Guiding Light Update Thursday 11/9/00  

By Bethany Tedder

Danny and Michelle make arrangements to leave the hospital and get out of town and the family life of the mob. He has everything that they need. Rick comes in to say good-bye. Rick insists that he only wants what Michelle wants and the best for her. Claire is having a fit about this. They will be gone long enough to get the baby started in life. Michelle tells Rick that she will be back and that he will have access to his niece or nephew. She tells her brother how much she loves him. She will be back, she vows. The doctor comes in and Dr. Ramsey has ordered a vitamin shot for her but no one has told her anything about it. After the shot, Michelle feels weird and passes out. Two men quickly place Michelle in a wheelchair and spirit her away.

Frank insist on trying to find out from Buzz who beat him up. Susan defends her grandfather. Leave him alone. He will tell him what he wants them to know when he gets damn good and ready. Harley does all she can do to get the truth out of him without any luck either. Philip insists that he must tell the family what is going on and Susan, who must be on a roll today, jumps Philip about his ability to keep secrets.

Harley and Frank discuss their father and try to help out with the restaurant. Susan is out of school and she tells Harley that Jim and Beth are planning on having another baby together. Philip says that she must have misunderstood but Harley isn't. Beth comes in to pick up Susan for school and her ant project and she asks about Buzz. Philip has a question for her and he gets right to the point of her having another child with Jim. Philip tries to explain his position and Beth bluntly tells him that it is none of his business. Beth tells Philip to stay away from her. Harley muses that it didn't go well did it. Harley is horrified when she realizes that he confronted Beth about the pending arrival of another baby Lemay. Harley sympathizes with Beth and tells Philip that he can really be a horse's butt sometimes. That is why he wanted out of the hospital Buzz muses to Frank, the entertainment is better here than in Cedars.

Beth's day goes from bad to worse when she runs into Edmund and he tells her that Susan called him and told him to talk her out of having another baby. Edmund insists that they only care about her but Beth is incensed that everyone is trying to live her life for her. Edmund tries the approach that she just had a baby and it can't be good for her health at this point. He makes a lame attempt at bonding with Little James. He doesn't want his mother to have another baby this soon. Edmund explains his visions for her.

Marah and Shayne discuss with Reva about the events that led up to the hospitalization of Noah and her disappearance and reappearance. Noah decides that maybe they should be told. Noah tells them about the spy thing but Marah and Shayne still don't believe the truth when Noah tries to give it to them. They speculate that they went on a vacation and Reva did something stupid and Noah tried to defend her honor. Cassie and Richard arrive and they must talk to Reva and Noah and ask Shayne and Marah to leave. Marah is unhappy at being left out of the loop. What is it that they need to discuss that they can't hear? Reva insist that they leave and that is that and they must leave for the adults to talk. Marah insists that she could help and she is tired of being treated like a five year old. Reva had to be told, Noah tells Richard.

Cassie learns the truth about Noah's past and Cassie is stunned to say the least. Cassie wonder if it is a joke. Richard swears that he was sworn to secrecy and they explain about Woody and the incident in the garage. Reva explains about Diego and the building collapse. Richard knew about the illegal immigration activities in St. Cristobel and Reva and Cassie are horrified. Richard tries to explain the plan that was in place and that things were not ready to go and Richard tries to say that he was trying to stop the ring all together. Reva explains the snowballing effect that happened after Diego's death and Richard wonders if they can get the agency to realize that Reva has finally let of the situation. If not, they will need to apply for asylum in St. Cristobel. Reva asks Noah if they are still in trouble and Noah says that he thinks that the fact that they are still alive is proof that he can explain to Washington that they are out of the situation and the sting operation in St. Cristobel has not been compromised to the point that it cannot be carried out. He tells her that he knows what he wants from her but what does she want from him?

Danny arrives back at Michelle's room and finds her and her belongings missing. He asks Rick where she is and they are alarmed that she is not anywhere to be found. Danny asks Rick what happened between them and he assures Danny that is was a typical brother/sister goodbye. He pages Claire. Claire comes into the room and says that she has done nothing with Michelle and has no idea where she is. A frantic Danny tells her that Michelle is missing.

Buzz is visited by Ross and he tells him that he went to see Maria Santos and he had her assurance that everyone she had a grudge against is dead. He offers to tell Blake to be sure to disguise any details that she chooses to publish in another book Show is interrupted by the presidential update from 3:49 until the ending of the regular broadcast.