Guiding Light Update Tuesday 12/12/00

By Bethany Tedder

At Company, Olivia, Josh, and Sam are having breakfast and discussing the upcoming nuptials. Josh explains that Billy and Shayne are going to be the co-best men and that Sam is giving the bride away and Olivia brings up asking Mariah to be in the wedding party. Sam says like she is going to agree to this. Olivia is optimist and plans on asking despite Sam's warning that she probably won't accept. Sam things that it is cool that they are getting married at the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve and suggests that they live the reception at on a motorcycle but Josh and Olivia niches the idea. They continue to discuss whether to ask Mariah to be a bridesmaid in the wedding, and Josh tries to give them the crash course on Mariah personality make-up. Even though she is beautiful and appears to have everything together, she is lacking in self-confidence. Finally, Olivia decides to take the bull by the horns and ask Mariah to be in the wedding. Josh offers to go along but she tells him that she needs to ask her in private so that she can get an honest answer out of her and not pressure from her father to accept. Sam construes that as Mariah taking the chance to go off on her. Josh tells her not to let Mariah be rude to her and Olivia tells him that she can handle the situation. Olivia leaves and Sam heads straight for Josh's jugular vein when he ask exactly who is first in his life, the kids or his sister? Josh tells Sam that he needs to speak up when he has something that he really needs to say. Sam is more concern as to exactly where Olivia fits into Josh's life in comparison to his children. Josh assures him that he loves Olivia and that very soon Mariah and Shayne will be out on their own and that will leave Olivia and him to make their own lives. He assures him that he is in it for the long haul and Sam marvels that it didn't work with Reva. Well, Reva is not Olivia, Josh tells Sam. Sam spots Susan across the room and Josh takes this moment to leave for work. When Susan walks up the table, Sam congratulates her on handling the Nu-ground disaster. As Susan buses a table, Sam tells her about Olivia's brilliant idea to included Mariah in the wedding party. Susan flips, what is next, Reva as the flower girl? It is a dumb idea she thinks giving that Mariah hates Olivia. He should listen to her. After all, she got Nu-ground to drop the charges against them that Sam muses she will be bragging about until the next ice age. No, just until Easter, she says. She tells him that she hasn't heard a thing out of Max since he left and she is very unhappy about it. Sam tries to tell he about the difference between guys and girls in relationships. They continue talking about family issues and Susan appears to have actually warmed up to Beth since the Nu-ground thing. Sam tells her that she had better watch out that they might actually become a happy family. Mariah arrives and says that she escaped her grounding and wonders how Susan got off so light. Sam says that it is a matter of training the parents. Susan hurries off to find Buzz and Mariah tells Sam that she likes him just fine but that she absolutely hates Olivia.

Mariah and Shayne are discussing the fact that they are both on restriction from the Chicago fiasco. They discuss the wedding, and despite the fact that the wedding is on, Shayne remarks that it could be worse. Olivia could be pregnant. Shayne says that maybe she won't want children. Mariah says is he kidding, of course she will. She is young and goes off on the deep end when thinking about it. She just cannot accept the fact that in a matter of a couple of weeks, her father will be married to another woman other than Reva.

Meta and Michelle are looking at the ultrasound pictures of the newest Santos baby. Meta remarks that technology is wonderful and that an impatient aunt probably invented the ultrasound. Speaking of equipment, does Michelle know the baby's sex? Michelle says that she does but she wants to tell Danny first. Meta wonders if she didn't see Danny yesterday and Michelle says that she did but they didn't get that far. She says that she showed him the video of the baby and that he walked out the door before she could tell him whether they are having a son or daughter. Meta says that he needs time to come to grips with the fact that he had to kill his own mother. Michelle frets that he will never come to grips with the problems that they have. Meta pushes her out the door to her health clubhouse. On leaving the house Meta tries one more time to get the sex out of her by suggesting a color for the baby's blanket. Michelle says yellow will be fine and tells Meta nice try though.

