Guiding Light Update Tuesday 12/05/00  

By Bethany Tedder

Phillip, Jim, Beth, and Harley come to the Lemays and find a note that Susan has left stating that she has taken the mature approach and has gone to Chicago to explain to Nu-ground why they pirated their CD's. Harley remarks that the situation is getting worse and worse by the minute as the note Susan left reminds her that she didn't technically run away because she told them where she would be. Jim decides that they should go to Chicago and retrieve her but Harley decides that Susan needs to learn tough love and say that they should let her get out there and make her own mistake. Beth is horrified and asked what is wrong with her? That is her child out there that she is willing to throw to the wolves. Beth and Harley nearly come to blows while Phillip and Jim try to shut Beth up. But she is past being pacified and lays it on the line. Then Harley goes for the jugular when she brings up the consequences of the baby in the nursery. Phillip asks for a couple of hours before they do anything but Jim says he can't promise anything. Beth apologizes to Jim for making matters worse but Jim sort of sees the wisdom in Harley's logic. Once Phillip and Harley get home, Harley explodes in disjointed anger because he stopped her from telling Beth what she thinks of her. Phillip says that everything he does or says about Beth leads her to believe that he is still in love with her. She finally throws a few punches at him and they begin to kiss passionately. She decides that they have fallen into a habit of fighting and having sex. Phillip muses that it is better than fighting without sex. He tries to get her to admit that she is frightened for her daughter. Phillip tells her how much he loves her and admires her but she needs to feel this in her heart. Harley still has a problem in trusting Phillip but he always takes Beth's side no matter who is right or wrong. He says he is having trouble because she can't keep Beth out of their lives. He tells her that it seems to him that she is all ready half way out the door. They discuss the situation of letting Susan fiend for herself. If they haven't heard from her by dinner, they will take steps to find her. They decide that maybe by now she has realized that she can't even get into see them let alone get them to drop the charges.

In Chicago, Susan visits the Nu-ground hangout to implement her plan. Susan tries to get into the area where the band is by pretending to deliver a pizza. The bouncer congratulates her on the original story but denies her access. But apparently, Harley has underestimated her daughter. As Susan sits outside the luxury hotel that Nu-ground is staying, Andrew from the group approaches her and Susan is flabbergasted.

Richard frets to Dax about the state of his marriage and Cassie's pregnancy. Why didn't he trust her, he berates himself? When he hurries off to talk to Cassie, Dax reminds him that he has an appointment with Dr. Weymouth and he may hold the key to the lies that have been supplied to him. Cassie and Richard spend some quality time while browsing through Richard's old toys for the children's museum. He goes over each toy with tender loving care and explains the history behind them all. Although touched by his stories, she is upset that he still didn't believe her. At that very moment, Edmund is in Dr. Weymouth's office demanding that he does yet another job for him. Dr. Weymouth confirms that he has an appointment with Richard sometime that day. The doctor demands to know just what he expects out of him and begs him to just leave him alone. But Edmund is way past being too evil for that. He threatens to expose the doctor to the medical board with compromising pictures that he has with an underage patient. He gives Dr. Weymouth an envelope of money for services rendered and after he is gone, Dr. Weymouth looks as though he is in pain and calls his wife and asks her to meet him at the office. Cassie and Richard discuss the problems that they have had since the pregnancy was confirmed and Cassie says that she has no idea how to get the bond that they had back but Richard assumes the entire responsibility for the problem as Edmund enters the room asking if Richard has been looking for him. He says that Dax was looking for him so they could discuss the museum. When he states that he has an appointment with Dr. Weymouth, Edmund tells him to let him know how it goes. Edmund and Cassie are alone and they go over the toys that he had as a child and Cassie concludes that Edmund was trouble even then. He goes over the toys with great glee and explains how he and Richard borrowed back and forth between the toys. He switches to another analogy about broken things and how things are never the same.

Holly approaches Buzz and tries to get the scoop on what happened at the Lemays, Spaulding's and Lewis regarding the FBI seizure. Buzz says beats him, they didn't break into his house. She reminds him that she is an awarding winning journalist and having her on his side could help his family tremendously. Buzz more or less tells her that he is telling her nothing about what happened during the FBI seizure. He tells her that she is the pushiest woman he has ever seen and warns her to back off. Olivia comes in and Holly surmises that she annoyed him. Olivia tells her that he is not the only family involved. Olivia agrees to talk with her off the record and goes into Sam's part in the CD piracy and Buzz walks up and is offended that she would talk with Holly. Holly still thinks that she should do a story on his viewpoint, but Olivia tells her that she needs to discuss it with Ross first so that a newspaper article does not compound Samís legal woes. They switch to the engagement between her and Josh and Buzz thinks that the worse all ways comes.

Richard arrives at Dr. Weymouth's office and tells him that both of his diagnosis where wrong. He tries to cover by saying that Cassie may have been too early to tell that she was pregnant. As Richard should recall, he suggested a second opinion for his "fertility". As long as no harm was done, it shouldn't be a problem. Richard says that someone went to great lengths to compromise the throne and he wants answers. There has been harm done and the trail starts here and he had better start talking or the headache that he claims to have will be the least of his worries. Richard goes on and says that the doctor that he recommended to him was not the doctor that he saw in New York. Richard accuses Dr. Weymouth that someone is blackmailing him and what is it and who is it. Richard offers his help but he must know what is going on. He explains the problems that he is having with Cassie. He needs the truth. He begs him as his ruler, his patient, and his friend to give him the truth. As the discussion becomes heated, Dr. Weymouth falls to the floor and Richard calls an ambulance.