Guiding Light Update Monday 1/22/01

By Li Carattini

Noah calls Reva to tell her that Perdita has asked him to meet her at her suite, and to make sure that Reva will come to his rescue. Reva reminds him that it might be difficult to show up and be casual about it. Noah tells her to use the upcoming TV appearance as a cover.

The man who bursts in on Michelle turns out to be Frank.

Beth and Lizzie play paper dolls. They play prince and princess, play arguing over who the prince will marry, just as Edmund walks in and takes over the role of prince. Telling them that he, as the prince, will protect all of them with all of his power, but he cannot choose between them. Beth’s “doll” demands to know the truth. He agrees to tell. Lillian looks on suspiciously...The truth is that he cannot choose is because there are 2 princes on either side of his principality who have fallen in love with Lady Susan and Lady Elizabeth. Lizzie asks “Why can’t you choose the princess?” Edmund responds that he has given his heart to another woman of flesh and blood, whom he has pledged to love throughout all eternity. Lillian interrupts and shoos them out. She scolds Edmund and Beth telling them that the children know what’s going on and she can’t take anymore.

Frank tells Michelle she should be more careful about putting the chain on the door, and tries to get her to believe that he just happened to come to NY and thought he would stop in. as a friend. When Frank asks where Danny is, Michelle snaps “Oh I get it. You’re not here as a friend, you’re here as a cop. Admit it, you’re here after Danny” Frank tries to reassure her that he just wants to make sure that she’s OK. She tells him that she is, now he can go home. Frank says that even though he likes Danny, he doesn’t think it’s safe for her to be with him. She says that she will go to Danny’s side of the fence until he’s ready to come back over to hers. Frank warns her not to go too far and that love is great but not to push him away. He can protect her. He wants to help her and Danny. She starts to cry and Frank puts his arm around her just as Danny walks in and demands to know what’s going on.

Father Ray comes over to talk to Reva about the good influence Marah is over Tony. He has seen Tony making better choices lately. He thinks Tony is trustworthy to be with Marah and wants Reva to feel the same.

Noah comes into Perdita’s suite and finds her practicing her knife throwing. She is not yet dressed, but goes on to brag about her latest art acquisition, subtly letting him know that she doesn’t know which she enjoys more the anticipation of the art buyers frenzy or the thought of using her deadly knife throwing skills.

Lillian tells them that she has watched them circle each other even before Jim died and that this relationship will turn out badly. Edmund asks Beth to excuse them and Edmund pleads his case directly to Lillian, asking her to be his ally and not his enemy. Lillian concedes that he has been kind and generous, but she sees past that to his agenda, so he can forget her being his ally. Lillian tells him that Beth feels so much guilt about Jim and about Philip and Harley’s marriage and she can’t take any more. All he’s doing is anesthetizing her pain and it will come up again, she doesn’t think he will stick it out. Edmund tells her that she doesn’t know him very well. He has felt his share of guilt, and without the benefit of loved ones. He is in awe of the love that Beth has for him and for the first time he is thinking of someone other than himself. He knows she is not perfect but he finds her negative qualities intoxicating and if she will have him he will take care of her and nurture her and help her have the self confidence she has always lacked. He will wait for Beth to come to him and he will not make the first move and with that Lillian is almost won over!

Perdita and Noah discuss her the similarities between the art world and the agency. He asks her why she stays with the agency. She asks him if he is committed to Reva and makes him swear she is no threat to the agency. And that he be prepared to prove it.

Danny tells Frank he could have found out if Michelle was OK over the phone and rudely tells him to leave. Michelle asks him why he is being so rude, Frank is their friend. Danny says friends don’t sit in your hotel room cuddling with your wife. Frank gives Michelle his card and tells her to call if she needs him and leaves. Danny turns to Michelle and asks her if this is why she came to NY to get the police on his tail?? Michelle can’t believe he’s saying this. He's alluding that Michelle is trying to get him busted so he gets out of the business. She tells him that in her world they don’t betray those that you love. If you don’t trust me how can we get back to each other. She tells him he can’t live being so suspicious. Nothing is worth this. He admits that he hated seeing Frank hold her like that.

Noah tries to wiggle out of providing the very physical “proof” Perdita is asking for. Perdita begins reminiscing about their past saying that if they can relive some of those memories, she might be convinced to champion Reva to the agency.

Reva tells Father Ray that even though Tony seems like a nice kid, she doesn’t like the fact that he is up to his eyeballs join the family business. Marah has been talking about skipping college lately and she thinks it’s Tony’s influence, but she will talk to josh about it. He tells her he understands and leaves. Now she is running late to “save” Noah from Perdita’s clutches. Just as she heads for the door the phone rings. The machine picks up and we hear Rick’s voice saying “Reva, please pick up, it’s Rick it’s an emergency.”

Beth comes back into the room, and finds Lillian laughing. She tells Beth he is so much more dangerous than she thought. He spoke so elegantly and sincerely, he had her believing every word. Beth tells her that several weeks before Jim’s death, her and Edmund decided he should back off and he did. Lillian tries to remind her about all the bad things Edmund did to Cassie and to Philip. Beth loses it comparing her to Allen in her obsession to get them back together. Lillian is angry. She tells Beth that Edmund has such charm and power that even while he was telling her how he felt about Beth, inside she was devastated that he considered her and elderly woman.

Michelle takes this jealousy as proof that Danny loves her and tries to convince him. He asks her how she could want his murdering hands to hold her child. She tries to convince him otherwise, begging him to let her love him. He backs away and leaves the room.

Perdita begins to seduce Noah and he tries to squirm out of it, Perdita implies that if he stops, she may murder Reva.

Rick tells Reva that Shayne took a lacrosse ball to the chest, stopping his heart. The coach started CPR right away. He's alive but they don’t know what kind of damage was done yet. Reva tells him she will call Josh right away. She does, Olivia is holding the phone when it rings and sees that it is Reva. Rather than answer or tell Josh, she turns off the phone. Josh comes back with their tickets and they are all set to board the plane.

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