Guiding Light Update Tuesday 11/14/00  

By Bethany Tedder

Olivia and Josh discuss their marriage plans. Josh muses whether or not she will change her name to Lewis after the wedding. Olivia says she hasn't thought that much about it since it has just been a few hours since they were discussing getting married. Josh excuses himself to make a phone call to the kids to make sure that they don't get interrupted. Mariah is still livid about the appearance of Catalina when Josh calls to check on them. She tells him about the sudden appearance of Catalina and that apparently Reva met her when she and Noah were on this "secret mission" that is too dangerous for them to know about. She is clearly annoyed that Catalina is privy to this part of her mother's life that she will not share with her. Mariah says that they are in for the evening and for him to enjoy himself with Olivia without fear of interruption from Shayne or her. They go back to discussing the wedding plans after Josh finishes with the kids. Olivia doesn't want to push for an early wedding date because she still feels that he has other responsibilities and she is afraid that he is responding to something or someone else and that the wedding may actually not come off. She is leery of getting in any deeper than she already is until he takes some time to access where he actually is in his life. She tries to explain the different kinds of love to him. Josh apologizes for the things in her life that have left her this cynical about love. He professes his complete love to her and the fact that he is ready to start a life with her. He vows to make her understand that it is she that he really and truly wants. Olivia and Josh finally come to an understanding about the life that they are planning and Josh tells Olivia that he has a certain date and month in mind for the wedding. Josh launches into this long explanation about his "geekyness" and his reasoning for the timing of his marriage plans. He says that the Millennium has not actually taken place yet and the real Millennium, this New Year's Eve is coming up. He wants to marry on December 31,2000, precisely midnight.

Presidential interruption from 3:05pm-3:10pm.

Cassie frets when she discovers that the diamonds from the garter have fallen into Rourke's hands. Richard grills him and he insists that he did not steal them and that he received them but refuses to say how or why he received them. He is a gentleman. Cassie can't figure out what Rourke is trying to say. He says he has an obligation. Richard implies that maybe Cassie gave the diamonds to Rourke voluntarily and Cassie denies it. Cassie confronts Rourke about the jewels. Cassie insists that he may get out of this if he tells the truth. He speaks in riddles and more or less implies that he has always done as Cassie asked him to do. A confused Cassie has no idea that she is being set into a position that will make her appear to be using Rourke for things other than "royal duties." Edmund has carefully orchestrated the plan and Rourke delivers the symphony flawlessly. Finally at her wits ends, she orders Rourke out of the room while she and Richard discuss the situation. Cassie vows to get to the bottom of it but Richard takes matters into his own hands. Cassie and Richard attempt to locate Rourke and he seems to have disappeared. They encounter Edmund, but of course, he is no help as to the location of the lying Rourke.

Jim and Edmund discuss his gambling problem. Although Edmund has cleared his debt, Jim is livid that Edmund stepped into his life and he is now "owned" by Edmund. Jim is completely at the mercy of whatever Edmund has decided he needs from Jim and it is not a place that he relishes being. Privately, he wishes he had took his chances with Tony Santos despite the unsavory picture Edmund has painted of his life or rather lack of from owing the mob $35,000.00. Edmund outlines what he wants him to do. He needs an underwater survey in St. Cristobel for a project. He insists that Richard would want him on board for the project. Edmund tells him to just do the job and the debt will be erased. Neither Beth nor Richard will ever know the truth. Edmund just wants to give Richard what he wants and make himself look good to his brother.

Rick has gone out to let off some steam by running because of his concern over Michelle. Harley appears and lets him know that there is news about his sister. She tells Rick that the inside story is that Michelle was planning to leave with Danny and that she is missing through no will of her own. Harley drills Rick about why he feels that Michelle has been taken about by the Santo family. He remembers a conversation between Claire and Danny as soon as Michelle was discovered missing. He tells Harley that Claire insisted that Danny go straight to Maria and find her. He explains how fearful she was as soon as Michelle did not turn up. Harley vows to get to the bottom of Claire's duplicity. Rick and Harley plot to torture Claire with Lillian and her domestic skills. After musing over the thought of the domestic torture, Harley finally admits that she really doesn't think that Claire knows anything but she will make arrangements to talk with her. Rick thanks her for her friendship.

Danny and Michelle come out of the freezing water at the dock. Danny holds his mother's lifeless hand and Michelle attempts to comfort him as he realizes that he has killed Carmen. Why didn't Michelle call 911? Michelle tells him that it wouldn't have been that easy. They would have sent the police. Carmen was supposed to already be dead. Danny throws the gun in the river and ushers Michelle off the dock and to safety. She cannot be a part of what will happen next. Danny tries to get Michelle to stay away from the dock. She is terrified of what he will do next but he tells her he must do what he has to do as Michelle prays that they will be all right and Danny will be all right.

Mariah flies off the handles when she realizes that Catalina has used a whole jar of her face cream. Shayne delivers his sister a fine psychological profile of her problem with Catalina. Shayne is more into the physical attributes that Catalina possesses. But Mariah finally concedes that maybe he is right and she needs to chill out as far as she is concerned.

Danny has gone back to the dock where his dead mother is and as he slouches over her body he tell her how much he hates her and what she has done and represented in his life. Despite his verbal respondence to his mother, he cries openly at the sight of the finally deceased Carmen Santos.