Guiding Light Update Monday 12/18/00

By Li Carattini

Hello fellow GL fans. This is my first update column so I thought I would introduce myself. My name is Li Carattini and I have been watching GL for as long as I can remember. I used to come home from elementary school and try to think of things to tell my mom so I could come sit by her on the couch while she watched. If I was real quiet, sometimes she would forget I was there. I will do my best to give you detailed descriptions of the shows and hopefully you will come back to the site often and check out all the other interesting stuff here! And so it begins...

Beth begins the show worrying about Jim getting home in time. She calls the hotel and discovers he’s on his way!!! She gets all dreamy thinking about an old fashioned family Christmas. Meanwhile the camera shows us a little light rubbing against a decoration on her Xmas tree.

Harley and Philip discuss the scene at Company with Santa/Buzz. Harley overheard Phillip’s wish for a happy wife for just one night. Admitting her own faults she decides that Beth may have had a point about standing in the way of her own happiness and tells Philip she wants to give him at least one night with a happy wife. They hug and Susan walks in on them an makes a sarcastic comment “My, my, my... aren’t we a vision of Christmas peace and love” 

Richard is still trying his best to win Cassie back. She is looking for a “table rock Angel statue" (or something like that) that was in the garden. Richard tells her he knows where it is. She agrees to let him show her and heads out the door. At this point, Richard calls the gardener and asks HIM where it is (he was fibbing.) 

Rick and Frank verbally spar about dating May, each teasing the other about their dancing skills. It’s not over yet! Michelle comes in complaining about a citation she got for an expired inspection sticker. Frank offers to help and off they go.

Danny is still freaked out about shooting Carmen and discusses it with Ray, who insists that Danny is becoming Carmen by withdrawing from everyone who loves him. Ray tries to drive home Danny’s responsibilities toward Michelle and his unborn child. Ray asks Danny what he sees when he looks in the mirror... an image of his mother? Ray tells Danny that Michelle is hurt and feels responsible for the way Danny is acting. Michelle thinks it’s her fault Danny had to shoot Carmen. That made Danny stop and think! 

Olivia and Holly discuss the problems she has with Reva and Marah. She asks Holly to be her maid of honor. She tells her that may not be a good idea!

Cassie walks in on Richard getting a map from the gardener to where the “table rock” is located. She offers to go alone if it’s too much trouble but, of course, Richard says he want to do this for her and besides, he says, “It’s a lovely night for a walk.” 

Philip brings in a tree for him, Harley and Susan to decorate, ranting and raving about Christmas spirit and drops the tree on top of himself, hurting his ankle in the process! 

Holly tells Olivia having her as a maid of honor is like putting a curse on the wedding. She’s the black hole of committed relationships. Olivia argues her point but Holly admits that what Buzz said to her really hit home.

Danny heads over to the Bauer’s to see Michelle and ends up seeing Rick. He starts to leave a note for her. Rick sees Michelle’s car pull up and tries to get Danny to leave through the front, telling him Aunt Mada is coming in...BUT just then Michelle walks in laughing and joking with Frank. Michelle is surprised to see him, and Frank and Rick head out (Rick is heading to Philip’s to check on his ankle which he hurt when he dropped the tree.) Michelle explains that Frank was helping her get her car fixed. Danny apologizes for reacting the way he did when Michelle brought over the sonogram of their baby. Danny offers her money to help with baby expenses. Michelle is appalled and turns him down! 

Holly thinks Buzz may be right that she is a voyeur of life. Olivia tells her he’s wrong but he will be right if she starts to withdraw from life. Holly decides to be Olivia’s maid of honor, partially to spite Buzz, yet she still obsesses over what he said... Is she a coward? Olivia says the fact she can ask herself that means she’s not! 

Edmund calls Beth and reassures her Jim is on his way home. He’s actually looking for Susan, and Beth seems a bit put out. When she informs him Susan is at Philip and Harley’s, he tells her good-bye, but she asks him not to hang up! (Hee hee! His plan is working.) Beth mentions that it’s been a while since they spoke and Edmund reminded her it was by her request. Edmund wishes her a good holiday and that she gets all her wishes. In a burst of guilt, she tells him what she wishes for the most is family and that she’d better get off the phone.. She then steps outside for a breathe of fresh air and we are once again given the shot of her tree, where that little light is starting to smoke!. 

Rick tells Philip to go to the hospital that night, but he wants to stay and decorate the tree with Harley and Susan. Ironically , Philip warns Susan not to plug the radio into the same plug the tree is plugged into. “Don’t you know how many people are killed in fires caused by Christmas trees every year?” Sam calls and Susan makes some sarcastic comments about having to stay for family time. Harley tells her to get off the phone and asks when Susan will pay Philip back. Philip tries to stop her but Harley starts in on her about having two sets of parents who want to love her but she doesn’t appreciate it, and that she should respect them, ranting and raving about her having a happy Christmas if it kills them. Susan comes back with, “If you and Philip are going to break up, just do it already.” 

Danny tries to get Michelle to understand he is taking responsibility by offering money. Michelle says the baby doesn’t need money; it needs a father. Michelle says she doesn’t want his money; money alone is unacceptable. Michelle tells him that him coming there is a start and that he should at least admit that he still cares for her and the baby. 

Danny warns Michelle off again, saying there are parts of him that she will never know. She insists she loves him and he cites the divorce as proof that she was right about them. Michelle tells him she knows they will be together and tells him not to come back until he can admit he loves her and wants to be with her. 

Jim pulls up and he and Beth chat and cuddle for few minutes. Behind them, the fire has started and smoke is pouring out from under the door. 

Cassie and Richard don’t find the “table rock” and Richard suggests they try again tomorrow, but Cassie is on to him and lets him know. She tells him leading her on was sneaky considering they are trying to rebuild trust. Cassie tells him that she loves him and asks that they look again tomorrow... things are looking up! Richard notices something unusual on his christening cup (You remember, the one with the angel on the bottom?) 

Jim and Beth are still out front cuddling and necking when Jim smells smoke. They run to the door of the house and flames are everywhere. 

Until tomorrow!

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