Guiding Light Update Wednesday 11/29/00  

By Jackye

Dax informs Richard that Dr Holt has arrived, and he asks about Cassie. Richard says he hasn't spoken to her. Richard says that he is ready to see the doctor. A man walks in. Richard asks how his trip was. He answers it was great. The doctor asks why he is there? Richard asks who the hell he is?

Cassie and Reva are having pie; Cassie says she was remembering her first date. She remembers eating half a blueberry pie. Reva says pj's and pie are the best thing. They plan to do it all again when their world's screw up again. Cassie says she thinks she knows what's coming next.

Danny watches Mae pass his office and then calls her in. He begins apologizing to her for the way he treated her. She says don't say that. He says he wishes he could have done things differently. She says that's what makes him himself. He says that's why he hates himself right now; she says if he changed it he wouldn't learn anything. She says she knows she has to go.

Dr. Holt says he is Dr. Steven Holt. Richard says he has never seen him before, the doctor says it is because Richard cancelled their appointment and they have never met. They figure out that the addresses are different to the private offices they each know of. Dax asks for some formal identification.

Cassie says she would have blamed herself before she met Richard, but this time she didn't do anything wrong. Cassie remembers being terrified at being a princess, but now she is good. She says she isn't giving it up, if Richard wants her out, he better work hard at getting her fired cause she isn't walking away. Reva again praises pj's and pie. Blake arrives with a pair of boots she exchanged for Catalina. Cassie tells Blake that some things have gone wrong with Richard.

Danny asks what Mae means. She tells him she feels different. About him, when he looks at her and says he likes her. She says she feels bad. He says he wishes he did things different. She says if it were different, she never would have had a chance to love him. She acknowledges that he loves Michelle; he says he could have been nicer to her. She says she is ok, with everything. She says she has been trying to get brave enough to come in and say something, but she still has to leave. He says she can't quit, she says this isn't about Infernio, it's about love. She says she kidded herself, it can't be between them. She realizes that the movies she loves aren't real. He tells her that she is not the love of his life, and that is obvious, but he cares about her and wants to protect her. They decide to work things out in their business relationship; he says things have been hell for him. He doesn't want to lose her too; this place is not all it cracks up to be without her. He says they need her.

Reva and Cassie tell Blake all about her fight with Richard. Blake says she is doing the right thing. Reva goes on to tell Blake about Josh and Olivia getting married and how the kids found out. Blake tells them about her and Ross' deal, his dare for her. She tells them about the TV ad she saw.

Dr. Holt shows them all his ID's. Richard spots the monogram inside his jacket and realizes that he isn't an imposter. Richard tells him about his diagnosis as being sterile, the doctor offers to run some tests and they will have answers in a few moments. Richard says he is thinking about who could have done this, Dax says a master at work. Richard says Dax is thinking Edmond, and there was a cause. They say if they think it involves Edmond, they would need to assume a lot. Richard asks how Edmond could do all this. Dr. Holt comes in and tells Richard he is not infertile, the other imposter was wrong. Richard realizes that Cassie is carrying his child and apologizes to the doctor. Richard heads out to see Cassie.

Danny tells Mae to give it a try, he will make it easy. He says he won't let a friend disappear. He says she has a good vibe; everyone wants to be around her. She gets really happy; she tells him he will get his back, maybe even Michelle back. He says no, never because he hurt her.

Blake has told them about her plan. They tell her it's perfect. They ask to be there with her when it happens; they agree to have Harley and Holly there also. Richard rings the bell and asks to see Cassie. Cassie agrees to see him; he asks to speak to her alone. After they leave the room, he tells her he missed her and how miserable he was. He tells her she looks beautiful. She offers him pie. He tells her he is not infertile, and the doctor he saw in New York was an imposter. He tells her about the Dr. Holt incident, someone is playing a cruel joke on them. He tells her the baby is his, she tells him she knows that. He tells her it was the worst mistake he has ever made, doubting her. She says she thought what they had was beyond obvious, he says they can still have that. She says they lived in a world of trust, but now she doesn't know if they can ever have that again. He asks if she has stopped loving her.

Ray comes to see Danny; he asks what is going on. Danny says it's good to see him. Danny tells him not to ask what he can do to help, just forget what he said in confession. Ray asks if he knows what he is doing, he is doing exactly like Carmen, he is becoming her. Ray tells him to let it go, Danny changes the subject to Tony. He calls Mae in to see where Tony is. Mae says he said he might go to Chicago for a couple days to se colleges with Marah and her brother. They decide something isn't right. 

Marah, Shayne, Tony, Catalina, Susan and Sam arrive at the New Grounds concert, they discuss the restaurant. The concert begins, during the first song; one of the guy's puts his hand on Susan cheek and sings to her.

A FBI agent comes to the club to see Tony, they tell him he isn't there and won't be back for a few days. The man says it is a possible copyright infringement involvement.

Cassie tells Richard she loves him, she doesn't know if she can forgive him. He says he will do anything. The doorbell rings, it is the FBI.

At Jim's, there is also a FBI team searching for copyright infringement materials.

The guy explains that it is about the band New Grounds and a case of copyright infringement.

At the concert, Susan hugs Sam and tells him this is the best night of her life and it's all because of him!