Guiding Light Update Friday 11/17/00  

By Bethany Tedder 

Billy walks in on Holly and Buzz's disagreement about his apparent mid-life crisis buying spree. Buzz implies that Holly has given up on her life and walks around the issues instead of living her life to the fullest. Buzz doesn't want his life to trek across the calendar as just days on top of meaningless days. Holly explains how she contributes to the community. Buzz just thinks that she thrives off the lives of other people and makes money off it. Billy and Holly decide that he has gotten so obnoxious since Selena has left. Billy and Holly decide that they like Buzz little "squirrelly little cuss" self. They continue to discuss Buzz at great length. Billy marvels that Buzz may be on to something. Maybe she should try living life a little fuller. Holly gets annoyed with him and when Susan comes in, she asks how she can survive with two grandfathers like them. After she is gone, Billy and Buzz discuss Buzz's new outlook on life. Josh enters and asks if there is room for the one more of Reva's ex-husbands? Billy and Josh discuss the tussle with Holly and Buzz and they discuss Josh's upcoming wedding. He asks Billy to be his best man and Billy accepts. Josh thanks him for not saying that it is too soon. Billy says that it goes without saying. Billy muses that he didn't like Olivia at first until the day that the wall collapsed and he changed his perception of her. Although he would like to believe that Reva and Josh were the real thing, he will support his brother's new marriage to Olivia.

Edmund and Rourke discuss the impending resignation of Rourke when he implicates Cassie in a romantic liaison with him. Edmund assures him that the money they discussed is ready and waiting for him is a Swiss account. He asks if he has left the farewell note in place and he says that he has. Edmund locates it and Richard comes in as Edmund discuss some matters of state with him. Richard is very distracted and Richard locates the incriminating letter from Rourke. He sees that it is addressed to Cassie. Richard opens and reads the highly suggestive note. He is crestfallen by the implications. Richard doesn't want to believe what the letter suggest but he can't help himself. Richard rationales the situation every way that he can. He decides that Rourke's purpose was to compromise Cassie as a kind of agent in the hopes of causing trouble in the country. Edmund "tries" to assure Richard that Cassie loves him completely. Edmund also tells Richard that Cassie was not born of royal stock and she is not up on the protocol. Richard concedes that maybe Edmund is right. He wants to believe that he is right.

Danny goes to confession and confesses to Father Ray that he has killed his mother. At first Ray doesn't realize that he is talking to his cousin. Ray assures him that God can forgive him no matter what he has done. When he realizes that it is Danny that he is talking to, Ray is unable to understand how he could kill a woman that was already dead. Ray asks if it was an accident and he tells Ray that he killed her on purpose and he cannot forget the shock and horror of what he has done. This was his own mother and she lived long enough to express her fear and unhappiness in her son. He explains the events that led up to the killing. He explains about Maria and Claire's involvement in the cover-up of her death. He did what he had to do he explains. It was her or Michelle. Carmen was going to kill Michelle and his child. He tells Ray about the involvement in Michelle's leaving and the cover-up of the pregnancy. Ray tries to assure him that he acted in the best interests of his child and wife. Ray says that he doesn't have the right to judge himself. Ray tells him that there is no lost causes that God can forgive him. All he has to do is forgive himself and ask God to forgive him. They finally pray for Danny and his family and Ray asks about Michelle. Ray tells him that they should go on with their lives. Ray tells him that he has been freed from his sins. Danny insists that he must get away from Michelle. Ray insists that they belong together and he should try to make this work. Danny says that he has to let her go for the safety of both of them and nothing or God can say is going to make him think otherwise.

Cassie comes into the room and asks where Richard is. She has some news that will supersede anything that Richard is doing. Edmund calls Richard and tells him that he needs to come and see his wife. She asks about Rourke and Edmund lies that he doesn't know what he is doing and what he is up to. Cassie confesses that it worries her that someone she trusted with her life could do this to her and it makes her wonder if someone is out to get her. Richard comes in and confesses that she had another spell today and that she went to the doctor in Springfield and she tells him that she is pregnant. Richard nearly loses it and asks, "Who is the father?"

Michelle says that they always broke up over things that they couldn't give each other. Bill asks why he walked away from her last night. She says that he broke off from her because he is a Santos. Bill says that he hasn't gotten in choice in that. She says that Danny has given up all hope. Bill asks how it was for her while she was in New York and she says that even then she thought about Danny everyday. She admits that she is frightened and doesn't know what she is going to do. Bill says that she has never given up on anything before and she shouldn't give up on this. Bill says that he will not give up on Danny and Michelle that quickly and neither should she. He tells her to get up and go out there and get her man.

Sam and Susan discuss the upcoming trip to Chicago. Susan is worried about the lies that she has spun to make this trip happen. Sam rationales the lies by saying that for parents, ignorance is bliss. Just don't tell them something that they want to hear and they will be spared the worry. Susan muses that he should make an interesting parent.

Danny goes to the casino and more or less relieves Tony of his duties. Tony is very unhappy that his short time as the head of the casino is over. May comes in and is shocked to see that Danny is back. Danny tells him that he needs to go find something else to do because this is where he belongs and he is taking back over. May says that it hasn't been a very good week for dreams. May says that one day he will get something one day and it will stay gotten. Michelle enters the casino and May is stunned that she is still there. She goes to the office to see Danny. Once inside, Danny tells her to go back home now, he means it. There is nothing else to do or say. She refuses. Danny tries to explain to Michelle that he has turned into the type of person that his mother was and that he is his mother's son and he comes from a family of killers. She must go. He will only end up getting her hurt or worse. He tells her again to leave and go home.