Guiding Light Update Friday 12/08/00

By Jackye

Holly arrives at Blake's, where she is asked to watch the children. Blake says she almost forgot, the children need to be fed. After she leaves, Holly says, "I thought you were going to say Happy Birthday!"

Harley and Frank bring pizza over for Rick and Michelle. They all joke around and start eating. Rick asks, "Where's your man?" Harley replies, "What do you mean?" Rick asks where Phillip is and she answers that they are not joined at the hip.

Phillip informs whoever is on the other end of the phone that he isn't coming in the rest of the day. Beth comes outside with baby James and tells him about Santa Claus and Christmas. Phillip tells her about the lawyers almost getting to an agreement with Nu-Ground's lawyers. Beth lets him hold James. Phillip says he looks like her. She says he has Spaulding determination and gets what he wants 99 percent of the time. Phillip tells James that his dad is loosing his touch. Beth asks what he is talking about, then asks about things with Harley. He says they are trying so hard, she says that's good don't give up. She says she didn't give up and it's paying off. They all have a future despite the past. He says it seems like they will never get there. He says he owes her an apology; he knows their having a child was none of their business. He was just concerned, because Susan herself is a handful. Beth tells him about dinner last night. Jim arrives and thanks Phillip for the good news. Jim talks to the baby, then kisses Beth. He says he missed her, he turns and asks James for a big hug for his daddy. Beth invites him in for a drink, Jim tries to change his mind when he refuses. Jim thanks him for his help and they go inside. Phillip watches through the window as Lizzie comes to greet them.

Michelle, Frank, Rick and Harley talk about pizza toppings. Harley tells them it's rude to watch TV, she turns it off and takes the remote. Harley says they came over to see how they were doing, Rick says as good as the two of them. Michelle talks about Rick going after may. Frank says he can't have a crush on her, he does. They talk about May and her legs. Harley says they should track her down, Rick says they can have their own affairs. Michelle says but they aren't. Harley says they understand that the men laugh off the tough times and pretend it doesn't hurt. Harley says they understand because they are the sisters.

Ross is shown to a hotel room, he goes inside to find Blake acting as a call girl, accent and all. She says for 20 he can call her anything but her name is Bambi. As he tries to kiss her, she asks for his 20 and informs him there is a time limit. She asks if he wants to have a conversation first. He addresses her as Bambi and says she is an eyeful, but his wife wouldn't be too pleased with the situation. She checks his finger and asks if he is married. He says no technically. She says then his girlfriend, if he isn't married then it isn't seen as cheating. She says he is an exception to the rule of good ones are taken. She says his babe isn't much of a babe. He says yeah she is, she says he never asked her to marry him. She asks about the thing he has with the babe? He says it's his dime, loose the conversation and move on to the main event.

Harley says they should have part decision in who they end up with. Harley asks who Rick should be with, Michelle says someone like Abby. She asks Harley about Frank, Frank says someone like May. Rick says they don't have to fight, Frank says there are plenty of May's out there. Harley asks why they aren't doing something about their crushes. Rick says women need to fix them, they are losers in love. Rick says they are the brothers, Frank says it's in the job decision.

Beth says Jim isn't looking forward to the trip, he says they will have enough money to have another baby. he suggests having Susan come down for a week on her Christmas vacation. Beth tells Jim that she will miss Susan and she is impressed by Susan. She says she is pretty terrific, Susan says and don't forget it. Jim informs her of their family entertainment tonight. Susan says she had fun with Beth too. Jim tells her to just enjoy it. Phillip overhears Beth, Jim and Susan in the kitchen saying how lucky they are.

Holly straightens up the living room, she rolls a ball between her hands. She daydreams about a surprise birthday party from Blake and Ross. They thank her for everything and bring out the best present, the perfect man for her. When she opens the box, it is empty. She says she can't even dream about it.

Ross and Blake talk about where the kids are, she still using her accent. When Ross says it is Holly's birthday, she is quick to send him away. he begins yelling saying she doesn't respect him.

Rick and Frank clean up the mess on the table. Harley suggests they be manlike and pass out in front of the TV. Michelle feels the baby kick, Harley rushes over and feels the kick. She talks about the pregnancy being weird cause she is alone, Harley talks about being pregnant with Zach. When Michelle says Phillip is a wonderful husband, Harley changes the subject back to Danny. Harley asks what's up with Danny? Michelle says it isn't over, she won't give up. Harley reassures her she isn't alone. Frank finds Phillip outside. He tells him the door is unlocked he can go on in. He says he will stay and help Frank. Rick comes back into the kitchen and asks Harley how she is, she says too much of Beth with the Susan situation. She says she pretends Beth doesn't exist, she blames Beth for everything wrong in her marriage. She explains how everyone is walking on eggshells. Rick asks if it's about Beth or Phillip? She says she loves him, he asks if that's enough? She asks what if it isn't, Phillip walks in.

Beth, Jim and the kids all sit around playing a game, Jim asks if Susan would like to go to San Cristabel. Lizzie wants to go to, Beth tells her they have to wrap presents and shop and decorate without certain people around. Jim assures her he will be back for Christmas. He says that's where they should all be.

Ross and Blake rush in to wish Holly a Happy Birthday. They tell her the babysitting was a cover up for going to buy a present. Blake says she thought Holly would see through it, Holly says she does. She knows she was really called to be a babysitter, Blake apologizes for forgetting. Holly says birthdays come and go, Blake asks why it looks like she's been crying? Holly tells her it wasn't because she because Blake forgot, it was just a little thing. Holly asks if she thinks she lives her life or she watches it all go by? She recounts to Blake what Buzz said to her. Blake says Buzz needs to look in the mirror, he has no life. Holly asks if she is outraged on her behalf or is it a cover up because she thinks it's true/ Blake says it doesn't matter what she thinks, she wants her to have a happy birthday.

Harley thanks Phillip for coming to pick her up. he tries to kiss Harley, she tells him not to grab her like that. Jim says he has to go pack, get ready to go. Beth says not yet. Harley says she didn't expect him to grab her. She says let's just go home, he asks what she and Rick were discussing. She says nothing, he asks why she clammed up? Beth tells Jim she didn't clam up, she and Phillip were discussing Harley. he says he is glad he didn't give up, he would have missed all this. She says she didn't clam up, then she tells him they were having an enlightening talk about him. She says Rick is a good friend, he wants to see them work things out. Beth says she knows that Jim doesn't really want to work for Edmond. He says he will be extra careful because he has so much to come home too. Phillip asks if she thinks they'll work it out. She says she will try, that's all she can do. Beth and Jim kiss. Phillip walks away from Harley.