Guiding Light Update Wednesday 12/06/00

By Jackye

Susan meets with Andrew Sealy from Nu Ground. She introduces herself as Susan and she tells him about trying to get in to see them. She says it's terrible what they are doing to her. They are ruining her life.

Michelle is sitting in the kitchen when Rick arrives. He tells her he went to see Danny, she gets upset. She says he doesn't understand, he says he doesn't why doesn't she tell him. He says he has never seen either of them like this; tell him what is going on. She says she can't because it's too horrible, she can never tell him. May comes in to see Danny. She asks if he has a minute. He says time is all he has. She tells him she has never seen a face like his, he says he can suck the life out of an empty room. He says nothing will change the situation, she says she will come back in and check on him. He asks if she is afraid of what he might do, she says she's more afraid of what might happen if she doesn't.

Alan is in the hot tub when Claire arrives. Alan talks about the sky and women like Claire. She says she knew there was a good reason she came looking for him. He says now that you found me, what do you plan on doing with me? Claire says she will have to think about it, he says he was hoping it was something that didn't require much thought. He says he is full of surprises, he enjoys the outdoors. He remembers when he was a boy he asked his father to buy the sky for him, Claire says she'll buy him a star and they'll send him a certificate. He tells her not to go, he offers him part of the earth, or water as he is. She takes off her coat and is wearing a blue dress. Claire says as Alan can see, she isn't dressed right. he says there are few words in his mind. He offers her champagne, she warns him drinking in a hot tub could be dangerous to his health. She asks if he would like to play doctor? He asks if it is past office hours. They again talk about stars and wishing on them. She asks what he wished for, he says if he tells his wish won't come true. She says she can read minds. She undresses and joins him in the hot tub. She says the doctor is in.

Susan tells Andrew that she and her friends are their biggest fans. She tells him that her and her friends raised money to come see them by copying their CD's and selling them. She tells them they made enough money for the concert but the FBI searched and seized their stuff and now they are suing them. he says that was you? She apologizes and says they just did it to see them. he says they stole from them.

Michelle tells Rick there is nothing that anyone can do. He says let him carry the burden too. She says Danny didn't ask for the darkness that surrounds him, she worries that it will affect her baby too. Rick says that's just superstitious. She makes him swear he won't tell, she goes on to tell Rick that Danny killed Carmen. He says it doesn't make sense, she tells him about Claire, Maria and Carmen faking Carmen's death. She goes on to tell him about Carmen stalking them and almost killing her on the docks. She tells him that Danny saved her and the baby by killing Carmen, she says that now Danny feels guilty and blames himself for not finding another way to stop Carmen from killing her. She tells Rick that Danny believes he is evil, she says no one can help him. Rick hugs her, she is crying. She tells him Meta knows. Meta comes over and says they need to hold each other very, very close.

Andrew says the songs belong to them, they stole them. Susan tries to make him understand they did it to see them. He tells her about all their expenses, he says they are going to make sure it doesn't happen again. She tells him it all seemed so simple, she never thought of it as stealing. She would never want to be categorized as a thief, but now she is. She offers to do anything for the band, she tells him about their juvenile records and college. He says all they wanted to do was see them? he tells her he wants her to tell the other guys the same thing, he will give her a chance to try to talk them out of making an example out of them. She tells the guard she told him she knew him.

Claire and Alan talk about her psychic ability. They kiss, Phillip walks in and says hi dad. Alan tells Phillip to leave, Phillip says he has some news for him. Alan again tells him to leave, Phillip says he's terribly sorry. Alan again tells him to leave, Phillip tells Alan the FBI seized 8 of their computers last night. Alan asks how that could happen?

May comes in to check on Danny. he says she has to stop tiptoeing around him, she says she's never done this before. He asks why she wants to be his friend. She says because he asked, and he made her dream come true, but she doesn't know how to do it. Danny tells her not to feel responsible for making him feel batter, that's what got them into trouble to begin with. He says he has been thinking about her future there, he has a plan.

Andrew introduces Susan to the band, when they find out she ripped off their CDís, they turn away. Andrew asks them to hear her out. She says she is really sorry. Susan says they only wanted to get into the concert, she tells them the parents didn't know anything about it. She says she will be the example, but please leave her parents and friends out of it. They wouldn't have done it if it weren't for her. She says it would be ok if they got them all off. She says her friends don't know she is there. One asks about the mob kid, she tells them Tony is a Santos and was raised by his priest brother. She tells them about Tony trying to impress Marah. She answers their questions about how many CDís were sold and the price. They ask her for a minute and huddle. They come back and Andrew says here is the deal.

May turns up the lights, she asks Danny what he means. He asks how she would feel about being a bartender? She says a cigarette girl was her dream, he says dreams change. He tells her that her ability to listen and know what people need would be good for the customers. She says she wouldn't know the drink combinations. He says she will be able to, look at her movie memory. he offers to pay for the bartender class, she agrees. He says he's happy and she says she wishes he really were.

Alan asks if he taught Phillip anything, Phillip says he spent half his life trying to forget this. Phillip tells him what happened, he says it was a copyright infringement deal. Alan asks how Susan and her friend got in, Phillip says he gave them the password to download some information for a school project. Alan says he will not see his company brought down by the child of his trailer park wife. Phillip says he won't listen to him talk about his wife that way. He says he told him about this as a courtesy. Claire tells Alan that Phillip is gone, please calm down. Alan asks if he can make his daughter in law disappear. Phillip comes back in and says he called an emergency meeting with the lawyers and accountants. Alan says he hopes Phillip is ready to explain this all. Phillip tells Claire he may have did her a favor, he found a way to prolong Alan's anticipation. Claire says Alan has just begun his investment in her.

Susan asks what they have decided, he says they have to pay back the full price of the CDís and write an article for the school paper on what they did and why it was wrong. They bring in pizza, the guys say they would love a home cooked meal. She offers to have Beth cook for them, they agree. They say they will call her in the morning and call off the lawyers tonight. They all group hug her.

Michelle says she wishes she could spend her whole life there. Rick jokes about getting hungry. He reassures her everything will be ok, they will help raise and care for the baby. Meta agrees with her, but says she worries about Danny. She suggests Michelle share the story with Father Ray. Michelle says he is the only one who can help Danny, she will go see him tomorrow.

Danny calls Carlos to set up a meeting for sometime this week. May walks by and overhears. Danny picks up the remote and shuts the door. May looks worried