Guiding Light Update Monday 11/13/00  

By Jackye

Michelle awakes on the dock thinking Danny is with her. She screams when she realizes it is Carmen. Carmen warns her that Danny can't help her now. Michelle thinks it's a dream, Carmen tells her than when she shoots her and dumps her into the lake it will all be a dream. Carmen says that everyone will think it was suicide after finding out Danny had an affair. Carmen blames Michelle for losing both her sons. She says it's time for Michelle to pay her debt. Michelle asks why she is risking everything for revenge on her? Carmen says she has risked it for less.

Phillip tries to reassure Rick. Rick questions how Michelle could get involved with the mob. They discuss how Michelle is like Maureen. Phillip says that he thought Rick made peace with Danny and Michelle's relationship. Rick says he had to respect it. He blames himself for not protecting Michelle. Phillip takes him into Company to eat.

Colonel Dax approaches Richard and Cassie at the Infernio. He asks to speak to Richard alone. Dax shows Richard the diamonds Rourke traded for a loan, he tells Richard the story Rourke told Tony. Cassie comes over and Richard tells Dax he will handle the matter alone.

Edmond tells Jim to think about his family. Jim says he can handle himself. Edmond offers his help and Jim refuses. Jim says he won't be in debt to Edmond.

Catalina tells Reva how she found her through the Springfield Times. Marah notices Shayne staring at Catalina. Marah tells Reva she understands that another mystery in her life that they can't know about but she can share with strangers.

Edmond asks why Jim would rather be in debt to the mob than to him? Jim says with the mob he knows what he is dealing with. Edmond says that the mob will be sure to let Beth know about his debt if he misses a payment, but he will keep it confidential. He tells Jim he has a business proposition, they need a under water servicer in San Cristebel. he assures Jim they will work around his schedule at Lewis Construction. Jim wonders if Edmond plans to kill him and comfort a grieving Beth. Edmond tells Jim if he likes the offer they can arrange it now.

Rick asks how the mob got a foot hold in their town and how Michelle became a pawn? Rick tells Phillip he needs to run alone and leaves. Buzz asks Phillip what happened, and Phillip explains that Michelle is missing and it may be mob related. Maria enters, Phillip suggests that Buzz could be a hit man for the mob. Buzz tells Phillip that he would like to know when Michelle is found. After Phillip leaves, Maria tells Buzz there is trouble. He says he just heard.

Michelle remembers the times she smelled Carmen's perfume and thought she saw her, she realizes it was real. She then understands that Claire was involved with faking Carmen's death. Carmen reveals that she was running the family, not Danny. Carmen says Michelle has to die, she doesn't want her grandchild to have her blood. She says Danny will have other children. Michelle yells Danny, Carmen turns and Danny says mother.


Danny tells Carmen he will take care of Michelle. She says Michelle knows too much. He says so does he, is she going to kill him too? Carmen says to give her up, he says no he loves her and she is carrying his child. She calls him his father's son and recalls Miguel's affair. She goes on about his lover and bastard child. Danny asks what she is talking about. Carmen tells Michelle she doesn't deserve Danny, she says this time the right person will die.

Richard approaches Rourke. he thinks Richard is upset because he wasn't at Reva's with Cassie, Richard tells him this is a little more serious. Richard takes him into the lobby and asks for some answers about where he got the diamonds that belong to the princess.

Edmond says to himself: Jim since you didn't accept my help, now I owe you.

Danny asks what's after she shoots Michelle? He tell her the cops will find her. She says no one knows she is there except him and Michelle and she is going to die. He asks what about Claire? If she kills Michelle, Claire will turn her in, she has probably already called the cops. Carmen says she doesn't have to do it, he will. He pulls out his gun, she says go ahead. He points it at Michelle then quickly moves it to Carmen. he tells her to drop the gun, she points her gun at Michelle. He warns her to drop the gun. She says there is only one way to stop her and he can't do it because he is her son!