Guiding Light Update Friday 12/15/00

By Jackye

Catalina comes in and Marah asks her to celebrate her ungrounding. She asks for the yellow pages. She explains she wants to go be closer to her Grandmother. She says she needs to find a job and a place to live. Marah apologizes for her behavior. Marah tells her about Sam kissing her, she says they are going to be related and she is seeing Tony. Catalina says to see them both. Marah says Tony would kill Sam.

Tony and Father Ray are working at the church. He says he should use his skills to get a job. He does better when he is busy. Ray brings up the CD scam but Tony rationalizes it all. Tony says he saved Marah from himself. He is a changed man. He is in love. Tony remembers a girl Ray used to want. Tony says Marah is giving him a chance and he isn't going to mess it up.

Rick orders a bunch of things in the blender. He explains to Phillip about May and her drink. He tells him about his date, he says he wants Phillip's opinion about the drink. Rick says he thinks he is in love. He says he was dancing like Fred Astair. Phillip jokes about it and says it is infatuation not love. Phillip says it is stronger this time because he never thought it could happen again. Phillip says it couldn't happen to a nicer guy, this is the fun part so take it slow. Work comes later. He says he is jealous. The waiter brings their drinks and the toast to May. Phillip takes a drink and says next time she should stick to pineapple. Rick asks about Harley, Phillip says to guess. Rick says problems? Phillip says it's the same thing, he could give her a weather report and it would be all about Beth. He remembers first getting together with Harley. Rick says Harley doesn't need a protector, it's just BETH in their relationship. Phillip says he wants what they had back. Rick replies, "Give it time."

Buzz comes in dressed as Santa, Frank warns him to do a better. He gets the children saying fight the power! Buzz says, "Come on kids, let Santa know what you want for Christmas." Harley asks about marina, Frank says she is fine but will not be in for the holidays. Harley assures him she will visit soon and says he still has Zach attack. Ross and Blake discuss the children having candy, she says he is in charge then. Lizzie tells Ross and Frank that she knows it isn't really Santa, but she still wants a picture with her two brothers. Frank takes Zach to get the picture. Ross takes the baby from Blake. Blake and Harley discuss an alarm for when Beth enters a room. Blake says it's Christmas.

Tony checks the sound system and heads out. After he leaves, Catalina comes in. Ray says hello, she tells him she is homesick for her family in Cuba. He says his mother is from Cuba. She knows his family from Cuba. Ray says he can check for her family, she says she was glad she got to speak to him. She offers to buy him lunch or go to the movies. He says he is Tony's brother Ray Santos, Father Ray Santos. He explains that he is a priest. Catalina apologizes and Ray says it is ok. She says she will let him get back to work, he says his work is helping people. He asks if she has a place to live and a job. She says she might check out Company, but she has problems with out papers to get a job. Ray offers to check with Danny about getting a job. He says they can go over and see Danny and let him buy them lunch. He says he will go put on his shirt.

Tony comes over to see Marah. He starts kissing her, but she says slow down. They go into the living room. He says they both know what they want, each other. He says they have to jump on it, go with the feeling. She says it isn't going to disappear. He says he has never felt this way about anybody. She says she wishes she could believe it. The doorbell rings, she comes back in with Sam. Sam asks Marah if she wants to go to a movie to celebrate, Tony says she is busy.

Blake and Harley approach Beth. Blake asks about the kids and how they are doing. She goes on to ask about Jim. Harley says she hasn't put up the Christmas tree. "Would the girls like to come over?" Beth says Lizzie has rehearsal but Susan would love it, she thinks it would be good because she hasn't spent much time with Susan lately. Harley says she is so glad Beth approves. Blake leaves, as Harley goes to leave Beth says she needs to let up. Harley brings up her holding Edmond's hand. Beth says she needs to forgive Phillip, take the first step and get over herself. Ross and Blake get the kids pictures taken, Blake is sitting on Buzz's lap. She tells Buzz she wants the wedding ring, Buzz says he will do his best. Harley says she could be happy if she could forget, Beth says she can' forget she needs to move on. Frank comes in and points them over to Lizzie with Santa. Phillip comes in and picks up Lizzie. Phillip walks over and wonders if Santa is whom he thinks. They tell him yes.

Marah tells Tony and Sam that she has plans for girl's night out with Catalina. They make a bet. Sam says pushups. For every hundred Tony does, he can do 2. Tony takes off his jacket and gets down and start doing push ups.

Ray brings Catalina in to Infernio. He has her get a table while he goes to find Danny. He enters Danny's office, he tells him he has a few things to discuss. Ray says he saw Michelle, Danny says so did I, anything else? He says there isn't anything else to discuss. Ray reminds him that Michelle is carrying his child. Ray asks if he saw the sonogram. He replies that he doesn't need to know because this child will never know him. Ray tells him no matter how far he runs the truth is it is his child. Ray says even Carmen had more of a conscious than that. He asks is there is anything else he came to discuss and Ray says he needs  a favor. He says it isn't for him. Danny asks whom he is saving today. Ray tells him he has a friend, Catalina, who needs a legitimate job. Ray says just meet her and give it a chance. Ray introduces them.

Tony hits 100 push-ups. Sam gets down and does two. Tony says he said 200, Sam explains he said for every one hundred he would do 2. Tony looks for Marah's help and she says Shayne got her once too. Sam leaves. Marah says Sam is nothing to worry about; he is harmless. Practically family. Tony leaves.

Ross and Buzz discuss what his son asked for from Santa. Ross tells Santos he wants to tell what he wants. He says he wants to continue living in unwedded bliss for the rest of his life. Santa takes the fifth. Harley tells Phillip that Susan will be coming over to decorate their tree. Beth suggests they leave off some icicles for Lizzie to put on tomorrow. Harley tells Phillip about Beth's accusation that she is everyone else's problem. Danny discusses Catalina's education and asks what she wants to do. She tells him some of her skills. He offers her Pilar's job as a hostess. Catalina says she learns quickly if he will give her a chance. Tony comes in and says hello to Catalina. He asks her to miss out on a custom, he explains girls' night out. At first Catalina is stunned, then she says she has to call Marah and confirm her plans. Tony realizes that there are no plans.

Sam comes over and Marah tells him that she is going out with Catalina, later. He tells her she has a good heart for helping Tony feel batter. He then leaves.

Franks says Buzz did a good job, he checks out the list. Phillip comes over and Frank takes Zach to say goodbye. Buzz asks what Phillip wants for Christmas this year. Phillip says he wants his wife to be happy for one full day. Where nothing he has done hurts her, no one tries to get in her face and she feels love and is happy. When she looks at him all she sees is how much he loves her. Buzz says he will put it on the list. Once Phillip walks away, Harley and Buzz exchange looks. He says to himself, I will put that on my list.