Guiding Light Update Thursday 12/07/00

By Jackye

Cassie is on the phone and Edmund walks in. He asks where Richard is, Cassie says he hasn't been home there was a medical emergency with Dr. Weimuth. She says that's all she knows. Edmond says he wanted to know what Dr. Weimuth knew. Cassie says Edmund will be the first to know if Dr. Weimuth was untrustworthy. Edmund leaves and says if Dr. Weimuth did spill, he will be the first to know.

Rick asks when Father Ray will be there? She says in a few minutes. Michelle says the only thing that keeps her awake is how scared she is for Danny. She says she will do whatever it takes to bring him back. Ray arrives, she begs him to help Danny and help her.

Danny is preparing things for the meeting he has set up. He calls Tony in.

Harley comes in and tells Phillip she heard from Susan, everything is fine. Susan comes in and Harley asks if Jim knows she's back. Susan says she is much more mature today than yesterday. Harley tells her she wants to know everything. Susan says she wants Phillip to be there too. Susan says she had a meeting with Nu Ground, they realized what she did and they are dropping the lawsuit. Harley asks about the FBI, Susan says they are calling Ross today to call off everything. She says she told them it was all her, not Spaulding. She told them they wouldn't do it again. Harley says she went to Chicago without asking, Susan says she took responsibility like Harley said. Susan says she is going to go, Harley asks what now, they aren't off the hook. Susan says punishment? Harley says yes, let's hear about the punishment. Susan says there is punishment and makes up a wild punishment. Then she tells them they have to write a paper for the school about what they did and why it was wrong, then pay back the money from the CD's and Nu-Ground will give it to charity. Harley says paying it back will be work. Phillip offers to loan her the money and she can pay it back in a year or he will sue her. After Susan leaves, Harley says she is completely wiped out. Phillip says you have to respect what she did. Harley says she is proud. Phillip says he didn't pay off Susan, she has to pay it back and he had to help Spaulding.

Michelle apologizes for putting him in the middle of a bad situation. She says he is the only one who loves Danny for him. Ray says he is so pulled into himself. She says Danny won't even look at her or think about their child, he is free. Ray says he isn't free; he is turning himself into Carmen. She asks if he will ever forgive himself and stop running from her and their child? She wonders if it's her that he can't forgive.

Edmond is talking to Rourke on the phone. Rourke asks how the plan is working out. Edmond says he thinks the plan is unwiring. He says Dr. Weimuth may have already told Richard the truth. Rourke asks what Edmond's next move is. Rourke says Edmond isn't coming there; Edmond goes over Rourke's get away and says he wrote the book on making a move. Richard enters after they hang up and asks if Edmond is making a move. Edmond says the harbor Project. He says he was talking to Jim Lemay. Richard says Edmond is always 2 steps ahead, he asks about Cassie. Edmond says she is working on the museum project. Richard calls Dax and says for him and Cassie to come down. He tells Edmond to stay.

Ray explains to Michelle how upset Danny is at killing one of his own. Michelle says she thought Danny would kill himself. Ray says no, it isn't like a man of their family. She asks how they can help him, Ray says to pray and ask God to help him. She asks where God is, why did he give up? He says God is fighting for Danny, he tells her to give Danny all her love. Give him a reason to come back from the darkness. He says it won't be easy.

Tony tells Danny he got the food and drinks all set. Danny tells him Carlos will be there. Tony asks if anyone else will be there. He recognizes the type of whiskey one guy drinks. Danny tells him there is going to be a meeting of the heads of all the families will be there. Danny asks Tony to be there, not speaking just observing. Tony says he won't let him down. Danny says he needs to take this seriously if he wants to be part of the family. He says the meeting will determine the future of their family. Tony asks who else will be there. He answers Carlos and a few others. Tony asks about Abuella. Danny says she will not be there because she isn't feeling well. Danny tells Tony about all the things Abuella did. He says the family is moving in a new direction, he is the only one at the head of the table. Danny tells him that his plan is to get rich on the Internet. Danny says they can survive by adapting.

Susan tells Beth about what happened with Nu Ground. She asks Beth about the band's pleas for a home cooked meal, Beth agrees. She tells Susan to invite her co-conspirators. Beth tells her to call her dad and give him the good news; she is the light of his life. Susan says that would be Beth. but Beth says she is more important to Jim. Susan agrees, she says this may be a sign that things are getting better for them all.

Richard gets off the phone, he tells Edmund he was up all night. Cassie and Dax come in. Richard tells them Dr. Weimuth is dead. They are all surprised. Edmond asks if he said anything before he died. Richard tells them about the scene he walked in upon and about his headache. He says he questioned him, went with him to the hospital, and waited to see what happened. Dax says he will make sure there is a thorough autopsy. Richard says there was an aneurysm that exploded from the stress of what he did. Dax says they shouldn't feel too sorry for him, Cassie says he wasn't the real culprit. Cassie excuses herself. Dax says he will make the press report. Edmond tells Richard to relax for the day. After Dax leaves, he tells Richard it seems his nightmare is from bad to worse.

Susan and Sam talk about her mission to the band. Marah and Shayne wonder if they are really coming. She asks where Catalina and Tony are, Tony is busy and Catalina is at the INS office. The doorbell rings and Susan answers it to the band. They all introduce themselves.

Tony thanks Danny for letting him be there. Carlos arrives, Danny sends his friend upstairs to the house and Carlos insults Tony. Danny says any disrespect goes to him, Carlos says none intended. Carlos asks about Maria, Danny says she is exhausted and taking a much needed rest. Danny discusses the man they said killed Carmen. Carlos says he doesn't doubt that Danny can handle his own problems. After the others arrive, Danny hanks them all for coming. He tells them it's time for a change. He goes over the cost and expense of the business. Danny says they are all in jail cells, ratting on each other. Carlos asks if there is an alternative. Danny explains about the high-tech and dot-com millionaires. He says biotech; they are available for research. He says they buy them, make dummy companies, sell stock, raise the prices and cash out quick. He says they are already salesman of the wrong products. He tells them all to think about it, and then show him enthusiasm.

The teens are all laughing; Nu Ground thanks Beth for everything. She goes to answer the door and it's Lillian. Susan introduces them all. Nu Ground sings a song to Susan to thank her. They change part to use her name. Lillian says they are so good they could almost be professionals.

Richard says he could only think of getting more information when Harry was dying. He says he doesn't have any information. Edmond says he will survive, Richard says he won't give up. Edmond offers his help, he sends Richard to get some rest. Edmond says to himself, I thought you'd forgotten me.