Guiding Light Update Thursday 12/14/00

By Bethany

May and Rick seem to have found themselves a soul mate in each other as they continue their date at the Country Club. Rick asked about her favorite kinds of candies and other information about each other. He says that he like the opposite types of candies. They talk about their friends and May seems reluctant to reveal information about her past that Rick picks up on. Rick tells her that his dream is 2 kids, a wife and the whole American dream. When he asks what she wants, she holds back and she finally says that she wants to learn how to love and really get it right, the romantic kind, the family kind, and the human kind. Rick thinks that it is a good wish. So back to 20 questions, he asks about her worse failure and she says no. That is according to a magazine that she read. He has a fantasy about Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall and he says that he is going to stop her from smoking. This is his fantasy he says and May says is he sure. The fantasy ends suddenly when in the fantasy, May blows smoke into Rick's face. She snaps him out of it and they dance.

Buzz and Sam talk about the bike. And Buzz offers to let Sam borrow the bike and he declines until after the wedding. Buzz seems very tense about the holidays when David and Frank arrive and ask when he is going to put up the decorations. Ruth says that she understands him perfectly. David reminds Frank that maybe this is not the best time to ask Buzz for a favor and Frank says that he has no choice. Buzz talks about the failed marriages of Frank, Rick, his own and that he is tired of everyone tending to his business. He tells Frank that Rick is at this very moment on a date with an angel, May. Frank says the rat, he beat him to it. Ruth discusses her way of dealing with her finances. Frank says that he lost his appetite when he found out that Rick was out with May. Frank tells Buzz that they lost the man that was suppose to play Santa and want Buzz to do it. Frank hit below the belt when he brings up the past with him and Harley's childhood and begs Buzz to play Santa. Frank insists that he is going to do it even if he has to chain him to the Santa throne and he will see him later with the suit. Rick and May arrive as Frank and David are leaving. Did they have good time, he asks? They exchange niceties and he makes a peck at kissing her and after she leaves, the guys act like a group of high schoolers when they ask what kind of kiss he gave her. He insists that it was a respectable kiss.

Reva arrives at Olivia's loaded for bear over the fact that she asked Mariah to be a bridesmaid at the wedding. Reva is very steamed and Olivia's reasoning falls on deaf ears as she reminds Olivia that she and Josh have joint custody and that any decisions about the children has to go through her. Olivia reminds Reva that she will soon be the children's step-mother and Reva digs deeper when she says that she is merely the next wife that she and the children are Josh's family. Fed up, Olivia says that it is bad enough that she has to deal with Reva's neurotic daughter without having to contend with her. Finally, Reva says, the gloves are off. Does Josh have any idea what she thinks of his daughter, Reva asks. Olivia backs off some and says that Josh hopes that she will grow up someday. They discuss the incident at the hospital when he was hurt and Reva says that she is the children's mother and she will be in both of their lives unless she decides to run for the hills and Olivia says that she plans to stay around. Reva suggests that she suck it up and watch her back. They are still arguing when Josh enters the room and he demands to know what is going on when he walks in on her telling Olivia that she had better check with her about every little aspect of the children's lives. Olivia asks her to leave but Reva says no she won't. Not so she can deliver her own version of the story. Reva tells Josh that Olivia asked Mariah to be a bridesmaid and that Mariah is very upset. But Josh defends Olivia's actions and tells Reva that if she is there to make a scene to please leave. That is the reason he left because he couldn't take the constant battling that they were doing before they divorced. Well, well, he finally bought into Olivia's lines. They argue about the incident regarding Mariah. Josh asks if Mariah as the right to be rude if she doesn't get her way. Reva concludes that she doesn't and Josh insists that he is tried of running referee between two grown women. Josh begs Reva to try to get past all the hostility and that maybe that will help the children. Josh says that they still share memories and history but it is over now and that something as intense as what they had couldn't sustain itself but Reva thinks that it is because he left. Josh says that he can't do this anymore and to please let go and let him have peace in his life. Reva says that she will leave and go and clean up the mess that Olivia has created with Mariah. The mess of two children that have had to grow up too fast. Don't give it another thought, she tells Josh. Since his peace of mind is more important to him than the children, she will handle the children's problems. After she leaves, he does ask Olivia why she didn't tell him that Mariah was that upset. Olivia explains that she thought that is was just more of the same thing, Mariah just hating her more and more. Josh asks her if she is sure that she is up for this. He tells her that the only way it will work is for her to stop interference between the two of them and him. She says that he is right. Although he does need peace and quiet, he doesn't expect her to keep things from him that he needs to know. Reva thrives on hostility and confusion and he wonders if she is ready for a husband with as much baggage as he has. She assures him that she wants him.

Sam comes to visit Mariah and runs into Catalina. He tries to give her a dollar to give to give to Mariah and she bounces into the room and says that she doesn't want him buying her a drink and she sure as hell doesn't want her sister marrying her dad. Sam apologizes for the scene at Company about the wedding. Watch it, he is on shaky ground. He tells her that his mother is dead and that he thinks that it is great that she loves her mother and wants to protect her. They decided it might be best to agree to disagree. Sam says that he is picking up vibes from her that there may be an attraction to him. Is he that conceited she asks? A show-off? When the wedding is going on, he will be on the bride's side and she will be on the groom's and after it is over with, they will be a blended family that they write sit-coms about. She finally loosens up some and accepts him apology and he prepares to leave but not before kissing Mariah good night. His kiss leaves her speechless and slightly bemused.

Reva arrives home and finds Noah waiting for her with wine and fruit. She asks why he is there in here life. She admits that sometimes she is not the nicest person. She warns him that she has pretty much decided that she will never need a man again. Maybe want one, but not need one. Noah attempts to change her mind about that. While they are getting cozy with each other, back at Noah's apartment, the telephone rings and it is Perdita. She leaves a message that can be construed as that they were intimate at one time and also that she is about to receive some time off that she plans on spending in Springfield with him.