Guiding Light Update Tuesday 11/21/00  

By Bethany Tedder

Cassie tells Richard that the doctor was wrong and that she is indeed pregnant. But now it is her turn to be surprised when Richard asks who the father is. She tells him that she has just delivered the news that they have been praying for and he asks who the father is? Richard tells a stunned Cassie that he has had medical tests that confirm that he is sterile and incapable of having a child. She asks how that could be? He and Reva have Jonathan together. Richard says that was them this is now and somewhere along the way he was exposed to some chemicals that rendered him sterile. He produces the "proof" of his sterility and Cassie still says that she is pregnant and what other ex-explanation could there be except someone made a mistake. Richard produces Rourke's good-bye note and suggests that maybe this will jog her memory. Cassie reads the letter and she is confused as to the implications and Richard pretty much spells it out for her. It hurts when someone you love deceives you. Cassie tries her best to assure Richard that the baby is his. She hits the nail on the head when she realizes that Rourke didn't act alone and that they were trying to drive a wedge between them. She challenges Richard to find Rourke's accomplice. But Richard stands his ground and denies that the child is his. Cassie tells him that she told him the truth and when he straightens out the rest of the mess, then she will speak to him. Edmund comes in and Richard tells him that Cassie is pregnant. Richard tells him that he has come to the obvious conclusion, and Edmund confesses that he had a hand in it all. Richard is stunned beyond rationale talk. Richard is not accepting the truth that Edmund tells him and Edmund goes through the inability to do the things that could have led up to the events now. Edmund further enrages him with the knowledge that he chose to hire Rourke not him. Bur Richard is not quite as stupid as he appears when he tells his wayward brother that it could have been a ploy on his part to make himself appear innocent now. Edmund assures him that if his intent had been to compromise Cassie, he would not have needed any help.

Back at Reva's, Catalina outlines her steps that she will need to take to ensure her entry to the United States as a permanent arrangement. Reva tells her that the closest INS office is in Chicago. Shayne overwhelms her with the prospects of American paper work and Reva vows to help her weave through it. Catalina wonders if there is any end to her generosity and Reva assures her that there isn't. Catalina says that she is not her family and she could go to Blake instead since she needs her help. She thinks that Reva's family comes first and Mariah jumps at the chance for Blake to help her. Shayne tells Catalina that Mariah is jealous and Mariah softens when she gets Shayne to apologize to his sister. Mariah and Reva have a heart to heart talk and Mariah assures her mother that as long as the living arrangements are temporary, she will be glad to accommodate her. Shayne and Catalina discuss a possible brotherly-sisterly connection. Catalina tells a starry eyed Shayne in a nice way that she is too old for him. Shayne catches the drift that he will have to wait 10 years to ask her out. Catalina talks about her father and his legal problems of being a journalist. She gives Shayne an invaluable lesson on democracy. Noah arrives and Mariah tells him that Shayne is smitten by his new "girlfriend." Noah arrives inside and happily finds a waiting Catalina. Reva, the kids and Mariah discuss the upcoming holidays and Shayne gets Mariah into a very uncomfortable position of inviting himself and Catalina along on the infamous Chicago trip.

Michelle goes to her Aunt Meta for comfort. Clearly confused by Michelle and Danny's latest problems, she tries to assure her that it can be fixed. She tells Michelle that there must be more to her and his breakup than she has said. Michelle tells Meta about the kidnapping and the events following the kidnapping. She remembers the scene at the docks. She explains that she was unable to move when she saw someone coming towards her in the fog. She reveals that Carmen came up instead of Danny and she explains how Carmen tried to make her think that she was losing her mind. She further explains how Carmen faked her death. She tells Meta the entire story and goes into great details. She implicates Claire and Maria in the scheme to an incredulous Meta. Michelle goes on the explain Claire's involvement in the whole sordid mess. After Meta realizes that Carmen was there for the express purpose of killing Michelle, she wonders what really happened and Michelle tells her that Danny killed his mother instead of letting Carmen kill her and the baby. Meta explains that Danny's rationale about being evil in ludicrous and he will come around. When Rick arrives, Meta tells him that it is time to evict Claire and pulls rank on him for the honor. Rick is so thrilled that he doesn't even question why Michelle wants her out now. He only let her stay for her in the first place he tells his aunt. Meta hurries off to rid the garage apartment of the evil within. Meta arrives at the garage apartment and tells Claire that her presence in the Bauer home is no longer welcomed. She also tells her that she know the truth about her involvement in the Carmen Santos murder cover-up. Claire insists that she was trying to protect Michelle. But she will happily leave. But she will never damage the relationship between Michelle and herself. Meta doubts that seriously. She should be gone by in the morning and Claire tells her that she will be gone with bells on.

A shell-shocked Richard goes to Daks for help with uncovering the possibility that Cassie is telling the truth. They outline whom they need to talk with, the two doctors and Jenny. Although slightly undoubting as to Cassie innocence, Daks hurries off to help uncover the truth.

Claire calls Alan and tells him to come over because she needs some company. He apparently agrees and she is sort of happy that things have turned out like they have as she prepares another web to catch her prey in. Alan arrives and Claire explains her current housing situation. Alan walks right into her trap. But he is on to her and says that she invited him there just for the purpose of getting him to invite her over there. He tells her to gather what she needs for tonight and go home with him indefinitely. He will send for her things later.

Noah tells Reva that he has smoothed the waters over with his contact Predita and that they are safe now. Noah tells him how well that they worked together and he remarks that he stopped playing by the rules a long time ago. Noah explains that she wasn't ready to hear that he loved her but she assures him that she is.

Richard goes to Cassie's room and tries to hand her the Olive branch. Stung by the events of the day, she tells him that she is too tired to deal with him any further today.