Guiding Light Update Friday 1/26/01

By Li Carattini

Reva, Marah, and Josh bring Shayne home from the hospital. Josh lets them know that they are still going on their honeymoon, by borrowing the Spaulding Jet. Marah asks Josh's permission to see Tony while he's gone. 

Edmund gives a message to an aide to deliver directly to a certain woman and to wait until she is alone. Beth walks in and Edmund tells her he just sent him that he will be unavailable for the whole day, because he will be spending it with her. 

Philip is offended by Rick's interference, asking him "Whose friend are you?" Rick gets mad and tries to explain why he is asking Philip to let go of the marriage. Philip tells Rick it's none of his business. Rick tells him to think of the kids. Harley won't change her mind. Alan walks in. Philip gives Rick a sarcastic thanks as Rick storms out. Alan tells Philip he has nothing more to say about Harley, but Beth is in San Cristobal with Edmund and what is he going to do about it. Alan tells Philip his marriage is over, when Harley makes up her mind you just can't fight it. Alan tries to remind Philip of the fact that he still loves Beth. Philip basically tells him to butt out and leaves the room. Claire comes in and Alan informs her that he has a meeting with Meta in a few minutes and he wants her to be there. 

Josh lets Marah plead her case about seeing Tony. They tell her that because common sense flies out the window when they are together the answer is NO! 

Beth informs Edmund that she already has plans with Lizzie. Lillian storms in and confronts Edmund with the document she just received (Presumably the message he just sent with the aide?) It is a check for Jim's expenses. Edmund tells them that he thought it would be easier for Beth if it went to her mom. Lillian continues by telling them that it also came with an account history showing that payments were being taken out against a $45,000 debt owed to Edmund. He tells her she wasn't supposed to get that and Lillian accuses Edmund of blackmailing Jim. Edmund says OK I did it and tries to play it off, but Beth doesn't believe it. Lillian tries to get Beth to see Edmund's guilt and leave the island. he admits it was a loan and begs them not to push it. Beth insists and he tells them the truth about Jim's gambling debts. Beth is shocked by the fact that Jim had been lying to her. Edmund fills in the details. all true. Letting them know that he felt so much sympathy for him and thought offering him the job was a way to keep Beth and the kids out of trouble with the mob and still keep his dignity. Lillian apologizes. Beth is shocked and cries.  Edmund tries to comfort her but she tells him it is her fault; she drove Jim to do this. 

Meta is asking Alan for money for the lighthouse which is falling apart. Alan surprisingly offers to foot the whole bill for the fundraising and maintenance on the lighthouse, HOWEVER, there will be one condition.

Ray tells Tony that he talked to Reva, but that she had a negative reaction. He tries to encourage Tony to hang in there and be respectable, prove himself trustworthy. Marah walks in and tells them that Tony is banned for life. Tony tells her that he is going to go see her parents. Ray is encouraging but Marah tells him it's a terrible idea. Facing them would only make things worse. He disagrees. Marah says she knows when her parents can be worked and now is not the time. Tony tells her he's going to do it anyway and steps out. Marah asks Ray why he's encouraging Tony to do this, and Ray says he wants Tony to grow up into a responsible young man. Tony steps back in and says they are going to see Reva now. 

Alan tells Meta that he will only give them the money if Claire is put in charge. Meta tells him no thank you we already have a committee. Meta turns him down again, but he threatens to go to the committee. How would they feel about the extra work placed on them to get sponsored as a result of Meta turning down such a generous offer. She respond that she's not afraid of a challenge. Alan tells her if she wants a challenge she should accept his offer. Meta agrees and decides to accept the money. 

Beth tells Edmund that the only reason Jim did this was so they could have a baby. Jim must have felt pressured to provide more. Edmund tries to tell her that Jim should have just been thankful to have her. that there are men who would brave madness to make her happy. Edmund tells her that he knows that they would have worked things out had he lived. Jim had a problem that he didn't share with her so she shouldn't feel guilty. Beth thanks him for what he did for Jim. selflessly letting Jim keep his dignity. Edmund tries to put an evil twist on it, but Beth pushes it aside and thanks him again smiling up at him. Edmund tells her the only thing he wants in the world is to be worthy of that smile. Just then, the phone rings. Edmund answers. It's Philip demanding to speak with Beth. as he hands her the phone she says . good, this is going to stop. Beth tells Philip he always calls at the wrong time. Beth confronts Philip about his ultimatum. as she does this Susan walks in the room. Edmund lets her know it's Philip. Philip tells Beth that his marriage is over and asks to speak to Lizzie. she tells him she is sorry about it.  She tells Susan she should call Harley . Susan asks why and Beth tells her that Harley and Philip split up. Susan gets bent out of shape. "Now Harley will have all this extra time to try to fix my life and Philip will be all over you."

Tony talks to Josh and Reva, trying to be respectful. He tells them he understands their fears, but he would never let anything hurt her and he would never hurt her himself. Respectfully he's just asking their permission to see her. Josh tells him that his world is too dangerous. Tony apologizes for the hotel thing and asks that he just needs a chance to prove himself. Tony tries to convince him, but Marah stops him, telling him that "They don't care about us." Tony respects her wishes and leaves. Marah walks him out and he apologizes. She tells him it wasn't his fault and he leaves. Josh tells everyone good-bye and Marah heads off towards school. Tony waits for her out front and apologizes again. Marah tells him he was great in there. They embrace and she wonders what else they can do.  

Beth tells Susan not to worry about her and Philip, he doesn't want anything to do with Beth other than the kids. Susan and Beth point out the fact that Philip manipulated her and used a ploy to get his way (Total Machiavellian.) Beth protests at first, but then sees their point (Still protesting a bit though.) Susan tells her that he will come for her. Beth disagrees. Edmund says, "Well, if that's what she wants." Beth assures them it's not, and so Susan and Edmund say then we will make sure he doesn't. 

Claire is thrilled with Alan's little scheme and thanks him for the opportunity to "play" with Reva. . 

Tony and Marah are still out front. Tony tells her he can't take this and that he thinks he's in love with her. Marah tells him not to worry, her parents seem tough but they will come around. She will still see him; they will just have to be quiet about it. They kiss. Four thugs come up, grabbing Marah and knocking out Tony (after a noble fight.)

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