Guiding Light Update Tuesday 1/23/01

By Li Carattini

Blake and Harley entertain the twins with a puppet show, however the kids are not amused.  Blake tells Harley she can't hide out here forever. Harley says she is still furious with Philip. he cheated on her and is obsessed with Beth. Blake tries to convince her otherwise. As they discuss it, they hear a noise outside which turns out to be Philip. 

Noah tells Perdita that they can't "do this" because it's not fair to her or to Reva. She asks him why he is there, if he is so enamored of Reva. He tries to explain to her that their past seems so far away now and he doesn't want to hurt Reva. Perdita tells him if he doesn't sleep with her then she will hurt Reva. 

Reva leaves a message for Josh trying to get a hold of him to let him know about Shayne. 

Josh and Olivia are at the airport getting ready to leave. Josh discovers the phone is turned off (little does he know , it was Olivia who turned it off) and turns it back on. It rings (Reva) and Olivia tries to convince him not to answer, telling him it's a set-up. He answers anyway (of course) and Reva tells him Shayne is in the hospital. He is shocked as Reva gives him the details. Josh tells her he'll be right there. Josh tells Olivia and she doubts it, but he gives her the details and she apologizes telling him to go, she'll meet him there. 

Noah tries to reason with Perdita, but she is insistent about them sleeping together. The phone rings and Reva fills him in asking him to get to the hospital right away. 

Philip and Harley verbally spar about the circumstances of her departure. He asks Blake to leave the room but Harley asks her to stay. Harley tells Philip she thinks the best thing for her is to get as far away as possible. Philip tells her he won't let her divorce him. Harley counters with the fact that it's always about him, he always gets his way, well not this time. They wake the kids with their bickering, so Blake goes to check on them. While in the other room she sneaks a call to Ross, telling him he'd better get there quick, things are getting ugly. 

Noah tells Perdita that it's an emergency and he has to leave. She threatens him again, telling him if he leaves she'll kill Reva. He calls her bluff and tells her she doesn't want to play this game with him and leaves. 

Reva rushes in and talks to Rick, he explains that he is conscious but very weak. She asks to see him. while she's holding his hand the alarms start to go off and Rick rushes Reva out of the room. Josh comes in and they embrace. 

Harley asks Philip how San Cristobal was. He tries to defend himself. She points out that there were plenty of people down there to take care of the kids. He went down there to see Beth. Philip tries to guilt her about Susan being down there in Edmund's clutches too, but Harley says that maybe now that they are splitting up, her daughter will actually like and respect her. Philip demands to know if she filed divorce. She reminds him that she told him if you go to San Cristobal, it's over. He counters with "you told me to go" and tries to convince her that she told him to go so she could use it as an excuse to leave him. He tells her she HAS to give the marriage another chance. Harley tells him to stop telling her what she HAS to do. Philip tells her he's just asking for another chance. She asks him why should she do what he says. She does not want to give him a chance, he cheated on her with Beth and that's that. He tries to rationalize about it saying that Harley tells him to stop telling her what she HAS to do. Philip tells her he's just asking for another chance. She asks him why should she do what he says. She does not want to give him a chance, he cheated on her with Beth and that's that. He tries to rationalize about it reminding her that Blake once betrayed her and now they are best friends. She tells him the she wasn't married to Blake . the worst part was that he lied. she wants to be first in his life. He says she is. She counters with first behind Beth. She says the perfect guy is out there for her. someone who won't sheet on her. Philip is doubtful. She tells him she'd rather be alone than be with him. He tells her not to worry because he won't let the divorce happen anyway. Ross walks in and tells him he may not have a choice. 

Susan talks to Edmund about her fear of forgetting her father. She confides her emotions about her adoptive mother's death. telling him that one day she woke up and couldn't remember the color of her eyes. she felt so guilty. She doesn't want to go through that again. Edmund asks if she thinks he is trying to get them to forget about Jim. she tells him yes. Edmund tells her he can do a lot of things but not even he can do that. He tells her that he's only trying to help them see other parts of life, to put things in perspective, but he could never make her forget Jim. They hug.  

Reva explains to Josh in more detail about the accident. They chat for a few minutes trying to joke around. Reva loses it and turns to Josh giving him a big hug, which Noah and Olivia walks in on. They fill Noah and Olivia in. Noah heads into the room and gets the scoop from Rick. Olivia tells Reva how sorry she is and how great Shayne is. Olivia tells Noah "I don't know what you're thinking but it's probably pretty close to what I'm thinking." Noah agrees. Reva and Josh talk to Shayne, trying to joke and make light of the situation. He tells them it's nice to hear you guys agree on something. They assure him that they always agree on how much they love him. 

Ross tells Philip he can't contest because of his infidelity. He tells her Fine! He will drag out the divorce for as long as it takes for her to come to her senses. Ross asks him not to do this. the result will be the same. Philip sarcastically thanks him for being so supportive. Ross objects telling him that for the last several months they have been hacking away at each other. Sometimes it's best just to cut your losses. this marriage is over. Philip says he's sorry they feel that way. They can have a trial separation until she changes her mind. She assures him she won't change her mind. He thinks she will. .Blake comes out and interrupts. Philip asks to see Zack before he goes. He goes into the bedroom. Blake asks Harley if she's okay. she says "No. but I will be." 

Olivia asks Noah if it is as difficult for him as it is for her. Noah says he has it easier. he's just a friend she's the wicked stepmother. She asks why that is. He says it may be because she is so intense and determined about it. He tells her that if Josh and Reva were going to reconciliate that it would have happened already. He will just hang out and accept Reva as she is and hope she will marry him some day. 

Reva tells Josh he was supposed to be on his honeymoon right now. he's missed it twice now. He tells her that he has nowhere else that he should be. Olivia overhears this and says to herself "Yes there is Josh."

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