Claire arrives at first and Meta tells her that she is busy and asks her to leave. Claire realizes that she is holding the pictures of the baby and asks about Michelle and the baby. Meta tells her that they are both fine, no thanks to her. They get into a shouting match over the events that led up to the killing of Carmen Santos and Meta accuses Claire of almost getting Michelle and the baby killed by her lies. Claire tries to defend her position and even admits that she is not like the saintly Maureen. But Maureen is dead and she is here and wants to know her daughter. So they had better get use to the sight of her because she is staying around. She is the baby’s grandmother and Meta insults her with the fact that this is a biological mistake. Finally, Meta orders Claire out the door.

Reva comes into the living room with Mariah and Shayne and offers to let them accompany her and Noah on a road trip to Pittsburgh to meet Noah's parents. She offers to even try to get Penguin tickets. After dancing around the subject, Shayne tells Reva that he is going to the wedding as Josh's best man. Mariah basically tells Reva that although she had just as soon have a root canal that the wedding for only be for a few horrible hours and she plans to attend. Reva muses that she bets that Josh would love to hear that she is so thrilled. She brings up that fact that they may have a family and she absolutely refuses to baby-sit no matter what they pay her with. When Shayne asks if Reva is planning on marrying Noah any time soon, Reva assures him that she has no intentions of getting married any time soon, much to the Lewis' kids relief. Claire arrives at the Country Club and meets with Alan. She immediately launches into attack mode and flirts with him shamelessly in public. Even though he is flattered by the attention, he tells her to cut the crap and tell him what she is really after. She tells him that he should be more trusting and he says that he is, he trusts his instincts. She tells him about trying to visit Michelle and Meta throwing her out. She only wants for them to respect her. After deciding that he may be of some use to her after all, Alan invites her to join him to his personal idea of heaven. As they are talking, Michelle walks in and Claire's first instinct is to run over to the table to talk with her. Alan stops her and gives her his best lesson in playing people. He tells her that she must sell her something that would appeal to her and tells her to use the hospital and the fact that she is and OB/GYN to her advantage. Claire acknowledges what Alan says and approaches Michelle. She tells her mother that she doesn't want to talk with her and Claire tells her that it isn't a social call and that she has something that she needs to tell her. She tells Michelle that she wanted to let her know that she is there in the doctor capacity if she has questions about the pregnancy and Michelle is intrigued by the fact that this is all that she wanted. She goes on to tell her that obstetrics have changed over the past few years and that things that use to be pretty standard were optional now and that she should consult her OB about then before agreeing to just anything. Alan watches the scene and is delighted at the progress that his protégé seems to be making. She sits with Michelle for a few moments and tells her to get in touch with her if she has anymore questions and happily rejoins Alan and they toast to her apparent success.

Olivia arrives at Reva's and Mariah greets her at the door. Reva is not there if she came to wave her ring under her nose again, Mariah informs her and Olivia tells her that she came to see her. She asks her how would she like to be a bridesmaid at the wedding. Mariah is incredulous and Olivia asks for a chance to explain why she is asking. Mariah listens as she goes on about Sam and Shayne being in the wedding and how it would be nice for her father and she flies into a rage and basically tells her, "hell, no." Olivia says a simple no would have done but Mariah is rude and gives Olivia exactly what she expected out of the belligerent teen. Mariah tells her that she can go and run back to her father and tell him how obnoxious that she was to her and Olivia tells her that she will marry her father and she doesn't have to like it but she may as well get use to it.

Sam and Mariah continue to talk and Sam tires to reason with her about Olivia. But he overplays his hand when it makes it clear that he is attracted to her and Mariah bolts out the door.

Back at the Country Club, Olivia meets Josh for lunch and he wonders how it went. She might have said yes if she didn't hate her so much she tells Josh. Inside at the table they discuss the wedding plans and Olivia seems unsettled about the family's refusal to accept the marriage. Josh assures her that they will have the time of their lives on New Year's Eve and that everything will work out. She is going to hold him to that she says and they kiss.