Guiding Light Update Friday 11/10/00  

By Bethany Tedder 

Sorry today's update is short and choppy, but my tape didn't record well and I watched in bits and pieces! Also, there was a CBS Presidential Interruption.  

Santos Family: Danny told Tony the family business is not all it cracked up to be, Ray also told Tony not to get involved, it was more trouble than it's worth. Tony tells Ray to get off his high horse, try coming to hang out with him when he is doing good not just when things go bad. Tony heads to the club. Ray tells Danny he has to go confess and then he will pray for him and Michelle. Abuella finally shows up and Danny asks her where Michelle is. At first she acts as if she isn't involved, then she finally admits she is at the boat dock. He asks why, Abuella says she is hoping Danny will find her in time. He leaves to head to the docks. The two men who kidnapped Michelle place her on the dock, one says make sure she doesn't have a bruise on her. Not until it's time. A short while later, Michelle  awake and her vision is blurry. She sees a shadow above her, her vision becomes more clear as the figure removes it's face covering~~Carmen!  

Rick/ Springfield PD: Rick tells Harley to find Michelle. Harley reassures him that David has contacts set up and will let her know if he hears anything, she assures him they will find Michelle. Although they can't officially start a search, they will call him if they hear anything.  

Olivia and Josh: Olivia and Josh are having dinner, he tells her he is ready for their relationship to move forward. he tells her he loves her, she is stunned. She tells him that this is a shock since the only step now is marriage and he isn't ready. He asks her to marry him, at first she says she can't it's too soon after his divorce. After asking her over and over, she finally says ok and they kiss.  

The Inferno: Jim is still losing, and he asks Tony to loan him $35,000, after much debate, Tony finally agrees. Edmond gets Rourke to take the diamonds to Tony and get money. After serious thinking, Tony gives him $10,000. Back in the club, Jim and Rourke play blackjack, Jim again losing. When Jim goes to bet again, Edmond grabs his hand and tells him to walk away. Jim says he doesn't take orders from him, Edmond says he is a guy who knows Beth deserves better than this. Tony goes to Colonel Dax and tells him about Rourke trading him the diamonds. he explains that Rourke told him something about a garter and personal services.  

Reva's house: Marah tells Reva it must have been something important for them to be keeping it a big secret. After Marah and Shayne leave for school, Cassie arrives. She comforts Reva when she gets her divorce papers and says Josh and Reva will never stop loving each other. They have too much of a past, children and memories. Cassie urges Reva to go upstairs, take a long bath and sleep till she wakes up. She assures her she will stick around till the kids arrive home from school. Reva tells her she is glad she is there. When Marah and Shayne arrive home from school, Cassie has done 4 loads of laundry and ordered groceries. She tells them that their mom needs to rest. Marah suggests a quiet night at home, no fighting between her and Shayne, dinner and a pedicure. They head to the kitchen to each cook part of the meal, Marah~steaks, Shayne~baked potatoes, and Cassie~pie. After dinner, as Reva is eating her pie and getting her pedicure, Marah asks if she can go to Chicago and check out colleges with Sam next week. She assures her that Susan and Max will be going to see a show the same day. Reva agrees and the doorbell rings. Shayne goes to answer it, Catalina. Reva and Catalina greet each other and hug. Reva brings her inside and introduces her to Marah and Shayne. Catalina tells Reva she doesn't know what to do now, Marah smartly asks and you're asking us?