Guiding Light Update Tuesday 12/26/00

By Li Carattini

Well readers, they promised us a classic episode for Christmas Day but I must say I'm disappointed in their choice. 1997 was only 3 years ago, so I daresay it cannot be considered a classic. (Though it was nice to see the likes of Annie, Dinah and Jenna again!)

The show starts at Reva's house with Marah and Catalina decorating the tree. They are expecting Josh any minute. Marah makes a smart remark and Reva warns her to get used to seeing Josh and Olivia together. Shayne tells Catalina about the tradition of Josh reading a Christmas story. The kids notice the ring Noah gave her and she explains that it's just a friendship ring. They horse around some more.

Rick is sneaking cookies from the tray fresh out of the oven baked by Michelle and Maeda. Rick asks Michelle if Danny called and she says no, but she's having a good Christmas anyway. Maeda tells Rick to take out the garbage. He sees Nick outside his house collecting empty cans for the homeless. 

Harley explains to Philip that she is going to take Zack and Susan and go to Frank's; she understands that Beth and the kids are his first priority. He tries to convince her not to go. She explains that she understands that he needs to do this. He has enough to worry about without having her there to complicate things. "This is my problem Philip. Please just let me go." Lillian overhears and tells Harley not to leave and that she will take Beth back to her house. Philip offers the mansion to everyone, so they will all have plenty of room. Harley tries to tell Beth she isn't a problem but Philip cuts her off. She storms off. 

Rick is talking to Nick about all the problems in Springfield this year. Nick tells him that his family and friends need his jokes, stability and laughter now more than ever. He says he's heading off to Philip's next. 

Father Ray and Tony show up at Reva's. Ray invites them all to mass and then leaves. Tony gives Marah a St. Anthony pendant to remind her of him. He tries to charm Reva with chocolates.

As Josh stands outside the door of the house, he has tender memories of him and Reva together on Christmas in the past. Josh shows up alone without Olivia, making Marah very happy! Josh asks if anyone has been over to see Susan. Reva says they tried but she was sleeping so they will see her tomorrow. Josh got Reva a present - a toaster oven. Marah gets a pair of red high-heeled shoes. Then she figures out that Olivia picked them out. Marah is upset that even on the one night he promised they would have WITHOUT Olivia she is still "with" them. She storms off and Josh leaves. 

Lizzie doesn't want to go to the mansion. Harley tells her that Philip will go with her. Lizzie wants Harley to come to, but Harley tells her she has to stay with Zack and Susan. Philip agrees that he will go with them to the mansion and get everyone settled in. 

Danny approaches the Bauer door. Michelle sees this and goes to him. He's dropping off presents to the baby. He tells her he doesn't need to know what the baby is but know that he thinks of both of them. She tells him she thinks of him too, all the time. She invites him in but he declines and leaves.

Philip runs into Nick outside his front door. Nick is still collecting empty cans. Philip tells him he's on empty, but Nick tells him he's far from empty "The more you give, the more you have." Nick tells him he's giving "the real stuff" now, not just money and protection, and it will come back to him threefold. Nick fades away. Philip comes in the house and gets Beth and the kids. Harley asks him what she should do about Zack's Christmas. Philip says he'll be back in time and turns to leave just as Frank and Buzz arrive. When Philip leaves, she turns to Frank and Buzz and says, "I don't want to hear it from either of you." 

Marah comes down and apologizes. Reva says she can see him tomorrow; it will still be Christmas. Marah says it will never be Christmas again. Reva suggests they start a new tradition and go to midnight mass and pray for those who've had a hard time this year, like Susan, and be thankful that she has two parents who both love her. Marah shakes it off and agrees, re-joining the group. 

Harley relates the story of how Philip ended up leaving, saying it was her idea. Frank tells her he thinks she did the right thing. Buzz has no sarcastic comment to offer. He just says he loves them and doesn't know anyone else who deserves better, and that good stuff will come for them. That's his Christmas wish. Buzz offers to stay with Susan and tells Harley to go to the Bauer's for a little while. 

David and Vicki are having a romantic evening on the couch at the mansion when Philip and the kids barge in. Harley runs into Nick outside as he's collecting cans. She tries to go by but he introduces himself telling her he's an old friend of Philip's. Nick tells her she's doing better than she thinks. Harley says not in her heart; in her heart she is being petty and mean and wishes the whole Beth thing would just go away. Nick reminds her that it's the birthday of a man who was sent here to teach us about forgiveness and compassion, and if she can learn to forgive herself for those feelings, she'll find it much easier to forgive others. 

Holly, Ross, Blake and the kids show up at the Bauer's house. Maeda tells Holly how good it is to see her here in this kitchen. Holly says, "Where else could she be?" Rick tells Michelle he invited May over. "Is that ok?" She says it's ok and that she thinks May is a nice person.

Harley and Frank show up around the same time as May. Frank and Rick do a little good-hearted competition over May. Holly and Ross reminisce about all the great Christmases in the Bauer house. Ross makes a toast to all those who are there and those who are not here in body but are here in spirit. This fades into Beth, sitting on a bench outside the mansion. Nick walks up to her. Beth tells him she had hoped that Jim would meet him this year. Nick sympathizes with her loss. Nick tells her that though she is worried about tomorrow, only she knows what's best for her. He tells her to listen to the little voice inside her and it will guide her in the right direction if she is brave enough to follow. 

Ross's toast continues, fading into Reva's group getting ready to head out to mass. Noah shows up and the kids head off.. They discuss Josh's visit and she tells him to head out to the car, because she needs to turn off some lights. She sees a picture of the family on the tree and has a sad moment. Ross's toast continues and he wishes health and happiness to everyone. Maeda adds a thought "There is a destiny that makes us brothers, no one goes that way alone... all the joy we give to others comes back to us" (or something like that.) 

Happy Holidays and peace to you all in the New Year!

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