Guiding Light Update Wednesday 11/15/00  

By Jackye

Claire gets a message from Alan at the same time he knocks on the door. She tells him this isn't a good time and explains that Michelle is in real trouble.

Michelle tells Danny it's time to go, he can come home with her. She tells him they can do as they planned, he says no, he isn't going home with her. He learned who he really is, that he killed his mother. She says he defended his wife and child; he did what she has wanted since the beginning. He tells her to run, get away from him and his family. He won't come near her or the baby. She begs him not to do this. He says he's capable of anything. They leave the docks.

Alan brushes off Claire's worries. He offers to hire private investigators or take her anywhere she needed to go. He offers her comfort.

Reva and Catalina arrive at Reva's. Catalina is confused by their heating and electricity. Blake and Ross arrive and Reva introduces them all. Blake asks for the details and Reva and Ross say no. Ross tells her it gets her into too much trouble. Reva asks what she missed; Ross fills her in on Buzz and Selena. Ross tells them he got a lawyer that will handle Catalina. Blake offers Catalina a job as her nanny, Catalina accepts but Reva says she needs to rest and become legal first. Blake then offers to take her shopping for some new clothes. Reva shows Ross and Blake to the door, Ross asks if the divorce decree was in order. She tells him yes and they leave.

Claire tells Alan no. She says he is a charming loser. He says he never loses. He gives her a diamond tennis bracelet and reminds her what she told May about them being the way out of the doghouse. He helps her put it on and they kiss.

Michelle tells Danny she won't leave him. He tells her that he is no good for her. Rick comes outside and takes Michelle inside. Rick and Meta question Michelle, she tells them she shouldn't have left the way she did. She says she panicked and needed to be alone to think. She tells them Danny doesn't want to go away with her anymore. Rick asks if the baby is all right, if she has any back pains. She tells him that if she did she wouldn't feel them because her heart is in so much pain.

Reva tells everyone to get ready for bed. Shayne offers to take Catalina to her room and shows her the way. Mariah tells Reva they don't get enough attention from her.

Danny goes to Maria and accuses her of lying. He asks why? She tells him the man he had killed wasn't really killed, but that she and Carlos paid him. He tells her that if it weren’t for him Michelle and the baby's blood would have been on her hands. He tells her that he killed Carmen. Maria says she knew he could handle it, but in the end she would win. He says he trusted her. She admits to using him to kill Carmen. She tells him that Carmen ordered Miguel's death. She goes on to tell him about Miguel's murder and his affair with Selena. Danny takes her cell phone and smashes it to pieces.

Claire stops Alan. They kiss again and she says they shouldn't. He says they aren't and they fall onto the couch. Michelle arrives, She tells Claire that she knows she has been lying to her for months and tonight it almost got her killed. Claire asks Alan to leave. After he leaves, Michelle tells Claire she knows that she helped Carmen fake her death. Claire says she didn't want her to get hurt; she discouraged the pregnancy from the beginning. Michelle tells Claire she never wants to speak to her again.

Danny tells Maria that he is running the family now. He tells her that she has become ill, she won't be leaving the house or receiving phone calls ever again. He has her kiss his hand.