Guiding Light Update Wednesday 11/22/00  

By Jackye

Claire and Rick discuss fur. She asks if he is here to say goodbye. he says his curiosity got the best of him, what did she do to make Michelle kick her out. She says if Michelle won't tell him, she won't either. Their sex wasn't that good.

Cassie says she isn't hungry. She asks Richard if he came to apologize and say he made a mistake, when he doesn't answer she says that's what she thought. He says he was up all night trying to make sense of the whole thing. He says it doesn't make any sense. She says she has questions too, what makes him believe any of this? He says he can't answer that, she says because they don't exist. She says if he loved her he never would have accused her.

Josh arrives and tells Reva he is there to talk to the children They discuss why he should wait till after Thanksgiving. Josh asks why the double standard? Why is she allowed to disrupt everyone's lives and leave or bring the kids a new roommate, but he can't tell them he is marrying the woman he loves? Shayne asks you are marrying Olivia? Josh says he wasn't meant to hear it that way, Shayne says then you shouldn't have yelled it! Josh tells Shayne that he and Olivia are getting married on New Year's Eve, and he wants Shayne to stand up for him with Billy. Shayne says ok, whatever. Shayne quickly changes the subject. Josh tells him not to rush off, he says he doesn't care if he is marrying Olivia. Marah walks in, she tells him he doesn't know her. Reva tells her enough, Marah says it's true. She asks if Josh can't see what she is doing, she is using him this is what she has wanted the whole time. Marah asks him to date around, Shayne blows up. He yells at Marah, Josh tells him to calm down. Shayne says as long as he doesn't say it's al right, Josh says as long as he stops pretending it is.

Cassie tells Richard that yeah, she did sleep with, give jewelry to and even order Rourke around. He tells her to stop it. She says he is accusing her because of what she was, a stripper a low life, a slut. he says he would never call her that, she says then stop treating her like it. Dax comes in and tells them that Jenny is on her way. Cassie asks why he is interrogating her friends.

Claire says she did what she did to protect her daughter. She says she put herself out on the line and is now being punished. Rick says he doesn't believe that. Claire says she did what she did for Michelle and would do it again if needed, Michelle walks in and says that doesn't surprise me. Claire says Michelle is the last person she inspected. Michelle says she came to say goodbye. Claire asks why she didn't send Meta. Michelle says she felt close to her for the first time at the hospital. Claire says she was there for her since day one, she saved her from the family from hell. Michelle says she could kick herself for letting her guard down. Rick asks if they want to fill him in. Michelle ask Claire where she is going to go, Claire says don't pretend she cares.

Richard tells Cassie it's not an interrogation. They just want a few answers since Jenny was the last person to see the diamonds. Cassie says she doesn't need Dax to explain his motives.

Josh says he understands why Shayne reacted like that, he is under a lot of pressure. He says it is hard, but it is even harder if he denies it. He can't just say whatever, he needs to deal with it. Shayne says he wants him to be happy, Marah says Shayne is just jealous. Josh says he won't leave till everyone is ok. They say they have to leave, Josh asks to wait just 10 minutes. He says they will talk later then. Reva says that went well. Josh says they have to do better than this. He asks how they can make this easier, she says you can't. Emotions come into it, he says she can't just walk away. He isn't finished. He tells her to grow up, they are supposed to be the adults. He says she can't let her reaction affect the kids. She asks why this is her fault? He says she has to get over it, he and Olivia are getting married.

Sam, Marah, Shayne and Sam arrive at Company. They discuss the concert and how hard it was to sell and make the CD's. Sam hopes that Tony comes through for them. Shayne asks how much for an extra ticket, he wants to bring Catalina. Just then she arrives. He introduces her to everyone else. They explain to Catalina that they are going to a concert, not colleges. She asks if Reva knows, when they say no. She declines the invitation.

Alan meets Claire at the door. She tells him the coat was perfect and the limo was great. He tells her to think of the coat as a Claire warming gift. She says it is warm enough for two. Lizzie comes in and tells Alan she has a surprise for him. Phillip asks if this isn't a good time, Alan says it's fine. Phillip offers to take Claire's coat. She declines. Claire says she is still a bit cold. Alan introduces Claire to Lizzie. She gives him an invitation to her school recital. He tells her he will be there, she invites Claire too. Claire says sure. Phillip says that Claire is a doctor and may not be able to attend. Alan tells Phillip that Claire will be staying. Lizzie offers to show Claire her room. After they go upstairs, Phillip tells Alan that Claire is not good to have there. He compares her to Annie Dutton. Alan says she is very respectable and will be staying. Phillip warns Alan not to change his will.

Shayne tells Catalina that he isn't lying to her, he just wanted to find a better time to tell her. He says she can be the chaperone, sort of like a nanny for them. He says Reva would greatly appreciate it. She says she will go if they go to the colleges too. Sam try's to hypnotize Susan so she won't be car sick. Max overhears Susan says she will sit on Sam's lap and rushes out. He passes Tony on the way out. Susan follows Max and says he can still go. He says he doesn't want to be a third wheel. Tony gives Sam the money for all the CD's. he says he sold them all. Tony tells them that he is going too, Marah says he isn't. He says why not? She says because they can't get in that much trouble.

Cassie tells Dax that she wants to be present. He says that she can't.Cassie says they are only doing it so they won't influence each other. Cassie says tell the truth, maybe they'll believe it from you.

Phillip says he just has one thing left to say, if he continues with Claire, he will get what he deserves. Claire says indeed he will. Alan invites him to stay for brunch, Phillip says no and leaves. Alan asks where they were before they were interrupted? Then he asks to take her coat.

Susan accuses Max of being jealous of Sam. She says he is way too old for her and he isn't even interested. Max says he knows what he wants. Tony asks why he isn't good enough to go along for the ride. She says they have been planning this forever. He says he might just go away for good if she keeps playing games. Sam asks if Tony is bothering her. She says always.

Reva goes to answer the door. Cassie starts to ramble on about everything that happened. Reva says she isn't making any sense. Cassie says she knows.

Jenny tells Richard that she put the garter in the safe. Edmond was in the room, but she made sure he didn't see the combination. Richard sends Jenny to her room, he says he has an idea on how to find out what is going on.