Guiding Light Update Monday 11/27/00  

By Jackye

Olivia and Josh are setting up the table, they discuss who is coming over. The phone rings and Josh goes to answer it. It is Reva asking for him to have the kids because Cassie is having marital problems. The doorbell rings and Olivia says that was quick! Josh answers the door to Billy, Holly and Bill. Billy gives him a letter from the Department of the Inferior. 

Jim and Beth talk about the holiday. She says marrying him was the one thing she did right. Susan comes downstairs. She gives Jim a number for Marah's friend's dorm. She tells them they have to get up early, they are visiting 2 colleges. Jim gives her some money, he tells her to buy some books if she can find some. Jim says one thing to thank Edmond for would be for getting her to read. Beth tells Susan to be nice when Phillip and Harley come over, it is a day for family and friends to gather together. After Beth and Jim go to check the meal, Susan calls to invite Edmond to dinner. He says sure, he's on his way. 

Harley, Phillip and Zach arrive at Company and finds signs for a Lou Al. Buzz arrives on his motorcycle. He explains they are having a Thanksgiving Lou Al. Buzz and Harley have it out over his motorcycle. She says she wants her son to know his grandfather, instead of just a picture. She tells him the motorcycle isn't any more reliable as his other relationships. He says he isn't taking off, he is indulging in a fantasy: Roasting pig and everything. They go inside and the place is decorated like a Lou Al, leis and everything. 

Billy tells Josh that the letter is because of the beavers building a creek at the ranch. Sam offers them sushi. Josh says they can just pay the fine. Bill invites Sam to play hand ball at the country club. Marah, Shayne, and Catalina arrive. Marah hands Olivia a turkey from Reva. 

Beth and Lillian bring in the food trays. Susan tells them all she invited Edmond over for dinner, it is a day for family and friends to get together. Beth brings up the surveyor job Edmond offered. Beth says by-gone should be by-gone. Lillian pulls Beth aside and says that Edmond is making time with her, Beth says that isn't what it's about. Edmond arrives with flowers.

Catalina tells Bill about her family and Cuba. Shayne turns the radio station and Josh turns it back. Holly and Marah discuss the difference between all girl's school and a mixed school. Olivia says she would like to go back to college, Marah walks away. Sam tells Marah and Shayne he would be their uncle, Shayne says he thinks of him as more of a brother. Marah and Shayne argue, she pushes him and he bumps a vase and breaks it. 

Buzz brings in juice and drinks. He tells them all about roasting the pig. Ross, Blake and the kids arrive, Buzz checks her for computers. Everyone sits, Buzz says the extra spaces are for Marina, Coop, and Roxie. They are there in spirit. Buzz eats a bite of the dessert and spills it on Harley and Phillip. They tell him to make a toast. He says Rick is thankful for knowing where his wife is even though she left him, Blake that the Santos family believed her, Michelle that she is a Bauer again, Frank that even though his wife left him but he is catching car thieves not being one himself, Harley and Phillip that they are back together. That Phillip is a recovering adulterer. Phillip tells Buzz there are children there, he should be a little less obnoxious. He and Harley decide to leave, Frank says he will watch Zach. Rick goes outside and runs into May. 

Olivia and Holly discuss if they have enough food for 2 more people. Billy says he will have to leave to, Josh tells him no, his kids like their uncle more than him right now. They take the food out to the table, Catalina says all this food is for us.? Josh asks her to say grace for them. 

Edmond answers the door to Harley and Phillip, Susan is extremely nice to Phillip. Lizzie comes downstairs, Phillip thanks her for the eggs. Harley, Lillian, and Beth head to the kitchen. Phillip compares Lizzie to baby Jim, Jim tells him to fax the comparison. Beth and Edmond talk about Susan. Harley sees and hears part of what Edmond and Beth are speaking about. Edmond excuses himself, Harley calls her an unbelievable slut. 

May asks Rick if he was at the Lou Al, he says it was warm inside and he needed some air. He says he didn't have any other place to go. They discuss the concept of the Lou Al. When May finds out Michelle is inside, she says she should leave. Rick asks what's going on, what happened? She says it isn't her place to tell him. He asks if she is dating Danny, she tells her just when he thought she had left town. She finds out that Rick is married and his wife left and isn't coming back. She asks if he still loves her, she says that's what I thought and leaves.

Billy suggests thanking Catalina for showing them to be thankful for what they have. They all join hands, he asks Marah to lead them in singing grace. After they finish, Josh and Olivia kiss.

Frank tells Michelle that divorce and separation are worse when kids are involved. She tell him she is pregnant. He asks if there is any chance of getting back together, she says no. He says if she ever needs his help, just holler. He apologizes for Buzz. Holly arrives, she says this is off the wall. She announces that the kids aren't happy about Josh remarrying. Blake says Josh is remarrying when he loves Reva till he dies, but she is living in sin with her children's father. He challenges her to prove why they should marry. 

Beth tells Harley Edmond is a friend. Harley tells Phillip that she needs to leave, she tells him about Beth and Edmond. He says he will go over and find out what's going on. She says no, she wants to go home. She says she'll go get their coats. Phillip tells Edmond he wants to speak to him outside. Phillip tells him that he is always with Beth, he says he won't let him screw up her life. Edmond says like you did. Harley comes outside, she asks what is going on. Phillip says nothing and they leave.