Guiding Light Update Monday 1/8/01

By Li Carattini

Noah calls to make sure his “friend” got on a flight to Springfield, after their phone conversation. He confirms to Buzz that he is giving Reva a challenge...Susan walks up and tells Buzz she was talking to her teachers and asks him not to be mad.

Olivia calls Josh. Josh says he is deep in despair and needs to see her. She suggests that they meet at Company. He reluctantly agrees. (he’d rather know where she is staying)

The gardener takes Cassie and Richard to the table rock, telling them that it was his mother’s favorite place. The gardener bends down and clears away the ivy and there is the table rock, carved with the same crying angel found on his christening cup. Richard asks the gardener how long the rock has been there, he replies he doesn’t know, it could have been carved long ago or more recently. He sends the gardener for a crowbar and shovel. He clears away more of the ivy and finds the same message written there, as was written upon the cup. Richard and the gardener get the rock lifted and Richard asks him to leave. Underneath they find another message, different than the first.

Susan tells Buzz about her trip to San Cristobal. She tells him that Philip tried to stop Beth, but she was tough and stood up to him, admitting to Buzz that she has respect for Beth. Buzz tells her to send him some postcards. Sam comes in and she tells him about her trip. He wishes her well, but relays some of his problems, filling her in on what Marah did to Josh and Olivia’s wedding...telling her it’s all a mess and that he and Marah aren’t on speaking that point Josh walks in....Sam walks Susan out.

Josh rises when he sees Olivia come in. He tells her he thought she changed her mind...that he misses her and she’s been in his thoughts every moment. She asks about Marah and he fills her in telling her she was right about Marah wanting to stop the wedding....He defends himself saying what if there had really been an emergency? She counters with Marah wanted to stop the wedding so badly that she risked rape. Josh tells her that he has to be a father and loving her doesn’t change that. Olivia says he would be the perfect man if she had gotten to him before Reva, but she didn’t, so now she has to figure out how to deal with that...Josh admits to her that the order of his life has to be his kids first and then Olivia, but only until they are old enough to take care of them selves...but she tells him that Marah knew he would come to the rescue and that type of reaction could destroy them...

Cassie and Richard start to decipher the backwards Latin inscription on the backside of the rock. Cassie reads “la cremate”(SP) “What does that mean?” Richard replies “It means weep.” Here’s what the rock says: ”Weep, bastard of the king, to save the reign from evil child of love, false prince who sits upon the throne” Richard says it means an illegitimate child was placed on the throne...either referring to him or his father. He makes some cryptic comment about Edmund and tells Cassie they have to find out if this is a royal grave...

Susan goes to say good-bye to Marah...Susan tells her about her trip and says the tension at her house has been bad! Philip has been playing the big protector and Harley is fake smiling so hard it’s driving her nuts...she asks Marah what she can do to help Marah and Sam make up. Marah says probably nothing....Susan asks why she did it. She says after watching Olivia all over Josh at Jim’s funeral she just got so mad she had to do something...but it all went wrong. Susan says she should stay in Springfield but Marah tells her she has to go...

Josh admits that he did spoil Marah, probably because Reva wasn’t around. He tells Olivia that he put Marah in her place, but Olivia doesn’t buy it. He says that Marah should get some counseling to get over him marrying Olivia. She replies by saying this goes far beyond normal teenager in crisis and a pathological manipulator. She’s turning into a little Reva wannabe, and Olivia says that she doesn’t know if she can stand by and watch him be torn apart by the mother or the daughter. Josh tells her she sees it so differently than he does...Josh tells her that he needs Olivia’s help. He realizes that Olivia sees Marah’s true colors and even though he doesn’t want to hear it, he wants Olivia to tell him the real deal. Marah will need Olivia to help her grow into the woman he knows she can be...In return for always listening to Olivia’s opinion he wants her to admit how hard it is to be a father. She wants him to admit that she is entitled to be angry. ...he does. He says she can feel and deal with her emotions however she wants, as long as her intention is to make it work... He sweet talks her for a few minutes

Noah shows up and tries to talk to Marah. He asks her if she has acknowledged , at least to herself, what she did. Self- knowledge is power....She should use her actions to show those she hurt that she really is sorry, and actions speak louder than words. Reva comes in, Noah sweet talks her for a few minutes snuggling, trying to talk her into a little rendezvous. She agrees and they leave.

Philip offers to drive Beth and the kids to the airport, Beth declines. Philip asks if they know how long they will be gone. Beth says they have to get her back in time for school, but Susan tells her she picked up all her assignments through the winter. Philip tries to joke with her, asking her if she packed the boom box, he was just getting used to her music. She just stares at him. Edmund shows up and her face lights up. They go upstairs to get a coat for her and Philip turns to Beth in disbelief...”I try to be nice and I get no response. He just walks in the door and her face lights up... What has Edmund got that I haven’t got?”

Richard’s digging yields something hard and metal...It’s an ornate box, that has been buried. They open the box and find a letter with his mother’s seal on it. Cassie says he has every right to open it. He says he can’t just yet. He calls Col. Dax and asks for his help and discretion.

Beth explains to Philip that he is an authority figure and Susan doesn’t take well to that...she knows first hand. Philip says he’s learned that in the last few months, that he doesn’t need to control every little aspect of the lives of those he loves. Philip tells her not to stay away to long because things just aren’t the same without....”Lizzie” around. Edmund comes downstairs and tells Beth that Susan needs her help up stairs. Philip warns Edmund to give Beth space and let her heal. “You will always have to go through me”

Olivia says this is why I wanted us to meet here, because I knew you would get to me. Josh tells her he can make it up to her....

Noah and Reva show up at his place making out all the while they open the door and turn toward the bed. Lying there, naked, with a glass of champagne is a woman. She says “Oh my, we’re going to need another glass. You must be River, I’m Lady Prucilla Langley Crow, Noah’s wife” (name may be wrong but you get the dramatic effect)

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