Guiding Light Update Thursday 11/30/00  

By Bethany Tedder

As Josh and Olivia discuss their Christmas plans. Reva calls and Josh says that it better be good. Well, their former home is covered with FBI agents banishing search warrants with Mariah's name on them. But other than that, it is just a normal day at the Lewis home. The FBI agents confiscate items that are related to the crime of duplicating the Nu-ground CD's. While Olivia prepares for Josh's return, the doorbell rings. She is greeted by the FBI demanding to know where Sam is. He is in the same boat that Mariah is in and Olivia numbly assembles the items that they have requested. At the Spaulding home, the scene is replayed again as Philip vainly tries to tell them that he has no idea what they are talking about and that there must be some mistake. He talks with one of his employees that says he checked the log to determine when the CD's where made and discovers that Philip himself was not in the office but someone logged into the computer under his password. Harley mutters Susan. Philip tries to cover by saying it was a temporary employee but they know which Susan they are looking for. At the Marler home, Philip calls and asks Ross to come and help them with the problem with Susan. She is not even home and by this point; Philip has suspected that Susan is not where she is suppose to be. Ross' call waiting kicks in and it is Blake at Reva's explaining the charges and the children involved. Blake explains the copyright infringement charges and fraud to Ross. Ross explains that the kids are good kids and they will not likely get the 10 years that the FBI is throwing around. Philip tries to explain that it was Spaulding's computers and that they have confiscated some information off the computer that he prefers that they not have. Beth rings in and tells Ross that Jim has checked out the cover story and it is exactly as Philip feared. They lied. Ross's phone goes wild with the concerned parents as a still groggy Ross tries to untangle the mess. He finally tells them all to get to Reva's and he is on the way. Josh is livid when he confirms that Mariah rented a limo for the trip to Chicago. The company is waiting for a pickup call and then they will be able to determine their exact location. Reva wonders why she would need a limo and Josh flips that he has no idea because he is not the parent she is living with. Reva gets on the phone with the limo company and is able to trace them to a restaurant on the south side of Chicago. Josh jumps all down Reva's throat as Reva denies that Mariah was involved. Olivia says that maybe Mariah is too naive to do something like this but Sam is not. Josh is still having a problem with accepting his responsibility in all this and Reva is quick to point out that Josh was the one that brought Sam into their lives. Ross arrives and the parents try to figure out who has the worse end of the bargain as far as the searching is concern. Reva is fit to be tied when she explains that Sam seems to be the mastermind behind their legal woes. She is furious with Josh's accusation that she allowed this to happen while she merrily went on with her own life. Things go from bad to worse when Danny and Ray arrive looking for Tony. He explains that he is with Mariah and Josh nearly has a stroke when he realizes that they are together wherever. Josh hits the high spots about the situation to them and all the parents try to assign blame to each other. The arguing gets hot and heated and Ross calls for a time out and they decide to question Max. Buzz and Max arrives at the battleground and Ray muses that he smells trouble and it is spelled T-O-N-Y. They question Max relentlessly and he tries to cover for them but they gang up on him and demand that he reveal what he knows. Harley knows that he realizes that they were up to no good and that is why he didn't go. Max basically explains the situation in great detail. He explains that Tony came back into the mix. Max gets mad when Philip still insists that it is his fault even though he had nothing really to do with the copying of the CD's or the trip and finally Buzz stops the bloodbath. Ross leaves to talk with the agent in charge and expects the worse. Ross comes back with the bad news that they are going to make an example of the kids and the parents and they are going to prosecute both the kids and all the parents involved.

Cassie and Richard discuss the problem at Reva's and Cassie wonders if it is possible that it was a mistake. Richard decides that they are avoiding their own problem and Richard tries to justify his position. Cassie is still livid and doesn't have a clue how they will get past this when he asks what he can do to make her understand his position. Cassie explains her old life when she was a child. Richard is touched by her childhood. She explains the game of trust that she played as a child and how she would always refuse to play. Now 20 years later, she played the trust game and he dropped her. He dropped them. Richard tries to explain how it really was for him and how isolated that he was from the rest of the world and how she changed his world and his life. He pledges undying love but he cannot get over the fear that he would lose her. He admits that he was wrong and she agrees that he was. Is all this supposed to make her feel better? She is carrying their child and she is miserable because of the mess. Is she giving up on them he asks? She says that she has a job to do and when she figures out what it all means to them, she will let him know. They decide to retire for the evening. Cassie refuses to sleep with him and she doesn't know when she will be able to. She tells him that no one has ever let her down the way that he has. Richard is crestfallen as she tells him that she loves him and walks away. Edmund arrives and tries to cover his butt by suggesting that Cassie have an amniocentesis. Richard tells Edmund that he is a good brother and confronts him about the Dr. Holt that he saw in New York. He tells Edmund that he realizes that someone was trying to set him up to think the worse about Cassie. Edmund tries to cover when he asks if Dr. Holt is an impostor. Richard tells Edmund that he knows that Cassie is carrying his baby. Richard explains that someone was trying to discredit her and vows to make the culprit's life a living hell when he finds out who it was. Edmund plays the best poker face in town and hides his involvement in the whole scheme.