Guiding Light Update Friday 1/12/01

By Li Carattini

Philip tries to avoid Harley’s question about whether they want to be married or friends. He says he just wants to be prepared to have that conversation. Philip heads off for work, They tell each other “I love you” and he sadly goes off to work.

Pilar and Catalina wait anxiously for Tony to come out of Danny’s office. May says she thinks she can help. Danny and Tony are discussing the feasibility of going on-line with their business. May comes in with a new drink concoction.. the Fred and Ginger-ale...a very strong cocktail and tells Tony there’s one on the bar for him. May is dismissed but listens outside the door to her conversation.

Perdita shows up at Reva’s house “What a quaint house!” Reva asks her why she is here and Perdita tells her she needs some information about her. Perdita begins to compliment Reva on her taste and tells her she must get to know Reva better if she’s going to be with Noah. She admits she was disturbed to meet Reva, how little she knows about her and vice versa... Perdita asks her if Noah didn’t tell her he was married, what else didn’t he tell her. Reva says she accepts that there are parts of Noah like his secretiveness that she just has to accept. Perdita says that she thinks Reva seems like the type that would go after the truth until she finds it, Reva says she just knows how to leave her work at work, does Perdita? Perdita says Reva has hit on something!

Buzz and Holly bicker. Buzz says she is afraid to talk to him. They go back and forth for a bit until Olivia show up. He tells her the best thing he ever learned about what other people think is not to care. Holly tells him It’s funny that he runs a restaurant called Company when he can’t stand anyone’s company but his own. Olivia pulls her over to a table Olivia tells Holly things are going well with Josh....but....they’ve been having some very interesting conversations about Reva and the kids.

Danny agrees that the other families nay not go for it, they are pretty computer illiterate. Danny has decided to open some on-line accounts and do some on-line investing on the up and up without worrying about the feds... Rick runs into may outside the door and asks her out...she says she will clear her schedule.

Philip tries May’s new drink as he discusses his marriage with Rick at Infierno. He starts with the story of the phone call to San Cristobal that morning. Philip takes what Edmund said as him holding the kids and Beth hostage. He wants to call the embassy and have them picked up. Rick tries to calm him down. He asks how Harley reacted...Philip says he had so much hope for this marriage...Harley was his friend, she was strong and funny. He knew he could protect her from all the pain in her past...It did work until “I” screwed it up. Rick asks what did Harley say...Philip says she all but said it was over. Rick asked him how that made him feel. He answers relief that the fighting was going to stop...then his usual anger.

Frank and Harley talk about Philip’s marriage. Harley says she can’t do it anymore. She’s been pouring all her energy into the marriage, when she thinks it was over when that plane crashed in San Cristobal. Frank tells her she’s on the right track, but if it hurts her maybe she shouldn’t make any decision right now. She says it couldn’t hurt any worse than this.

Reva and Perdita discuss the art business. Perdita tells her about her dedication to the art business and starts to ramble on. Reva invites her to be on her show and Perdita happily agrees. Perdita says she may have misjudged her, she’s really being a good sport, not every woman would deal so well with the wife, oh excuse me EX wife of their significant other. Reva tells her thank you, you’ve helped me too. Perdita asks her how. Reva answers that now she sees why Perdita and Noah didn’t work out. With all the traveling Perdita does, she doesn’t have time for a husband. Reva tells her this makes her feel much more secure in her position now. Perdita tells her that would be a fatal mistake. She says that even though Noah is with Reva now, he has a bond with Perdita that’s not affected by time, distance, or anything else. Reva tells her she can’t believe she has the guts to come into her home and threaten her. Perdita answers, not a threat, just some information...a warning...he always comes to me...At which point Noah walks in awkwardly breaking up the conversation. Perdita tells Reva she’s looking forward to being on her show and flounces out dramatically.

Buzz drops off some food and he and Holly glare at each other. Olivia tells Holly about the conversation with Josh. She tells Holly she just wants to have some boundaries, a chunk of his time that’s just for her. She understands, though, that he has a responsibilities and she has to deal with it. And that Josh has agreed to let her tell it straight if she thinks it’s manipulation. Olivia says she is just going to try to make Josh happy and hope that Noah does the same for Reva.

Pilar and Catalina try to butter up Tony...he says he doesn’t want to talk about it and he doesn’t want to see her again. Catalina says Marah really cares about him. She has to like him if she would go to a motel with him...they tell him how much she cares and that it would be easy for them to be together...He responds ”Except for the fact that I want nothing to do with her” and walks off. The girls rejoice! Mission accomplished!

Frank calls Philip a jackass, but he’s Harley’s jackass until she says otherwise. Harley says she wants to just take a break, get away, get a fresh start. The only problem is that even if she is gone the problem will still be here. Beth will jump right into her place. Frank thinks she is right about that and asks her what she’s going to do. She says she’s just going to wait until Philip comes home and whatever happens happens.

Rick says he doesn’t understand why all this is coming to a head now...Philip says it’s all the little things adding up, with Jim’s death being the catalyst to release all the problems. As long as Jim was with Beth, things could be controlled...but now...Harley’s position is threatened. Rick says there must be something he can do other than divorce. Philip says he doesn’t know what...he’s going to take a walk , then head home to see if he still has a wife. When Philip leaves, Rick walks up to the bar and talks to May. May tells him Mr. Spaulding is lucky to have him. Rick responds this may be the one time he can’t help Philip.

Frank shows up at Infierno and sits at the bar next to May. Frank tells Rick he just got back from Harley’s, what are they going to do? Hide? It's bad this time. They spar a bit about who’s going to hide. May comes up and reminds them that they are both still married so there is nothing to fight over. Pilar and Catalina are trying to think of a way to get Marah and Tony to run into each other.

Reva and Noah talk about the conversation with Perdita. They decide she was fishing to see how much Reva knows...and that she was trying to make Reva a little jealous talking about their “bond” Reva worries about what’s in store for them down the road.

Philip walks in , he and Harley share some awkward small talk. Then Philip gets to it. ”Let’s do this. Let’s figure out what we’re going to do with us.”

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