Guiding Light Update Tuesday 12/19/00

By Li Carattini

We ended yesterday’s show with a fire breaking out at the LeMay home...

Marah and Catalina start off the show, boxing food for the underprivileged. Catalina tells her she wants to reveal a secret. Noah shows up, interrupting their conversation, and tries to whisk Reva away without telling her where they are going. Reva appeals to the girls for support. After getting no help from the girls, he whisks her away. Once gone, Catalina reveals to Marah she thinks she may have caused some trouble for her with Tony.

 Josh and Olivia are in the tub (again) and Olivia is admiring her ring (again). She tells Josh she finally understands all the fuss over an engagement ring and the commitment it represents. She expresses her love and gratitude at the sacrifices Josh has made to get them where they are today. 

Beth and Jim rush into the house. The living room is engulfed in flames. Jim kicks her out of the house to call 911, telling her he will get the kids. Jim tries to rush up the stairway to the 2nd floor, but it’s full of smoke and he has a hard time. Beth is hysterical calling 911 as the fire rages harder. Jim makes his way through the smoke and gets to Lizzie’s room but finds she is missing. 

Noah takes Reva to Infierno and she continues to grill him about why she is there. He reminds her of her words a few nights earlier about never needing a man in her life again. He reassures her that he understands and says he has a solution. Noah lets her know, in a joking manner he wants more. He wants commitment and proposes a deal. Continue having a fun, meaningless relationship, filled with casual sex, for a year, and then another and then another for fifty years.  This way they both get what they want. But there’s a plan B. He buys her a bourbon on the rocks.

Catalina tells Marah she blew her cover of using “girl’s night out” as an excuse not to go out with Tony or Sam. Marah goes over the pros and cons of both guys. Tony shows up just then and confronts her about her excuse. Marah defends herself and Catalina backs her up, citing a later date for Marah to give her a pedicure. When Tony asks if he can watch, Catalina tells him that she is Marah’s “duena” and Tony cannot come in until SHE allows him. 

Tony tells Catalina that he would like to spend as much time with Marah as she can. He tells them he can’t get through a day without thinking about her. Catalina asks him if he thinks he’s worthy of Marah. He responds that he thinks he is, because he has a lot of good in him and Marah brings it out. Catalina lets him in to speak to Marah, but puts a time limit on them in the old tradition of the Cuban duena, lighting a candle; when the candle goes out he must get out. Marah tells him what he said was pretty and they begin to kiss. 

Interesting and slightly twisted cut to Josh and Olivia getting to know each other much better in the tub.

Reva and Noah start to make a toast and Reva notices hers has no ice, but there’s something in there. Noah reaches in and pulls out a rock, mounted on a ring. Reva tells him she can’t accept his ring and pushes it back across the table. 

Jim finds Lizzie under the bed, gives her the unicorn and tells her to hold her breathe when they get in the hallway. At this point Harley, Philip and Susan come up just as Jim is heading down the stairs with Lizzie. Since Philip’s on crutches from his earlier mishap with the tree, Jim tells him he’ll go back in since Philip will be too slow. Jim wraps the blanket back around him and goes back in for James. He heads up the stairs which are now aflame, as Harvey and Susan are praying please come back. Jim gets to James room, turns and sees that the door behind him is about to catch fire. Philip says it’s been too long and wants to head in despite the protests of Lizzie. 

Noah explains to Reva that the ring just seals the bargain of not getting serious but staying together. Reva tells him they are far past that stage and that the ring is a dangerous symbol. He counters that she is scared, and that the ring represents the depth of her feelings. She tells him there are appropriate gifts for each level of a relationship. and that she doesn’t want to lead him on in any way. Noah says he understands and counters with the fact that it is just a friendship ring and insists that she take it because he worked so hard to find a sapphire that matched her beautiful eyes. She’s a sucker for a good line and accepts. 

Marah and Tony are making out on the couch. Marah worries about what Catalina will think. Tony tells her not to worry and they resume. Marah gets nervous when she hears a noise and pushes Tony off the couch and onto the floor by accident. They both laugh over it and begin to talk. Tony tells Marah to stop talking to Sam so much. Marah tells him Sam is no threat to their relationship because they don’t HAVE a relationship. Tony lays some sweet talk on her and tries to convince her that he has true feelings for her and knows she does too. Tony says he wants to make plans with her. He tells her he found an Inn to make her first time special. He kisses her neck and she doesn’t answer. 

Josh is giving a massage Olivia on the floor, telling her she always gives him so much, and he wants to give back to her in return. She tells him she thinks she’s been more trouble than anything else. Josh tells her that in the past he had thought that maybe she was manipulating him OR it could have just been that she was protecting him from Reva, but he knows now that she is just protective. He asks her to trust him enough to make some of his own decisions about that situation, knowing that he will do what is in their best interest. She says she will try and they continue their “recreational” activities.

Jim can’t go out the door so he yells out the window to come to the back of the house. He’s going to drop baby James out the window. He kisses him good-bye and says, “Daddy loves you.” He then throws him out the window, where Philip and Beth catch him.

Reva flashes her ring, admiring its unique beauty. He reassures her that he loves her, but will accept whatever she is able to give. “Whatever happens happens.” Reva tells him she loves him, and he makes a flippant response to change the subject, but Reva persists in telling him that even though she won’t put a label on what they have, she does love him and he is very important to her.

Olivia wishes for a perfect life, relaxed and content with Joshua. No outside distractions. Josh whispers in her ear what he wishes for and it makes her blush. They kiss again.

Tony is still trying to woo Marah into going off to consummate their relationship. She says she has to think about it. Tony starts to pressure her telling her he can’t think of anything else, but Catalina rushes to the rescue and tells him he has to leave. Marah thanks Catalina for saving her life. She says, “I owe you.” 

Jim tells them to back up so he can break the window to get out. When he breaks the window it forms a vacuum and fire explodes into the room. As he stands at the window looking down on his family, Jim is engulfed in flames and dies.

Until tomorrow....

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