Guiding Light Update Friday 12/22/00

By Li Carattini

The show begins with Richard examining the silver cup. Remember, he found the words “Filius Regis” on the cup. (It means Son of the King.) Cassie asks Richard why they are moving RJ’s stuff out of his room. Richard says he told them to; he’s done something very bad and hopes Cassie will forgive him. 

Beth and Philip are still asleep on the couch. Harley gets up with James in the morning and answers the door It’s Lillian. When she wakes Beth up, she thinks Philip is Jim at first but then realizes it wasn’t a nightmare; Jim is really gone. Lillian tells her she will take care of her and Philip chimes in that he will too. We all will. Harley tries to control her jealousy. Susan wakes up and starts talking to Frank about how everyone else goes on with their lives normally, not having the slightest idea of the tragedy that has befallen her family. She begins to relay her feelings about how there must have been something she could have done. Frank tells her there was nothing she could have done, and that she should stop replaying the incident in her head. Her father is gone and there is nothing anyone can do. Life isn’t fair but she has so many people who love her. She responds by telling him that both of the parents who REALLY loved her were now dead; she feels like she doesn’t have anybody. She feels like and orphan. Harley walks in on them and hears this and reassures her that she will always be there for her. Harley tries to get her to come downstairs but Susan says she wants to be alone. Harley tells Susan how thankful she was that Jim and Susan came into her life. Susan starts to go off about how Jim and Connie were her parents and no one can take their place, but Harley stops her, telling her she understands and says we just want you to know that there are a lot of people here who love you. She tries to reach out to her but Susan pulls away.

Richard tells Cassie he went to a store to get a toy for RJ and ended up getting a train set - every boy’s dream. He ended up getting a HUGE set that takes up his whole room. Cassie is suspicious that he did it just to buy his way back into her good graces. He denies it saying it was just the little boy in him wanting to see RJ playing with it. Cassie relents and says, "Ok, I know you didn’t leave Tammi out of it, what did you get her?" He replies, “A pony.” They discuss the pony’s appearance for a few minutes and she appears to be softening. He asks how the “baby “ is doing and she tells him she’s fine. They go off together to check out the presents.

Lillian asks Beth about funeral arrangements. Philip offers to handle them. Lizzie comes downstairs very upset and begging Beth and Philip if they can all stay there together. Beth tells her no, but Philip chimes in with let’s talk about this later. Frank says he needs to head back to the station and Harley walks him out. Frank tells her how proud he is of her for being brave and holding in her feelings but that he feels she has every right to be upset. They hug. Beth goes up to see Susan.. She asks if she can just sit there with her because Susan is probably the only person who understands what she’s feeling. Beth tells her that her father may be gone but what he meant to them will never be gone. His love for her will never end. Susan tells Beth that Jim loved her too. They talk about how it’s unfair. Why did the best man she ever knew have to die that way and the answer is that it was because he was the best man she ever knew. Jim would not want them to crawl inside a shell, but that he would want them to live. Susan realizes that Beth really loved Jim and that she’s sorry for her. They hug. 

Harley is telling Frank about how much it bothers her that Beth still expects Philip to take care of her and how upset it makes her to feel that way. She knows Beth has just lost this wonderful man, but she can’t help but think that Beth knows exactly what she’s doing in putting her neediness out there, knowing that Philip will run to the rescue. Frank offers to call Buzz, hoping he can get through to Susan. Harley agrees. Frank tells her she has good reason to feel the way she does, but to try not to do anything rash.”Rash? Me?”

Susan tells Beth she knows Jim is gone but all she wants is 5 minutes to say she was sorry, sorry for all the attitude and bad stuff she did and for how awful and selfish she was. Beth tells her that he had nothing but love in his heart for her. He knew no matter what Susan did that she loved him. Beth talks to Susan about the funeral arrangements, asking her if she wants to be included in the arrangements and eulogy. Beth says that maybe they can help each other through it. Then she says she will give Susan some time alone. Susan tells Beth now that her dad is gone, that she doesn’t have to be nice to her. Beth tells her she doesn’t have to, she wants to, and that she loves her. Susan runs into her arms and they cry together. 

Philip and Lillian talk about Philip’s responsibilities towards the kids. Philip reassures her that he will do everything he can for Beth and the kids. Lillian says she has no doubt about Philip’s devotion, but she is more worried about Harley. Philip tells her that Harley is not a petty person and that she will understand that Beth and the kids are his first priority. Beth comes downstairs and tells Philip and Lillian that Susan is doing a little better. She really opened up to her and even gave her a hug. Philip says, "Good, maybe talking to you was just what she needs." Meanwhile Harley has been standing in the doorway listening to the whole thing. She looks crushed. 

Cassie tells Richard that today was very nice but that he shouldn’t have gotten her anything. He tells her he didn’t but he has something to show her. The University in San Cristobal has a great team of entomologists, who have discovered a new type of butterfly in the rain forest. He named it after her “Principea Cassandra.” Princess Cassie. She is impressed and actually smiles at him. Edmund interrupts with a present - a Latin-English dictionary. Cassie and Richard leave and Edmund picks up the cup. He says he hopes that whatever Richard discovers about the cup, it’s bad. The phone rings and it’s Susan. She tells Edmund that Jim is dead. She explains to him the circumstances. He asks about Beth and the kids. Susan asks Edmund to come to Springfield to help Beth. He says he’ll be right there and jumps off the phone. 

Philip tells Beth that him and Harley will be happy to start making calls for her . Harley asks for a moment alone with “her husband.” Beth excuses herself and Harley says to Phillip, “I can’t do this. I’m leaving.” 

Happy Holidays!! Classic episodes in some places on Monday. Next new episode on Tuesday Dec 26

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