Guiding Light Update Wednesday 12/27/00

By Jackye

Richard again goes over the cup. Cassie comes in and expresses how bad she feels about Jim LeMay's death but doesn't want the press to turn his funeral into a Princess Cassie show! Dax enters and after Cassie leaves Richard questions him about the cup. Dax realizes the cup is of San Cristebel origin. Richard asks him to find whoever made it. Later, Cassie comes in and tells Richard about Tammy's riding lessons and about trying R J's train. She invites Richard to join them. At first he says no, but then changes his mind and says he will be up in a few minutes. Dax tells Richard the person's name and thinks she may be dead. Later, Dax confirms to Richard that the lady is not dead; she is visiting some relatives in Florida.

Catalina, Shayne, Marah, Tony and Reva prepare for the funeral. Catalina assures Marah that all she has to do is touch Susan's hand and she will know what she needs.

Susan tells Buzz she doesn't want to go. He agrees but says they have to be there. Phillip arrives and tells Harley they had a problem finding the scarf that Jim gave Lizzie. As they leave, Susan grabs her coat from Harley and hurries to the car.

At the church, Beth and Susan embrace. They begin greeting people as they arrive. The first few are Marah, Shayne, Catalina, Tony, and Reva. After Marah hugs her, Tony tells Susan about him loosing his own father. Tony hugs Susan and then he takes Marah in to find a seat. Reva expresses her apologies. Soon after, Josh, Olivia and Sam arrive. Josh and Olivia talk about what a great man Jim was, and how much he loved getting home to his family. Sam hugs Susan. After they go inside, Harley, Frank and Buzz come inside. Harley offers to help Susan to her seat. She refuses and they all go inside. Phillip and Rick are the last to arrive. Rick goes inside and Phillip goes over to see if Beth is al right. After Phillip enters, the piano music starts. 

After they hug once more, Susan and Beth take each other's arm and go inside. They sit together in the front row, as Father Ray talks about how just yesterday they celebrated the birth of a man who gave his life for them. Now they are celebrating the demise of a man who gave his own life for two innocent children. Ray tells Susan that her father was a hero. Beth gets up to speak and sees Edmund arrive. He stands at the back of the church. Beth talks about Jim saying he would always love her children like his own, and how he always did. He gave his own life for her children to live. After she finishes, Susan gets up and tells everyone how angry she is that her father left her, but also how grateful she is because he saved Lizzie and James. She talks about the last time she saw her father, and how he kissed her hand and told her that he loved her, and then went back into the house after baby James. 

After the funeral, Edmund comes over and hugs Susan. He tells her she gave a wonderful and honest speech. Olivia and Marah argue outside in the corridor. Josh tells her what she said was inappropriate. Marah says she will go somewhere where it will be more appropriate. She storms out.

Back at the Spaulding mansion, the reception begins. Lizzie says, "It's not fair." Sam assures her that life isn't always fair. Susan comes in and Harley tries to talk to her. She says ok and rushes outside. Rick and Phillip tell her she can't force Susan now; she has to give her time. Outside, Susan and Beth discuss how the Navy Seals folded the flag. Beth gives the flag to Susan and tells her she should keep it. Susan thanks her and they embrace. Sam comes outside and says he hopes she has a hug left for him. After Beth goes inside, Susan tells Sam a little about her father's military ways. After everyone leaves, Beth pulls Susan aside and shows her Jim's suitcase. They open it together and smell one of his sweaters. Beth gives Susan a gift bag for her Christmas present from her father. As Susan opens it, she sees it is a book. She opens it and reads the inscription. As she reads it out loud, she cries and stumbles through it. She realizes Edmund helped him pick it out. Just then, Edmund arrives. Phillip tries to make him leave. Susan jumps up and begins asking Edmund about his shopping trip with her father. She invites him to sit and share his trip with her and Beth.

Marah and Tony are at the Infernio in Danny's office. She tells Sam she hates being appropriate. She is tired of not bring good enough for her father, mother, brother or Olivia. She suggests they go away for the weekend. At first he tries to talk her out of it, saying she will miss Josh and Olivia's wedding. After a few minutes of coaxing, she talks him into it. They decide to leave the next day and begin kissing.

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