Guiding Light Update Monday 1/15/01

By Li Carattini

Frank and Rick discuss the problems of Philip and Harley. They realize they can't solve them.

Cassie and Beth chat. Cassie's feeling a little off so they decide to go for a walk. Philip got his message to The palace but Edmund intercepted it, and decided not to give it to her. 

Philip and Harley discuss their marriage. Philip tells Harley she was always the right choice, and that he feels they had something worth fighting for. Harley tells him fighting is the operative word. He says he won't let it go. They pledged for better or for worse. Harley is skeptical. Philip asks her what the alternative is. "Is this just another failed marriage for both of us because I can't live with that." Harley tells him that she thinks the marriage was over when the plane crashed. Philip doesn't. Things change and people change. Philip tells him that just as he learned to understand his father despite his past trespasses, and Harley and him can learn to do the same. "We still smile at the same stupid kind of things." He begs her for a little more time, We'll push everything else aside, and just focus on this. We can do this. He compares marriage to a marathon. You hit the wall but you have to push past it. Harley tells him that ending something when it's hopeless is not quitting. Do we just stick it out until it's unbearable. Philip tells her that nobody's happy, and that maybe they should just accept the fact they aren't going to be happy for a little while but it will pass. He tells her he loves her . The phone rings, It's Edmund asking what the urgent message is.. 

Marah and Catalina discuss Tony. Catalina explains that Tony just needs to get his pride back before he will talk to Marah again. They talk about the fact that Sam is mad at her too.. 

Rick and Frank talk at the bar. Rick tells him he's leaving, as long as Frank promises not to get too far with May. Frank says he can't promise, Rick responds that it's Ok. The harder Frank tries the more Rick knows he won't succeed. Tony walks in and sees Marah. Marah tells Tony she is wearing the Xmas present he gave her. He tells her to keep it for the memories. She recites a prayer to St. Anthony (the medallion he gave her) and tells him she's sorry again. He walks away telling her he has to go back to work. 

Philip tells Edmund he can rescind his permission for the kids to be there at any time. Philip tells him that Beth had better be there to take a phone call. Edmund tells him no. That Beth needs to forget Spring field. She needs time to relax and not wait by the phone to report in with Philip. Philip starts to yell at him and Edmund hangs up. Philip gets off the phone and tells Harley that he has half a mind to go down there. Edmund is denying access to his kids. Harley tells him "Then go to Beth's kids, go to Beth, go to San Cristobal. There's nothing holding you here. This is obviously not where you want to be, here with me and here with Zack, and now there's nothing holding you here." With this, she hands him her wedding ring. Philip tells Harley no, this isn't what I want. Harley says Beth is 1000 miles away and she might as well be sitting on that couch. He says it's not about Beth. She says something always happens to start you on this weird little dance. He says it doesn't have to be like this I'll go through Rick or Lillian to talk to the kids. Harley says don't bother, I want you to go, I can't live like this. Philip says he doesn't want to do this. Harley says that's why she's doing it for him. He tells her she doesn't get to decide when their marriage is over and accuses her of making him choose between her and his kids. She tells him to go to San Cristobal. He says OK I will but this isn't over. 

Edmund relays to Beth that Philip called and was concerned for her safety. Beth apologizes and explains that Philip is a little over protective. Beth and Edmund go out to the garden to collect the kids. Cassie and Richard sit on the couch. Cassie tells him she has forgiven him and she loves him. She lets him know that she will stand by him no matter what happens. All she wants is for them to trust again. Cassie tells him she will never leave him. Richard tells her she could be in danger if she stays. there could be a threat to the throne. He's found a place for her and the kids to go where they will be safe. it's near Springfield, that way she'll be close to Dr. Sedgewick, but he can't even visit her. "Now you're really scaring me" 

Philip sits on the plane to San Cristobal mulling over Harley's words, wedding ring in hand. 

Edmund Beth and Susan sit by a fire on the beach. Susan reflects on the sounds of the ocean, comparing it to the words of Homer. Edmund tells her that to the ancient world, fire was more powerful than the sea and goes on to describe the majestic ritual of a funeral pyre. they hug. 

Marah tells Tony she remembers; the first time she met him at Millennium. He was different than anyone she'd ever met before. She tells him, he sees and understands people. She said she couldn't believe that he really liked her . She was worried that she was just another notch on his belt. maybe that's why she was going to use him, but when she realized how much he really cared for her she got scared, not of him but of herself and the feelings she was having. She realized she wasn't ready to take that step with him yet and locked herself in the bathroom. Tony tells her not to apologize for holding out. That's just how it is. She asks if he believes now that she wants him too. He kisses her. 

Rick shows up at Harley's and gets smacked in the face with a handful of Philip's clothes. He makes a smart remark and Harley turns to go back in. He asks where Philip is and Harley says "Where's Philip?? San Cristobal!" 

Marah apologizes again. Tony tells her not to play him like that again .she promises. He tells her he can't stay mad at her. What's a guy like me supposed to do with a girl like you. "You can kiss me again" 

Harley tells Rick she ended it. She wonders why she stayed and put her heart out there and stayed after the plane crash and why Rick was right there egging her on. Buzz knew, Frank knew. Harley tells Rick she has to find herself again. 

Cassie says she can't bear to leave when they have just reunited. He tells her she must go, to protect their child, to protect the throne. He tells her about the abbey she will be staying at. She tells him to do what he has to do so they can all be together someday. He professes his love. They kiss. 

Susan heads back to the palace telling them she wants to go by herself, be alone a little while. Edmund makes another Homer reference and she thanks him. Beth thanks Edmund for bringing them there. Peace and time to mourn. and for the funeral pyre story. It will bring her and Susan comfort all their life. Beth asks him to put his arm around her and then she kisses him. Edmund tells her no, but they kiss again passionately and break apart staring deep into each other's eyes. Philip walks up and sees them together like this.

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