Guiding Light Update Tuesday 11/28/00  

By Bethany Tedder

For about the millionth time, Ross and Blake mull over the aspects of their unmarriage. Ross seems happy with the way things are but Blake insists that she wants to married to him again. Ross says that they should do what is best for the two of them. Blake remembers when Ross proposed the first time and Ross is more into the here and now. They are more able to communicate now and better than ever before. Ross says that they are evolving as a couple not because they are bound by a piece of paper but because of the love that they share. They could not be more married than they have ever been. But Blake isn't sure that she wants to let him get off that easier. She says that he is making things too complicated for her. Ross stands his ground. She needs other things in her life and he is convinced that if they got married, that she would not be content. Finally, Ross challenges her to convince him that marriage is the answer. Blake ponders how she can convince him without being married to him. Ross tells her that he is happy but Blake says that she is so caught up in the running of the household and she needs to know that she has a commitment from him. She says she feels like a hamster on the little wheel. She proposes that they switch places and launches into a fantasy with Ross as the homemaker and she as the breadwinner, along with another child bringing the grand total to 4. She does a great job of role reversal. Even in the fantasy, Ross gets his way and she is furious when looks over at a sleeping Ross. Blake wakes up a snoring Ross and turns on the television and finds an obnoxious minister selling basically a ministerial license. Blake hatches an idea and quickly grabs the phone and reaches out and touches with the provider of the hatched idea. She threatens the operator the wrath of Holly's TV station and the put here through to the evangelist immediately. Blake gets the deal of the century for $89.95. She can study at her own pace and she will obtain a license to perform weddings and other ministerial duties. Does she feel the calling the evangelist asks. Blake responds, " Like a fog horn in the night". Blake accidentally wakes up Ross while she is thinking very out loud and says that she is writing a check for the roses bushes that came along with the ministerial course. She gloats that he will never know what hit him.

Phillip and Harley go out for drinks and decide that if they stay married, that they are going to be alcoholics before long. They have trouble deciding to whom they are mad at over the Thanksgiving, Buzz or Beth for the stunts that they pulled at the dinner. Phillip and Harley discuss the two instances and Harley votes for Beth and Edmund and Phillip votes for Buzz. Harley agrees to get the situation out of her system. Harley blows up and tells Phillip that she doesn't understand why Beth would even entertain the idea of messing with Edmund. Phillip says that he is content to let Jim handle his own marriage. Harley wonders why they are working so hard to save their own marriage. Phillips says that he is interested in giving Zack a stable home. Will she ever stop obsessing over Beth he wonders? Phillip vows to try harder whenever he thinks of Zach and Harley agrees. They continue to toss around their problems and Harley says that she just gets up goes through the day and hopes that she will be able to go it again the next day. They arrive at Company and look at Buzz motorcycle and Harley wonder is they will ever have any fun anymore and decide to go on a motorcycle ride as Phillip wonders if she knows what she is actually doing. What is her name she asks. So Phillip agrees as Harley dons the only helmet and off they go into the night.

Susan goes home and talks with Beth about the trip that they are suppose to be taking to look at colleges. Susan runs into Edmund looking for his wallet. He thinks that he lost it while playing on the floor with the baby. Sam and Edmund get reintroduced and Susan introduces Catalina to Edmund but he recognizes her from St. Cristobel. After Susan leaves, Edmund says that he lied about the wallet and he needed to find out if she is all right. Did Jim give her any trouble over the scene at the Thanksgiving dinner he asks? Beth tells him that Jim missed everything about the disaster at dinner while playing with the children. Edmund insists that he and Beth have the chemistry for a relationship and for once Beth agrees that they do and they can't go on like this. He should be aware that she is drawn to him because he seems to understand her better than Jim or Phillip and she hopes that he understands that she needs distance between them. Beth checks on the baby and when she comes down, Edmund muses that she looks radiant since she has given him the boot. He tells her that she must eliminate every distraction of him if she is going to make a go of her marriage. But Edmund thinks that she has a flaw in her thinking. She thinks that she will be able to have a wonderful life with Jim if she just tries to do it and with that she is pushing away the one chance that she has for happiness, him. Beth tells him that he has no right to tell her that and Edmund agrees to her follow her wishes. That means no meeting except in public and no more special trips to Springfield just to see her. She tells him that it all right, however, for him to speak with Susan. Edmund says that he understands the rules and asks her to call if the need arises but be aware of what will happen if she calls. Edmund paints a beautiful picture of life with him in St. Cristobel and Beth says that it won't be necessary for him to do this for her. He kisses her passionately and a tearful Beth pushes him out the door and out of her love life.

Susan and the gang head off on their trip and Catalina tells them how travel is in Cuba. Mariah compares it to the idea of having parental supervision. They talk about how it is that they have the money to travel and Sam says that it is possible because of Tony, Mariah's friend. Back in the car, Sam decides that it would be appropriate for them to say a prayer for the rejected Tony that made the whole trip possible. Catalina seems confused by the novelty of travel without restraints and becomes silent while the others gab around her. Suddenly Tony appears as a stowaway and they introduce her to Catalina and he charms her with his knowledge of Spanish. He tells them that now they don't have to feel guilty about dissing him and leaving him behind. Catalina wonders if they are going to have a good time and Tony assures her that she is in for the party of her life.