Guiding Light Update Thursday 12/28/00

By Jackye


Reva assures the kids that she is not ok with the wedding, but it is going to happen. Reva and Shayne think something has happened to Marah because she has made a meal chart and shopping list for the whole time Reva will be away. Before Shayne leaves to meet with Josh, Marah reminds him about a hundred times to make sure he comes by to pick her up before the ceremony.

Olivia gets ready for the wedding while trying to talk to someone at the church about the position of the piano. Sam asks if this marriage will last. If it doesn't, he can't take all the stress she is under again.

Marah answers the door to Tony. She tells him he is early and that her mom is still there. He tells her that their reservations were overbooked and the guy he knows got them another room in another motel. Reva calls to see if someone was at the door, Marah lies and says she was clunking around in the closet. She excuses herself to take a walk and says she wants her to call when she gets to Pittsburgh. Marah explains the note she is leaving for Shayne and sends Tony out to the car with her bag. She puts her note in Shayne's lacrosse stick and leaves.

Josh and Shayne talk about the wedding. Josh says he is doing the Lewis men proud. He gives Shayne H.B's cufflinks. He explains the history and helps him on with them. Josh says he understands how uncomfortable Shayne is with his plans to marry Olivia, but he loves her while still loving their mom. They talk about Marah and Shayne says he has to pick her up. Josh says he can't leave him and calls Olivia. Olivia answers Holly, when she finds out it is Josh, she panics and says he can't see her before the wedding. He tells her about picking up Marah and asks if Sam could go pick up Marah. After they hang up, Olivia tells Sam that he can go pick up Marah. He says only with the armed guard. Olivia says he will be fine and finally gets him to go pick her up. She reminds him to pour on the charm.

Noah comes in to pick up Reva and they discuss her attire. She admits to being a little nervous. She tells him about the kids assumption of the ring he gave her. He tells Reva that the only commitment that he needs is a trip to the gym together. He explains to her about his mother really being his stepmother and an old family friend. She thanks him for getting her away from it all. He leaves to take her bags to the car.

Josh and Shayne go over everything they need. Shayne fakes him out by pretending he doesn't have the ring. They leave to get to the church on time.

Sam arrives at Reva's. After a few unsuccessful attempts with the doorbell, he gets the key and lets himself in. He hollers for Marah. When she doesn't answer, he walks into the living room and finds the note from Marah. He reads it out loud. He discovers Marah is with Tony. He says he bets she is really ready and takes off.

Tony tells Marah about the plans for the weekend and she seems distracted. He continues telling her about the place they are going, and she continues to be very distracted.


Beth tells Phillip to go home to his wife. He replies that Harley understands. Finally, Phillip leaves. A few minutes after he leaves, Edmund arrives. He tells Beth that it is obvious that Phillip is very much in love with her. They discuss her marriage and the grieving she is doing. He offers to let her live in his penthouse at Towers or be his guest at the palace in San Cristebel, no strings attached. She turns him down, saying that it is too soon. He tells her he isn't trying to get involved with her, he's just trying to help out a friend. He realizes that it is too soon.

Harley and Phillip talk about their marriage and all they have been through the past few days. She tells him they have something big to discuss but they will wait till they both get their energy back before talking about it. She tells him Susan has been reading. He asks why she tells him they will wait to talk about this "thing" one minute and asks why they are avoiding it the next? She says she has had too much to deal with the past few days and doesn't know half of what is going on. Susan comes downstairs and asks about Beth. She asks if she can go over and baby sit James so Beth can get some rest. After Harley ok's it, she warns her about having a friendship with Edmund. Phillip can't believe Edmund. Harley says they were talking about their marriage. Phillip says they won't talk about or mention any of his ex-wives and they won't discuss the future of their marriage until they are feeling like themselves. She says whatever.

Edmund says he wasn't a threat to her marriage, she was too worried about her commitment to Jim and is why he was asked to stay away. They talk about Jim and his strength in fighting. Beth tells Edmund she envies him for the last week he got to spend with Jim. Edmund says she was in spirit. He tells her about some of the time he spent with Jim. He tells her that Jim loved her very deeply, and she says she loved him too. Susan arrives at the mansion and Beth goes to make her some cocoa. She talks to Edmund about Beth being nice to her and he wonders if maybe Beth likes or even loves her. She says Beth loved her dad, she could tell. She tells him about Phillip running back and forth and Harley and Phillip pretending everything is under control. He offers to come rescue her if she gets too much of it all. He says he is there for both her and Beth. She says he is the only person who could really help her.

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