words on the sides of the rock are showing. Edmund reminds her the tea is getting cold and they move away from the table rock. Beth remarks on how full of life San Cristobal is and how Springfield is so full of death. She tells him she'd like to hide out here until spring. Edmund had Gardenias placed on Beth's balcony and she tells him that it is her favorite flower. He whips out another one and she remarks on the time she tried to capture one in a painting. He offers her the chance to paint again but she tells him it's been too long. He reminds her that the things we dream of as children are still important. Beth changes the subject asking Edmund about the relationship with his mother. he tells her he was a terrible child and Beth says he has never been that way with her, he responds he never wants to be and kisses her hand. 

Reva finally makes the connection that Tony is the cause of this problem. Reva freaks and tells frank she's going to put it on TV and get the press involved. Noah cautions her that publicity could cost Marah her life. They finally convince her not to interfere. She asks Frank for a big favor. 

Josh and Olivia joke around about owning a jet like this and what it's going to be like in Hawaii. He is impatient and she tells him she knows how to pass the time...they start to get cozy and the phone on the plane rings. They joke for a few minutes about who it could be and then Olivia asks if they are going to answer it. Olivia does and it is Frank who fills him in on the situation. Josh tells him he doesn't believe it and Olivia bursts out laughing. 

Danny tries to convince Michelle to go to a safe house. She doesn't want to but Danny tries to convince her. May relays a message about Tony's condition - a few cracked ribs - and then she takes Michelle away to eat. 

Beth tries to convince Edmund that he's not as bad as he and everyone else thinks he is. Edmund laughs it off but Beth persists seriously...he tells her that he has changed and she is to thank for that. She takes a bite and he dabs at a crumb on her lip. They get very close, nose to nose, as he gazes at her longingly. He takes a chance and kisses her and they are soon entwined on the ground, making out. 

May comments on how odd it is that Danny is worried about Tony, he's usually yelling at him. She makes the connection between the goons who followed Michelle and the ones who grabbed Marah. Michelle confides that she wishes she could have Danny all to herself. 

Josh puts Frank on speakerphone so he can explain the situation, Josh mocks him and doesn't believe the story, with Olivia egging him on. They ask him where Reva came up with this crazy story. Frank tells them she got it from him and that Tony is in the hospital. Josh turns to Olivia with disbelief and says, "This is real." Josh puts him on hold and apologizes to Olivia, who tells him not to worry and to turn the plane around and go home. 

Reva thanks Frank for being the one to tell Josh, so he would believe him. Reva wonders of this is something Tony and Marah cooked up, but then takes it back. Reva wonders about the motivation and wants to go out and do something. Frank tells her to stay at the house in case the kidnappers contact her. Noah assures Frank that he will keep Reva at the house. Frank leaves and Noah goes back in to comfort Reva. She asks him to go upstairs and tell Shayne what happened. She takes the opportunity to leave! 

Edmund has Princess Charlotte's jewels brought into him and begins to go through them, finding an exquisite pearl necklace. "Finally someone who's worthy. These were made for you Beth." 

Beth gets a package in her room and opens it. In it she finds a gardenia. Edmund comes up behind her. She thanks him for the flower. He lets her know there is more to it than that and she reaches in to find the other box. She is stunned and tries to refuse, but he insists, making a flippant remark, then telling her they must be worn next to skin with a luster that rivals their own. He puts the necklace on her and looks her in the eyes. She thanks him and he teases her, almost kissing her lips, but opting for her hand instead, making a grand exit. She sits there, stunned. 

Danny tells Frank he made some calls and Frank tells Danny about Reva and Josh's reaction. Danny tells him that Reva getting near them would be big trouble. Frank agrees and offers to take Michelle home and guard her. Tony comes back still in bad shape, but he is insistent on being there to help Marah, saying they should make a move right then to gain respect for the family. Danny tells him that they can't until they are sure. Tony tells them that if Marah gets hurt he thinks he'll die. Just then Reva walks in and says, "Yes you will. I'm holding every single on of you responsible for my daughter's life. So, what are we going to do to find her?"

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