Guiding Light Update Tuesday 1/16/01

By Li Carattini

Philip walks up and sees Beth kissing Edmund. He interrupts and Beth asks him what heís doing here. Philip tells her heís been trying to call, and threatens Edmund. Edmund answers that Philipís concern should be Harley and Zack.  Thatís where his place is.  Philip tells him They are just fine and his place is right here.

Harley tells Rick that she feels so much relief that Philip is out of her life and proceeds to go through the house trying to get rid of his things. Rick tells her to stop and calm down. She respond by saying that she needs her brother.

Michelle is having lunch at company when she spots, lo and behold another mouse! Buzz goes off the deep end and gets the broom. turns out it was a fake mouse Michelle planted. Frank walks in on this and enjoys the joke. Just then he gets the call from Harley. Buzz screams hallelujah and says heís coming with him. He brings a CD of party music and some booze. Frank tells him this isnít a party but Buzz thinks otherwise!!

Father Ray runs into Michelle at company. She invites him to join her, but he reciprocates and whisks her off to an unknown location, telling her there will be plenty of food there. He brings Michelle to Infierno telling her we canít let up on Danny for a second. Catalina seats them then heads back to the front to greet some new customers. 2 shady guys who ignore her, but May notices them and looks concerned. Catalina goes back to the table with Michelle and they chat about Catalinaís voyage to the US and all the great things that have happened to her since she arrived. The 2 shady guys are looking in Michelleís direction and May looks concerned. again. 

Frank and Buzz show up and get showered by Philipís clothing, which Harley is throwing out the front window. Harley tells Buzz he should cut the act and speak his mind, dance for joy gloat whatever! Instead he says Iím sorry you guys broke up and if you go back to him Iíll be nice . Harley says not to worry, she will never be with Philip again.

Beth, Edmund and Philip go back to the palace. Beth tells Philip he needs to mind his own business and put his focus back on Harley and Zack where it belongs. Philip tells her Edmund is dancing on Jimís grave and taking advantage of her. Edmund tells him he is being paranoid and isnít it nice that Philip has appointed himself the keeper of the Lemay memory. Philip tells him, he may think the way is clear for him to move in on Beth, but the mistake he is making is in making any decisions about his children. Edmund denies that he has done this.  Edmund defers to Beth and allows her to ask him to leave the room. Philip then starts in on her. have you forgotten all the things Edmund has done; are you blind??? She says arenít you here to talk about the children? Fine. He tells Beth that he allowed them reluctantly to come down because there would be so many people there to help run interference between Edmund and Beth. but where does he find Beth??? In Edmundís arms. Beth tells him thatís between her and Edmund and has nothing to do with the children. Beth tells him she got the messages Philip sent but had she known he was in such a state she would have called. now that youíve said what you have to say GO HOME!!! He responds that he is staying right here. 

Buzz has a regular party going on at Harleyís with Greek music and Vodka trying to distract Harley from her situation. Buzz convinces Rick to stay so he can help keep him in line. She is confiding in Frank what happened, telling her to accept their help, all 4 of them lost someone important in their life. who better could you have on your side. And Frank got his favorite thing in the world back. Harley Davidson Cooper! Frank tells her not to worry, Zack will be fine because he has the best smartest mother in the whole world. and he will always be there for her to cry on . 

Ray talks to Danny telling him he brought Michelle to the club. telling him Michelle hasnít given up on him. Ray asks him why he canít just give into the love he has for her?? He has seen Danny overcome such hardships, he can come back from this. Danny just keeps telling him heís not giving in, he doesnít understand, itís not about love. Heís not going to listen to anything Danny says until he starts making sense. at this Danny responds, then I guess Iím going to have to settle this once and for all. with Michelle. He heads into the club and asks Michelle what sheís doing here? She answers she just came to see him. he tells her she should be at home sleeping or someplace without so much smoke. She says thank you for caring. He tells her to go home. She begins to tell him that she loves him and that she tells the baby about him. He asks her to leave again and Tells Ray to take her out. May tells Danny about the 2 shady guys, saying that they followed him in and now they are following them out. Danny stops them at the door.

Beth brings Lizzie to see Philip. Philip says she looks good, they should take a vacation together. Lizzie starts to go on and on about all the great things Edmund showed and told her. Lizzie asks how long Philip is staying and asks if he can have the room next to hers. Lizzie tells him sheís having so much fun. ĒItís the best, well it would be the best if Jim was here. Ē Lizzie tells Philip Edmund will be giving her a riding lesson the next day and asks if he will come. She goes on and on about how great Edmund is . Beth is visibly steamed at Philip.  When Lizzie asks about Zack and Harley he tells her he just popped down for a quick visit, she adds AND to take care of mommy well donít worry daddy, we are all taking great care of mommy especially Edmund. Philip sends her back off to bed . Edmund wishes her goodnight. He turns to Philip telling him now that your paternal instinct has been satisfied. go home. 

Back at Harleyís Buzz has convinced her to dance through her pain. Frank, Harley and Buzz dance around the couch. Rick tells Frank he wishes he was some kind of ethnic thing like Greek or Italian. They pull him up off the couch to dance with them. As Rick and Harley dance frank and Buzz cheer them on Buzz says- dance youíre free. She stumbles (a little tipsy) and says . I donít feel free, but tries to smile bravely through it.

Danny confronts the 2 shady guys, he knows who they are Johnny Muchadoís guys.  He tells them that Infierno is now off limits, send that message to your boss. He tells Michelle if she sees them to call him and tells them to stay away from Michelle. They leave, Danny walks away and Michelle is visibly shaken. Danny goes back into the club, tells May to put Tony in charge and thanks May for the heads up. he goes back to Michelle. Danny tells Michelle he will accompany her back to the house and he and ray will sleepover to protect her. he thinks Muchado is just messing with him but better safe than sorry. 

Buzz and Frank pass out on the couch. Harley talks to Rick telling him she thinks she should leave for a little while, because if sheís there when Philip comes back sheís going to want to shoot him and that wouldnít be good for Zack to see.  She offers Rick another drink he says no thanks and passes out on the other couch. she covers the men with a blanket and wonders aloud what will happen next.

Philip asks Edmund why he wants Philip to go so badly, maybe his intentions are not honorable. Edmund tells him no itís just that I want Beth to have as little stress as possible, unlike you. Edmund tells Philip that it is up to Beth whether or not he stays on the island Philip tells him he will stay as long as he damn well pleases. Edmund responds that the moment Beth tells him she wants Philip out, he will have Philip thrown off the island, but in his opinion, he should be consulting a marriage counselor and getting some help for his marriage to Harley. it seems that every time things start to go badly between you and Harley, you switch your attentions to Beth. Jim was far too tolerant of it. Philip responds with how dare he bring up Jimís name. Jim despised him. Edmund corrects him telling him they had come to an understanding the week before he died, but thatís neither here nor there. .Jim was a very nice man. too nice when it came to your interference. be warned--I am not Jim and if you push me. I will push back

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