Guiding Light Update Wednesday 12/20/00

By Jackye

Richard is trying to figure out what the writing on his cup says. he writes the words both forward and backward. He comes to figure out that it says Filius Regis in Latin. He has Edmund brought down to ask him about the rock in the garden. They can't figure out anything new so Richard goes up to bed. After he goes out of the room, Edmund takes the notebook Richard was writing in and traces over the words that were written, he sees the words Filius Regis and asks what Richard is up to?

Claire comes in and tells Vicki about her 18 hour day, she makes a drink and they talk about Michelle and their jobs. After a few drinks, Vicki heads upstairs and Claire decides to call Michelle. On the phone, she stutters and sounds drunk. She begins by asking Michelle if she discussed anything about anesthesia with her doctor, Michelle tells her if she needs a second opinion she will consult her. She makes an excuse to get off the phone and Claire asks if she needs a mother? Michelle again says she has to go and hangs up. Claire finishes her drink and puts on her coat. She staggers out the door. A few minutes later, she shows up at Michelle's. She and Michelle talk and she tells her she already has a mother, Maureen is still in her heart and is with her all the time. Michelle says she has everything, Claire asks what about her, what does she get? Michelle decides Claire is too drunk to talk and decides to take her home. When they get back to Alan's, Michelle tells him Claire drank after 18 hours of no food. After Michelle leaves, Alan tells Claire that Michelle loves her very much. Claire says she just feels sorry for her, Alan says no, they are doing the same song and dance routine that he and Phillip do.

Back at the LeMay house, it shows the window bust and the flames engulf Jim. Harley and Phillip try to get everyone away from the place, the fire department and police arrive. Susan falls to the ground and begins rocking, saying daddy over and over. Harley helps the paramedic use the oxygen on her. He walks away and Lizzie comes over. She gives Susan her unicorn and says that he will help her when she is sad. She goes on to say that she loved Jim too, if he hadn't saved her she would have died. Beth talks to the fireman and he tells her that there is no way Jim could have survived, she starts sobbing more. Susan comes over and asks if there is any hope, Beth just stares at her. Susan says Beth over and over about 5 times till Beth just pulls her to her and they fall to the ground hugging. Beth tells Susan that she was Jim's whole world and he was proud of her. She tells Susan she loves her, Harley comes over and says that she is taking Susan home now. She moves away and Beth tells Susan she will call her when they get settled and she will call again tomorrow to check on her. Harley leads Susan to the car and tells her she will be right back. Susan stares at the fire, Harley tells Phillip she is leaving to take Susan home. Phillip says he will stay till the fireman and everyone are done with Beth then take her and get her settled in somewhere. After Harley leaves, Phillip asks the chief if he can save his questions for tomorrow since Beth has been through enough already. The chief agrees. Phillip gets Beth and the kids into his car and he asks Beth to come and stay with them, he says he can have Lillian stay too. Beth says no, she wants her mom. Phillip tells her not to worry about Harley, if he wasn't asking, she would. he says Susan should be with them right now, it will help them all through this. At Harley and Phillip's, Rick comes downstairs and says he gave Susan a sedative, she will sleep for about 12 hours. Harley is afraid she will dream and Rick says she won't. Harley tells him about the fire and Susan's reaction. She goes on to tell him about the thoughts she had running through her head, she says she feels so bad, how can she have thoughts like this when everything else going on? Rick hugs her and the door opens. It is Phillip, he says he invited Beth and the children to come stay with them for the night. As Harley turns around, she comes face to face with Beth.

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