Guiding Light Update Monday 12/04/00

By Jackye


Phillip says he should decide the punishment for Susan since his company id acing the fines. He says she should plead not guilty and then he and Jim have an argument over it. Finally after Phillip and Harley leave, Jim tells Beth he hates when Phillip is right, especially in his own house. Beth leaves the room and Jim heads out. Max comes over and tells Susan he has decided to leave town, he is tired of playing third wheel to her and Sam. She tells him they are just friends. He says he warned her about the CD's and they did it anyway, but he was the one who got the blame from Jim. After Max leaves, Sam comes over and Susan tells him what happened. Susan realizes that Nu Ground is still in Chicago; she says she will go see them and plead their case. Sam offers to go with her, she tells him no, being a girl she may get more sympathy. Susan leaves a note for her parents that she is going to Chicago.


May tells Frank she is interested in the room upstairs. Michelle and Rick talk over lunch. After Rick leaves, he has Frank keep an eye on Michelle. Frank and Michelle set up a date to have a pizza and watch a video. Rick goes to the club to see Danny. Danny tells him he never wanted him to be with Michelle, so he is listening. May comes in after Danny storms out. Rick says something is wrong with Danny and he only wishes he knew.

Tony/Danny/Father Ray

Ray informs Danny of all that happened. Danny gets upset when he finds out not only that Tony borrowed $2500 from his till, but also he lost him $10,000 with Rourke and money from Jim. Danny tells Tony he is now on his last chance, stay away from Marah Lewis. They tell Tony to leave.

Olivia and Sam

Sam and Olivia have it out about the CDís. Sam tells her he will not plead guilty because he isn't guilty. He tells her he is working on his opening argument right now. Olivia tells him it's her way or the high way.


Marah and Shayne sit on the couch as Reva and Josh go over their punishment. They go upstairs and get the kids stereos and phone. Reva makes sure Josh is taking their TV's. They go on to take away Marah's credit card and car keys. They tell her no car for a month; she tells Reva she hates her. Josh sends them out to the garage to get cleaning. When they get out the door, Tony yells for Marah. Shayne tells her to pretend he isn't there, ignore him. Marah send Shayne out to the garage. She tells Tony she is not allowed to see him, he says same for him. They make plans to get together when she turns 18, when no one can tell them what to do.