Guiding Light Update Wednesday 12/13/00

By Jackye

May comes in and asks Buzz if he has any olive oil. She explains she needs it for her hair and he gives her some. She says it's for her date with Dr. Bauer. Buzz says no one will be able to keep her eyes off her. Susan comes in and asks if he believes in dreams. Edmond comes in and Cassie tells him she needs him to answer a question. She asks about the engraving in Richard's christening cup, he says he doesn't really know. She says she has seen the angel someplace, he says in the palace carved in stone. She asks where? Catalina comes in and asks for Reva. She has an envelope with $500 in it for Reva. Shayne says she won't take it, she explains she has it left from the money the coyotes gave her. Shayne asks 450 dollars for the lawyer? Marah explains how much the lawyer costs, she says Reva must have paid the rest of it. She says they have to pay their own way but Catalina gets a free ride. She says she is tired of always being wrong, she might as well give her a reason to think it.

Buzz says yes, he has them himself. She asks if he believes that dreams can tell what is going to happen, he says no. She says this is really scary; it's about her dad. They are on the beach and it was really cold. A storm was coming, she warned Jim not to swim and a big wave went over him and she couldn't see him. She dove in but the current pushed her back, she knew he was drowning and she couldn't save him. Buzz assures her that Jim is ok, he's an excellent diver and she can call him. He tells her she can use his phone, but she says no she already owes money to Phillip. She says she will use the pay phone.

Edmond tells Cassie about a rock on the edge of the palace lands, his phone rings. It's Susan on the other end. She asks if he has a minute. She tells him she had a weird dream, the pay phone keeps demanding money. He tells her to hang up and call collect, she tells him it's about her dad. She's afraid something happened to him, Edmond asks what he heard.

Marah tells Tony she came looking for trouble. He tells her that trouble is his middle name.

Edmond says he will have Jim call as soon as he gets in, she says no. He will worry, she asks Edmond to watch over Jim for her. Edmond says Jim will be in for a few days, but they will be back. He is delighted that Susan will be down. He invites her to spend her free time with him. He says they can go horseback riding and sailing. Susan says she can't wait and she thanks him and says she will see him in a couple weeks. He tells her only pleasant dreams. Cassie says the angel isn't the only mystery, him and Susan. She says she isn't criticizing, it's a good side of him, he should show it more often. He says it would be too confusing for them both.

Susan finds Sam, she tells Buzz she talked to Edmond and everything is fine. She asks to talk to Sam about something; she asks why some people are like two different people. He asks whom specifically? Edmond? She says Edmond is really nice, but everyone thinks he's wicked. They discuss whose idea it was to make the CD's. He says he is being practical.

Rick comes in and says he is there for his date with May. He tells Buzz he is out of practice, Buzz tells him to jump on his motorcycle and flee while he has a chance.

Tony leads Marah into Danny's office. He says they can cause some trouble. He says he is in charge for the night, he says it's been a long time since they have been alone. He says he's got big plans for them. She says she doesn't like him making plans without her. He says they are all about her and then they start kissing. She tells him to slow down. He says he thought she wanted him. She says not like this, she wants it to be special. He says when it happens it will be very special. She describes how she wants it to happen. He says she wants the whole romance thing. He asks when, tonight or tomorrow night. She says call her, on a real phone and asks her out. They kiss again and she gets up and says he won't regret waiting; she'll make sure of it.

Shayne asks Catalina what's wrong, she says every time she reads the constitution it is more and more beautiful. She reads it to him. He asks, "That makes you cry?" She says it is perfect, simple and pure. She tells him about life in her country and the laws. She tells about her father and grandfather. Shayne says that will never happen here, she says that is why it is so beautiful. He says it works most of the time, but not all the time. She says that it is because people are not perfect, and the government are people. He tells her he needs her, Reva comes in. Shayne tells her he and Catalina had an intellectual conversation. She asks where Marah is, but he says he doesn't know. Reva says she is in trouble. Buzz tells Rick he is in big trouble, take the motorcycle and run. Rick tells May she looks beautiful, she tells him about her conditioning her hair with olive oil. She asks if he wants to dance still, he says of course. Buzz wishes him good luck. Sam asks who May is. Susan tells her she works for Danny. Sam tells Susan she is beautiful, he is serious. He says it's a fact.

Holly comes in to see Buzz. She says she wants to know everything he hates about her. He says he doesn't know what she is talking about. She explains to him, he says she has got to get a life if she spent the week obsessing about that. Buzz says that someone who is as beautiful, intelligent and busy as she, that's a problem. She says some of it is true. She explains why she is cautious. She says she doesn't need to be reminded. He says he was upset about the way she treats Billy. She asks what Buzz has in common with her that he hates so much. She says she will tell him.

Rick explains to May the idea of a country club keeping people feeling safe. He tells her she is glamorous. She asks if they are overdressed, he says what gave her that idea. She says everyone is looking at them. He asks the waiter if they are overdressed, he says no, they look elegant. May says for him to bring Meta to Infernio and she'll make her a Manhattan when she learns how. May says it's like a movie, he asks what happens next. She says talk, laugh and they don't notice when the waiter brings oysters. She says he is leading man material, he says she is a beautiful leading lady. Is this movie a romance? She says it's too early to tell but it could be.

Catalina goes to study in her room. Reva asks where Marah is. He says he doesn't know, and he can't make her do anything. Reva goes to the kitchen and Marah comes in. Reva walks out of the kitchen and says don't take another step. Marah ask why is she the only one who is held accountable? Reva says Shayne is under house arrest too. She says her and Shayne are her responsibility. Marah says she doesn't know how much they protect her. Marah tells her that Olivia asked her to be a bridesmaid. Reva is furious. She asks what she said. Marah says she told her no, and then Olivia gave her a guilt trip. She says she can't do it. Reva says she doesn't have to, her dad won't make her either. Reva sends her to take a bath and says they will talk about the grounding later. Reva says to Olivia, "I don't believe you."

Buzz says he isn't running from life, Holly tells him about all the things he has run from. She says finally he decided to stay put and Selena ran away, he has every right to be upset but he can't dump it on him. Susan goes over and tells Buzz he never ran away from her.

Rick says the song is begging for a dance. He warns her he may step on her feet. As they dance, the restaurant gets dark except for a spotlight on them. When they finish dancing, everyone applauds them. He says he has never danced like that. She says she thought she was floating on air. They call each other Ginger and Fred.