Guiding Light Update Thursday 12/21/00

By Jackye

May is at the counter working on cutting her lemons. Tony comes over and she asks if she looks like a professional. Frank is in the hall way practicing his lines for May. Tony tells him they are booked and asks if he was practicing a line for may, he thinks Frank is a little old for her. Frank warns Tony that he can get him for working at a place like this. Tony jokes about Frank getting a senior citizen discount and lets him in.

Blake is asleep when Ross arrives home, he trips over a rose bush. She explains there are rose bushes, he asks why they are in his living room. He jokes about the bushes with the 12 days of Christmas. When he reaches 5 golden rings, she says she needs one, will she get it for Christmas? he asks what the church of Karma is.

Phillip tells Harley he brought Beth and the kids home, he figured that would be al right. Beth offers to go to Alan's, Harley invites them in. She offers to get some clothes for the kids and Beth and a few bottles and formula for James. Beth asks about Susan and Harley tells her about the sedative. Beth says they are all ok, Lizzie says except for daddy Jim. Rick says Harley did the right thing, can she keep it up? She says she has to try. Lizzie says she was so scared, she woke up coughing, the smoke looked like snakes coming after her and she thought it was a dream. Rick says he would have been too, she tells them about Jim calling for her. She says he wasted time, if she would have came right out...maybe Jim would have had time to get out too. She says it may be her fault, Harley reassures her that it wasn't that much time. Jim would have found her, he saved her and the baby. She asks why he couldn't save himself, Phillip says sometimes things aren't meant to be. Rick says Jim is a hero and he will have a special place in heaven. She asks if Heaven is such a wonderful place why didn't anyone want her to go when she was sick? Harley says it wasn't her time, she says why did it have to be Jim's time? Beth tells her that she is glad she is asking these questions, she is asking the same ones. Sometimes there aren't any answers. Lizzie asks what will happen now? Beth says they will love each other and go on. Beth promises she will find them somewhere to live and Phillip says he will take care of everything. They send Lizzie to take a bath and Phillip says he will stay with her. He takes Lizzie and James up to bed. Beth thanks Harley for what she said to Lizzie, she was feeling guilty. Harley says she knows that feeling, Beth says she does too. Harley says she is happy to do it, Beth says she knows it isn't easy. Harley goes to fix coffee. Beth gets up and again starts to cry. Rick is trying to comfort Beth as she cries over Jim's demise. She tells Rick of Jim's plans for the house and she recalls Jim's face and the disappearance at the fire. Rick says Jim was a brave man and he knew what he had to do. She says she keeps imagining what is was like, Rick says he didn't suffer it was all over too fast. He says all Jim thought about was the gift of the children. he says Jim loved her that much that he took the risk.

Blake tells Ross she watched too many infomercials. She changes the subject back to rings, he says she already has a wedding band. She says he took it away and never gave it back. She says the rose bushes are dormant not dead like their marriage. Blake tries to get him to stop reading her information and questionnaire.

Frank comes in and orders a bunny bender. He teases her about how he found out then finally admits that Rick told him. he says he is there about "us". She says there is no us, he says there will be after the wedding. She just giggles nervously. He invites her to a wedding New Year's Eve, She tells him she had nightmares all night about the beginning of her bartender's career. She says she knows it is a joke, because of her dating Rick. he says technically one date doesn't mean they are dating. he tells her a little about Greek mythology, she says it is an interesting come on, she's interested. She says she swore off married men, but this would be her distraction from Rick. He says one technicality, he is still married but he is separated. Tony asks what's the problem? She asks why there are no single men in Springfield?

Beth describes how generous Jim was to "their" children. She says she is afraid he knew that he loved her more than she loved him. Rick tells her no marriage is equal, but Jim knew she was committed to him. She says she wanted to make him happy, she wanted to give him a baby. She gets hysterical and Phillip hugs her from behind to calm her when Harley walks in. Rick announces that Harley made coffee, Phillip asks how she is doing. Harley says she is in shock, but she is trying to understand how Beth is doing. Phillip says he wishes she would have told him how much she hated this, she says no, she would have felt terrible. Rick says he has to make a phone call.

Frank is trying to talk May into a date when the phone rings. He asks how he knew where he was and what he was doing? Rick says he didn't, but Harley needs him. Frank says nice try, Rick tells him about the LeMay house burning down and Jim's death. Frank asks where is Harley, Rick says she is here, but she needs her. Frank gets off the phone and asks for a rain check, he tells May about Jim's demise and heads out.

Ross reads over some of what Blake has filled in, she tells him it is research for a book. She says another part is a essay she needs to write, he reads part she wrote about him and his pulling her out of her wild ways. He says it isn't research for a book is it? She says it is research for her life, he asks if he made her so insecure she turned to cults? She says she is insecure because he could leave at any minute, he says he isn't going anywhere he is her destiny. He says the rose bushes make him feel a little thorny! They fall into the chair kissing.

Beth tells Philip she can't stop thinking of the what ifs. Phillip says he didn't trust Jim to help raise his children, then he says Beth doesn't need to hear about his guilt. The doorbell rings and Frank tells Harley he just heard. She falls into his arms and he hugs her.

Blake and Ross are still kissing, he tells her he can help her ease her insecurities. She says she wants a ring, he says he is hers forever, he loves her the way she is. She gets up and walks away.

Harley and Frank are outside, she asks why Jim? Frank says at least Susan still has her, Harley says Jim was her ally. Frank asks if Phillip is aware Beth isn't the only one hurting, Harley says he needs to be with them because of what happened tonight. Frank says it doesn't sound like her, she says she can do this. Meanwhile, Beth tells Phillip she is going to go check on James. Phillip tells Rick that Beth is hanging by her fingernails, Rick says Harley is too. He says isn't Frank with her? Rick says but your not. Phillip says he is doing what ever needs to be done for tonight but he isn't going to take Jim's place. He asks if Rick called Frank, Rick admits he did. Rick says he just wants Phillip to be aware that his wife needs him too. Phillip sees Harley through the window.

Ross laughs at some of the things in the book Blake I going through. She tells him about her last essay, he says she is a good writer. He says he needs her, she asks what about what she needs? They talk about being referred to as husband and wife. He tells her that he intends to love her for the rest of his life. She tells him about her next essay. He asks how much money is a little she gave to the people for this.

Beth comes back downstairs with James, Phillip sits on the couch with Beth and the baby. Rick hugs Beth and tells her she should sleep well once the medicine kicks in. She asks why happiness never lasts, he says he wishes he knew. Rick goes outside, Beth and Phillip talk to the baby about the world being a fair place. Phillip says he could keep him this way, never having to explain anything but it doesn't work that way. Phillip promises he will always take care of James and he will know who gave him this chance. he says it will be easy cause he is named after him, he says that man was a great guy and he loved him more than he knew. More than life itself, Phillip says so does he. Beth is asleep, Phillip tells him he loves him. Rick tells Frank and Harley he is leaving, Frank thanks him for calling. Rick asks what he meant by he knew where he was and what he was doing? Frank says they can talk later. They go inside and see Phillip and Harley asleep together on the couch. Frank says she doesn't have to do this, she says she will hang in. She asks Frank to go sit with Susan till she wakes up, she takes James and goes to sit in the chair with him. She tells him everything will be ok, his mommy and daddy love him very much.

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