Guiding Light Update Monday 1/29/01

By Li Carattini

Dax awaits Richard's return nervously. Richard enters and tells Dax the news, that Edmund was behind the plot to defame Cassie and split them up. Richard tells Dax he will make Edmund pay. 

Reva asks Shayne if he's heard from Marah; she's running late. Shayne says he hasn't but maybe she got a detention for cutting class. Reva tells him if that's what it takes to get her away from Tony then so be it. 

Michelle and Danny return from their trip. She starts in on him about how great things were when they were in NY and that he shouldn't leave her again. He admits that he had a great time in NY because they were away from Springfield. Michelle suggests they move there, but Danny says it's not that easy. He reminds her about the goons that were following her, and she reminds him that now they aren't because they are together. Danny tells her that isn't the life she wants for her and the baby. She responds that he can't stop her. 

Catalina and May are setting up at Inferno when they hear a loud noise, which turns out to be Tony falling down the flight of stairs leading to the club. They carry him into the office and try to get him to come around. May gets on the phone and calls...

Danny tells Michelle to quit dreaming. She responds that she would have to stop loving him to do that. Danny admits that he loves her so deeply, he just can't make her live the life he leads. Just then the phone rings. It's May telling him about Tony. Danny gets off the phone and tells Michelle about it. He tries to find a "sitter" for her, but she insists on coming with him. He makes her promise to keep quiet about anything she sees or hears. She reminds him about another "Santo's Secret" she has kept. They leave together.

Beth and Edmund discuss her history with Philip. She assures him that she does not want to go back to him. He tells her that her past behavior is just a matter of habit and ALL habits can be broken. 

Richard fills Dax in on the whole Rourke situation, telling him that Edmund's motivation was the fact that Richard is not ruthless enough to rule. Richard says if he had only waited a little longer, he could have gotten the throne honestly. Richard remarks on the irony of the fact that to hold onto the throne he would have to become as ruthless as Edmund. Dax tells him he knows nothing. Dax tells Richard that he thinks it is just part of a larger plot. Though Richard is dubious, he asks Dax where they go from here. Dax suggests that they first do some kind of DNA testing to prove that Richard is the rightful heir to the throne. Richard says he won't exhume Princess Charlotte's body, and Dax suggests perhaps there was some hair left on a tiara or brush. Richard tells him Edmund has a lock of her hair and they form a plan to get it. 

Reva and Shayne are playing video games when the doorbell rings. Perdita is there and lets Reva know that Noah was with her when Shayne's accident happened. They hear a noise and Perdita barges in, grills Shayne about his injury, and proceeds to beat Shayne at his own game... video game, that is. Reva excuses herself and calls Noah to let him know Perdita is there. 

Danny and Ray gather around Tony as he starts to come around. He awakens asking about Marah immediately. "They grabbed Marah!" Tony explains what happened. Ray tries to comfort him telling him there is nothing they can do. Ray thinks they should call the cops, but Danny thinks that would put her in danger. Danny says they grabbed her to get his attention and use her as a bargaining chip. Danny is trying to devise a plan. Ray wants to call Reva but Danny objects. Danny says he needs to work with a cop who can keep it on the down-low but will still help him out. Ray suggests that he call Frank. Danny tells him to get Tony to the hospital and says he will call Frank as soon as they leave. 

Edmund has been "fetched" by Richard. Richard tells Edmund that even though Cassie is away she would like the work on the Children's museum. He asks Edmund if he has any mementos of their parents. Edmund mentions the watchfob, with the lock of the princesses hair. Richard tells him that would be perfect and Edmund calls his valet and tells him to bring it up immediately! Richard makes an offhand comment and Edmund confronts him about his tone. Susan walks in on them before they can get into it. Susan tells Richard how this trip saved her life. She goes on to tell him what a great friend Edmund has been to her; he gives them everything they want before they can even ask for it. She says she knows that some people have bad things to say about Edmund but he has been nothing but nice to her. The watchfob arrives and Edmund hands it over. Richard takes it and leaves. Edmund turns to Susan telling her she didn't have to say all that stuff, but she tells him she does because it's true. She tells him she has to call Harley and asks him to stay for moral support. 

Noah comes in and tears Perdita away from the game, for a private word, asking her why she is really there. She tells him that she couldn't take his explanation at face value. Noah warns her away from Reva family. Perdita ignores his warning and tells him to come back to her room that night for another "date" or else!

Danny fills Michelle in on what happened to Marah. Michelle uses this for justification for him to leave the "family life" As she argues, Frank shows up. Danny fills him in. Danny and Frank formulate a plan. Frank will go to Reva and Danny will contact the family. Frank is reluctant but goes along with it. 

Noah checks the room for bugs after Perdita leaves and finds one stuck to the game controller. Reva tells Noah how annoyed she is with Perdita. He responds by telling her that he has to go back and see Perdita that night. Reva is peeved about the whole situation and wants to rock the boat but Noah warns her that things could get much worse. 

Susan calls Harley. Harley is trying to be upbeat, but Susan tells her she knows about the divorce and starts to sound off about Philip being free to chase Beth, but Edmund cautions her against it. Harley kind of changes the subject and asks how she is feeling. They chat and Harley tells her that she misses her and is looking forward to seeing her. Susan tells Edmund that she doesn't understand why no one thinks Philip is a creep. 

Frank shows up at Reva's telling her that Marah's been kidnapped. 

Danny calls a source and gets a lead on where Marah is. He tells Michelle that he will do whatever it takes to save Marah.

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