Guiding Light Update Friday 12/01/00  

By Jackye 

Josh and Olivia talk about what happened yesterday, he tells her something good may happen. She says she was hoping they could make their own traditions, not including the FBI. She blames herself for letting and encouraging Sam to get together with Marah and Shayne. He says he wants to talk about them; this is a special morning for them. He tells her to forget everyone else, look down. She does, there is a ring box there.

Reva shows Noah a list of the stuff that was confiscated. He says he thought she couldn't surprise her anymore. He tells her he will look into it. He was hoping they could sneak away for some R&R. She says she loves him, he says if only she meant it.

Richard tells Cassie he has some business to deal with before going home. He says he is trying to locate Rourke, she says who needs answers when the damage is done. He says someone tried to destroy them, and someone was behind it. Edmond walks in. Richard leaves; Edmond says he should leave too. Cassie asks Edmond if he has ever seen Richard this upset, he says no. She tells him having a child was their dream; someone went to a lot of trouble to make them believe otherwise. She asks if he can give her an answer. Was it him? Did he do it? He says he almost wishes that he were, so he wouldn't disappoint her. He says he is innocent; he goes on to tell her that he believes whoever did it is also targeting him. He says a palace insider may have been seeking a way to get rid of him so they could fill his place. Cassie asks if he thinks he is that important or does he just wish it. He says her faith in the simplicity of things is touching, but naive. Edmond gets a phone call from Jim, he tells Edmond about the situation with Susan. Edmond says he is going to do better with his relationship with the Lemays. He will limit his contact. He says to call him when he knows if he can do anything for Susan. Edmond hangs up and says if only he could put his other problems aside as easily.

Josh asks Olivia if she is going to open the box. When she does, she says it's perfect. He says just like her. He takes the ring, and asks if she will marry him. She says he can ask all he wants, the answer is still yes. He says he knew he could help her forget her problems.

Reva asks if Noah feels neglected. He says he is curious about what happens next. She says her life is a big swirl right now, she is just glad he is there with her. She says it's fun, satisfying and intense with him. He talks about her and Josh's checkered past, he wonders if she is waiting out till the next Josh/Reva reunion. She says where they are has to do with Josh, in the past, she and Josh used and hurt a lot of people. It's still an adjustment, she wants to be sure before she commits to anything. She doesn't want to hurt him because he is important to her. He says she is full of herself. She asks what that means. He says she can be dangerous, but he can handle her. He says he can take care of her and himself if she will let him play fair. He says there is a chance that Reva might be evolving into a gorgeous, funny, brilliant lady who may be able to share her life with someone other than Josh Lewis. She asks now what? He says he has no timetable. They kiss and the doorbell rings, it's Richard. She says perfect timing.

Beth tells Lizzie that she will be the best angel ever. Lizzie shows how she will sing. Jim comes downstairs. They show him the lights, and she twirls. Jim says he will sneak in early and save 2 front row seats. Lizzie says they will need more for her dad, Harley, Grandpa Alan and Susan. Lizzie goes up to check on baby Jim. Beth says she is blessed to make Lizzie's costume. They start to talk about Susan, and all the problems that keep happening. Beth tells him Ross will help them, everything will be ok. Jim says maybe soon, he will be a new daddy again. Beth suggests they start practicing, Jim tells Beth about Edmond's call and staying away. He says it's like an early Christmas present.

Josh asks if jewelry or kissing is better, she says experiment. She asks if she can have both, she has him kiss the ring. Sam, Susan, Catalina, Tony, Marah and Shayne arrive. Tony tells Marah everything is cool, Josh and Olivia come in and tell them to sit. Josh says he bets their trip was cool too. Josh asks about the trip, Tony says that Marah didn't know he was going. She is a real student. Sam asks how things were. Marah says it was cool to go see schools, except for not many students being there. Susan tells them about the restaurant; Josh asks what they did at night. Sam says hung out. Then Josh asks about money, Sam says guys a few times. Josh tells them he knows about the limo, he asks if it was black or white? Sam says he was trying to tell them they are toast.

Richard takes a few blows from Reva, she tells him about Cassie's trusting. Richard says he isn't there to see her; he's there for Noah. He tells Noah he needs him to find Rourke. He gives Noah all the information he has. Noah says he'll do his best, Richard suggests he use the agency. Noah says he will. The phone rings, it is Josh telling Reva that the kids are back. He suggests she come over; he only has to call Phillip and Harley lastly. After they hang up, Richard heads to get Cassie, Reva wishes him luck.

Phillip tells Harley that the kids are back. Susan will never be the same. Harley suggests they let Jim deal with it. He says no, it is his company that she used to break the law. He says he is more than generous to her, she used that. She says Susan will pay, but they have to behave like adults. He says he will do his best. He says the reason she doesn't want him to lay into her is because she wants to. Ross arrives, followed by Jim. The doorbell rings, Olivia lets Phillip and Harley in, followed a minute later by Reva and Noah. Olivia offers everyone something to drink and Reva spots her ring. Reva says nice rock. Shayne says he is not calling her mom. Josh says they need him on their side. They go on to tell the kids about the FBI taking their stuff, and copyright infringement charges. Susan tells them that they just wanted to go to the concert. Sam tells them about the record company cheating everyone in CD's. He goes on about the Internet. He says they are just being censored, what they did is nothing. Ross asks the total of their profit, Shayne says $3500. Tony says no, he never sold any of the CD's. The money he gave them was his own; he did it to impress Marah. Ross tells them that Nu-Ground plans to press charges. Ross says those of legal age go to trial; the minors and their parents go to juvenile court and the parents share in the responsibility. Josh asks if Ross can help them. He says yes, but they probably need God more than him right now.