Guiding Light Update Thursday 11/16/00  

By Bethany Tedder

Sam and Buzz discuss the evils of good food at Company. Sam inquires about Selena and Buzz tells him that she is gone and he doesn't expect to hear from her. Let's discuss something that will make them both happy. Buzz tells him that he has a way that he can make some money. Sam is clearly interested. Buzz offers to buy Sam's bike and Sam is stunned that Buzz would want the thing. How long has it been since he rode one he asks while Buzz tries to remember who was in the White House at the time. They seal the deal as Olivia comes in. She is thrilled that he has gotten rid of it. Doesn't his sister have something that she would like to share with him, he muses? She shares the news that Josh and she are engaged and the wedding day is New Year’s Eve. Aren't they rushing a bit? She has hardly given him time to rent a tux. But he must if he is to walk her down the isle. He tells her how happy that he is for her. Then he moves in for the kill. He wants to accompany Mariah to Chicago to look for colleges. Olivia is elated and gives him the go ahead to go to Chicago, unaware that she is giving permission for a night that has absolutely nothing to do with education.  Holly comes in and meets Olivia's brother. Sam takes this opportunity to exit while the getting is good. Olivia tells Holly that she is getting married. Holly expresses concerns that the ink is barely dry on the divorce papers. But Olivia says that she tried to talk him into waiting but he wouldn't budge. She says that she realizes that he probably doesn't love her the way she loves him but by the time that he does, they will be so married. Holly asks if she is sure that she is okay with that? Olivia assures her that she is. Holly takes this opportunity to remind Olivia that Reva will always be a part of Josh's life. They decide that Olivia is too happy to be brought down by the pesky little details and Holly congratulates her as Olivia prepares to leave. Olivia tells Buzz to enjoy the motorcycle. Holly is stunned at the proposition of Buzz on a motorcycle. Can't he find another way of dealing with his mid-life crisis? Holly thinks that he is trying to forget Selena. Buzz launches into Holly's hobby of reading the newspaper. When he tells her that he knows everything about how she accomplishes this, she tells him that he needs a hobby bad. He implies that she is afraid to live her life and that she needs to get out there and live life to the fullest.

Beth comes downstairs and finds and exhausted Jim sitting on the sofa. She asks him if he has slept at all. She worries that he is working too hard. Be sure that Josh pays him well for all the overtime. Jim tells her that he hasn't been working overtime for Josh or anyone else. Jim starts to explain about Edmund and the "job offer" but Susan interrupts them. She wants to go to Chicago with Sam and Mariah to see colleges. Which as we all know is a cover for the Nu-ground concert. Susan plays the perfect little angel and Beth agrees that it is a good idea and Jim finally agrees for her to accompany them to Chicago. They are also delusional in what they believe is a change for the better in the usually belligerent Susan. Jim explains the "job" to Beth and she is thrilled that Edmund has tried to be their friend. But Jim is not as trusting as Beth is of Edmund for a good reason. He has all but been blackmailed into taking this job. Jim prepares to go to work. The doorbell rings and Beth answers it and admits to the living room the snake in the grass, Edmund. She tells him that she knows about the job offer and thanks him for his help with her and Jim's plans to expand their family. Edmund makes is abundantly clear that he is not interested in aiding and abetting the plan for them to procreate. When Jim comes downstairs to leave, he finds Edmund in the living room with Beth. As the conversation goes into a strained state, Jim turns down Edmund's job offer. After Beth exits the room, Jim tells Edmund to leave and never come back. Edmund tells him that he owes him and he will collect the debt that he relieved him of at the casino. Jim tells Edmund that he didn't ask for his help. If he doesn't take the job, what will he do? Have someone to come and break his kneecaps? Edmund threatens to expose Jim's gambling problem to Beth, Josh, and Billy. He must take the job, pay the debt back and get on with it. Cornered, Jim reluctantly agrees.

Reva and Cassie play catch up as Catalina comes downstairs and is very overwhelmed to see the princess. Cassie recognizes her as having been a nanny to one of the dignitaries.  She was in the palace at a party with their children and that is where she must remember her. Catalina is surprised that Cassie would remember the brief time that she saw her.  Reva asks where Rourke the bodyguard is and Cassie tells her that she doesn't know and that there is something really strange going on with him. Reva is like what is going on and Cassie doesn't want to get into it with her because she has just gotten back. The doorbell rings and it is Blake bearing gifts. Catalina insists that she will pay Blake back for the clothes. Blake tells her that she doesn't expect her to pay her back that she wants her to have the presents and she wants Catalina for her nanny. Reva tells Cassie that Blake also thinks that there is a story behind Catalina and she wants to write it. Cassie tells Reva about the diamonds that Rourke tried to use to settle the debt that he run up at the gambling tables. She explains about how elusive that Rourke was when he was questioned on how he came into possession of the diamonds. She is livid that he all but insinuated that she and him were romantically involved. Blake counters that Richard couldn't possibly believe that. Sure he doesn't, Cassie says but she can't afford for the country to think that there may be something to a rumor that could be generated from this. Suddenly, Cassie feels faint and he assisted to the sofa by Blake and Reva. They try to determine what is wrong with her. They surmise that she is pregnant but Cassie insists that she is not pregnant according to the doctor. Blake says she should she Dr. Sedwick. This is cut short by the appearance of Catalina in one of the new outfits that Blake has bought for her. She is unable to grasp the concept of exchanging a pair of shoes that are too small. Cassie, Blake and Catalina leave to exchange the shoes and try to see Dr. Sedwick.

Josh comes to Reva's and they briefly discuss the divorce papers. He tells her that he has something that he needs to tell her. He tells her that he has asked Olivia to marry him and she said yes. He explains that they are getting married on New Year's Eve and she says that Olivia sure didn't waste anytime did she? Josh tells her that Olivia wanted to wait. For once, Reva muses, Olivia and she agree on something. Josh insists that he is ready and that he hopes that one day they will truly be able to be friends. He wants to be a good father to his children and they will be the next ones that he tells. They close the door on their relationship and Josh tells Reva that he wouldn't have missed having her in his life for anything. They share a bittersweet good-bye. Once he leaves, Reva dissolves into tears.